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The college entrance examination 38 days countdown nine kinds of

The 1 alignmentinto the title ,straight life such as wine ,or aromatic ,or thick, because honestly ,it becomes mellow ;life is a song ,or high ,or low, because the credit ,it becomes sweet ;life painting, or beautiful ,or simple and elegant ,because the integrity ,it beautiful.
( because of the integrity of the brewing life ) parallelism ,can increase the momentum ,GetWord ,make the rich rhythm and rhyme beauty .Used to shape object ,Adidas Wings,can view scene ;used for narrative ,can fully and delightfully ;used to argue, can be of great momentum ;to debate ,to topple the mountains and overturn the seas ;used to lyrical ,can freely .
2San entirestaggered ,dexterous enters a problem if can hold a handful of moonlight ,I choose the most gentle ;if the mining to the hills ,I choose the most beautiful ;if you can pick the stars ,I choose the most bright .
You might say ,my choice is not the best,Chinese regional combat power rankings,Jeremy Scott Adidas, but my choice ,I believe that .( I choose ,I like ) the whole powder sentence combination ,can make the structure is flexible and changeable, add the sense of rhythm and rhyme beauty ,give a person a kind of aesthetic feeling .
Beginning with &quot ;the &quot ;m&quot ;&quot ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,&quot ;soft ;red &quot ;m&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;star bright ;&quot ;m&quot ;&quot formed bright ;arrange ,bright color first ,there is &quot &quot ;color ;the duo Well, both the phonological beauty .
3 citationsinto the title ,I read   classic   books in the growing perception of Yu Dan,elegant heavy Qing Dynasty Zhang Chao out of the dream shadow in say :&quot ;Ju in Yuan Ming as a confidant ,plum and Jing as a confidant ,bamboo to Judah ( y I U ) as a confidant .
&quot ;when facing the blue sea ;I can :the sea ;to whom as a confidant ( facing the sea ?) the previous reference sentence ,the citation writing ,clever issue .4detailed description,image into the title I have water eyes that look at life ,life has a dark limpid ,distant.
The sun through the Fenglin down ,I follow beam to look ,but seems to have seen the stretch as far as eye can see the fog ,snow white ,soft water plants .In a remote I see my mother ,saw that mother chooses that moment .
( let eyelash set to love ,set to happiness ) in the descriptive language often easy to become stiff and dull ,but if they can be skillfully grasp characteristics ,draw the attention of flexible ,to innovate, to break the depiction of the stereotype and narrative ,let a description of the image of elegant is distracted by a quality suggestive of poetry or painting .
5 aphorisms,enlightenment into the title life is accidental, death is inevitable and .Die ,except for the few sound Cheers ,few pain cry ,and no other .So ,between life and death ( mm life ?What is life ) epigrammatic opening impressiveness .
&quot ;life is accidental, death is inevitable between life and death ,life is concise ,plain ,&quot ;.Profound ,incisive 6dialogue.An opening ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,a generation of monks master Hong Yi Nirvana before from the disciple said: &quot ;look at me teeth ,?&quot ;&quot ;they lost .
&quot ;&quot ;the tongue ,still ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;also .So, the tough thing is always better than something hard strong &quot ;( mm .Tough my pursuit of the character ) a deep Zen dialogues ,introduced the &quot &quot ;tenacity ;connotation ,introduced this idea.
Choice is difficult ,not to mention is the choice of the soul .Gao Jianli for Jing Ke ,he chose to die ;Ma Benzhai in order to revolution ,she chose to sacrifice ;Zhu Yingtai to true love ,she chose the butterfly.
In this friendship ,family and love of the choice between ,they are done in mm ( between life and death ) article begins with celebrity deeds concise elaborate :Gao Jianli friendship to choose death ,his head - defend &quot ;for I die &quo The T ;the true saying ,become eternal Sunkist ;Ma Benzhai chose dedication ,with their own feelings, mm broad love to sacrifice human interests, as a son for future generations to set a personality monument ;Zhu Yingtai chose the butterfly ,with his soul into Liang Shanbo ,as Valentine enduring as the universe model .
8symmetricalopening ,neat and bright eyes in the butterfly ,flower angel ,because the flowers gave her the nectar of life ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,spent in the eyes ,the bee is a friend ,because the bee gave her life.
( history of society like watching ) start the article with a group of symmetric sentences ,give ,bee ,butterfly flower nature ,through the vivid personification ,form and content of perfect unity.
Reflect examinee excellent language skills. 9 poetrybegins, highlight the details of &quot ;cut ceaseless ,manage to return chaos ,is the sorrow of parting, don is a taste in the heart ,this is the Li Houzhu &quot ;perception ;&quot ;no ecstasy ,the west wind, she became thinner and thinner ,&quot ;this is Li Qingzhao feelings ;&quot ;very quietly I take my leave ,as quietly as I came here ,I gently waved ,the clouds in the western sky &quot ;,this is Xu Zhimo dismay ;&quot ;people with grief at separation and joy in Union ,You and me together to learn English Writing,the moon waxes and wanes ,this Things ancient hard-wide &quot ;,this is Su Dongpo the magnanimous of HH ( beautiful .
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