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2010 science fiction movie preview on

2010 science fiction film preview Avatar is a science fiction movie peak ,in a cross between 2009 and 2010. In &quot ;after Avatar &quot ;2010,there will be what science fiction movies ?Do any of them can match Ninth zone ,Moon so excellent works of science fiction ?The film which will change and development ?Here ,let us rush ahead of time ,to experience this science fiction film .
The dawn Daybreakers director: Mike .Sipairuige ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,Peter .Sipairuige Starring: Ethan ,William .Hawke .Dafoe ,Sam .Neal :January 8, 2010 2019,showing a great plague struck in humans ,the most of the planet was turned into a vampire .
The remnants of humanity will become the vampire in blood bank ,provide food for them .However ,along with the human quantity are getting fewer and fewer ,the vampire is also facing food shortages.
A secret vampire research institutions attempt to change this situation ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,but also to human from the genocide of the risk in the rescue. But at the same time ,the remnants of the human is also secretly arranged ,ready to attack the vampires ,to regain their The dominate position.
Ethan .Hawke thought this movie has obvious allegorical in nature ,we can associate to human face energy crisis .The film Sipairuige brothers are a couple was born in Germany ,grew up in Australian twins .
Prior to this ,they just did a grade B horror film hunting live the dead .The budget of only $21000000 ,but for the film to create special effects of vita ,this should not worry. The film should be similar to the 28 daysor and cold dark night of thirty kind of style.
The book The Book of Eli director: Alan .Hughes ,starring Hughes Eyre Bert .:Denzel Washington ,Oldman .Gary .,Mina. R :January 15, 2010 2043release,the American continent is already a film after the age of Apocalypse ruins ,a lonely hero avery ( Denzel Washington .
) with a mysterious book ,hoping to use it to reconstruct the entire society. Gary .Oldman plays a a patchwork of small towns mayor ,Too many feelings, so sad, Shanghai Ruili clothing wholesale - the focus of Blog,Adidas Jeremy Scott,the dictator intention of seizing this to save the future of mankind &quot ;the book of &quot ;.
Video sounds a bit like Kevin Costner .The postman ,and Denzel Washington .This will act as an action hero ,in the film strike violently mm he is playing the role of weight by 55 pounds !Iron Man 2 IronMan 2 director: Jon.
Fei Ru Starring: Robert .Donny ,Gwyneth .Parr Trow ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,Mickey .Rock release :May 7, 2010 Iron Man 2 will still by Jon .Fei Ru Robert .Donny went on to star in iron man .Sam .Rock Will plays the blandishments of arms manufacturer Justin .
Calligraphy ,he will get into the next iron man .Mickey .Rock plays Russian villain whiplash &quot ;&quot ;where a branch ,he was in prison when creating a personal battle garb. &quot ;whiplash &quot ;this outfit can shoot &quot ;destructive ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com Wonderful ana 3,whip-like laser beam &quot ;.
Mickey .Rock said his character has a cockatoo ,while he was making equipment and its speech .Scarlett .Johnson as black widow codename &quot ;&quot ;Russian spy ,she employed in stark becomes his assistant ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,so inevitably shows romantic love spark ,Stark former assistant &quot &quot ;pepper ;( Parr Gwyneth .
Luo ) was at the time already was promoted to CEO ,these three people will fall into a tense love triangle .The first Iron Man at the box office and word of mouth is very good ,this time with a strong cast ,break in in full fury .
Stealing dream space Inception director: Christopher .Nolan starring: Leonardo .Dicaprio ,Ken Watanabe ,Marion .Cotillard ,Alan page ,Joseph .- Leavitt .Gordon released : July 16, 2010 story allegedly as occurs in &quot ;brain in layer upon layer architecture &quot ;,quite hacker empire plus the cell psychedelic feel .
Christopher .Nolan is called the commercial art and film quality with the best director ,never let the fans down. Dicaprio in the film as a company called Cobb CEO ,Ken Watanabe is trying to extort his bad guy .
French actress Marion plays Cobb .Michael .Kaine and sirrion .Murphy will guest star small characters ,Audi ABT Audi AS8 new modifications to upgrade version of A8 {graph},the cast is really super deluxe mm especially for science fiction movies .From
the trailer can be seen in the film ,the world simply does not obey our daily physical constant Law :the water in the cup is inclined plane ,one can look like in the weightless environment

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