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July 24, 2005 Sunday afternoon at three forty-nineyesterday morning ,Qin Bo ,Lu Meng and Yan Min went to a five guaranteed they visit ,but not words back .Qin Bo says ,enter the old granny ,as in a tomb .
Lu Meng said ,she came in, the house is too black ,she is looking for the elderly in where suddenly ,see it like a cat thing ,look carefully, was the old man feet .She was scared by the elderly .
Because the old and sick ,Light as breeze _ Sina blog,no strength to climb into bed ,sleeping on the ground, and his hands tightly hold the door jamb. See such horrors ,Lu Meng noon no eat. But Yan Min kept to our complaint: where health is worse ,they were flea bites was too horrible to look at .
The ground in addition to mosquitoes ,and the old man excrement, garbage .The whole house was full of cobwebs ,simply do not know the old man how to survive there. We have for the fact that shocked at the same time ,once again feel heavy.
Lu Meng ignored our advice ,adhere to this morning to go home to help cleaning last night ,she said to us ,the grandmother of the symptoms ,is typical of Alzheimer so she remembered her grandma in the dying A month also like symptoms .
She hopes she is more or less able to do anything for her ,even let her clean over the last month, and even clean from mm or mm .Yesterday afternoon, my sister ,Liu Lei ,respect and Yuchi follow the night before meeting arrangements ,to visit in three families.
The weather is very hot, we did not stop sweat, clothes soon all wet. When pass by farmers ,or about the road, the farmers would say we like this is risking the intense heat of summer everywhere visit really hard ,have invited us to visit home to rest.
The first is two houses, a family has a child named Wang Chieh .Parents are in divorce lawsuits ,however the home situation fortunately ,grandma and grandpa are very strong, can take good care of the home field ,father in divorce after can go out to work, so Wang Chieh goes to school without problems.
Their living next door to a man called Wang Xuelin blind ,we heard him ,very excited. The blind man is two days before the visit to Yuchi ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,so after we see him .Don ,township government has yet to give him for disabled card ,which makes him a year to all kinds of tax burden Income and expenses ,making it impossible to work his life very difficult.
I took his hand ,and he went into his room ,see a on one home. He is now 49 years old,a personal life ,childless ,daily life depends on the next brother care. He took my hand and said a lot of, say the hardships of life ,cruel fate .
From his remarks, I can hear that ,he hopes that we can lend a helping hand to her ,help him to reflect the above his life. He repeatedly asked us ,still coming tomorrow ?I say not, I have other things to him .
Ask again ,that they will come tomorrow ?I said ,can ,we are very busy, every day in the small rural school ,there are all kinds of things to do .He sighed ,although not see his black eyes ,but I can feel his extreme disappointment.
We can do for him what do you do in HH is here folks say ,in the vicinity of the mountain there lived a man named Xie Jufang ,a man living in a house ,we are going to have a look .Then we walked along a steep and narrow road climbing ,the sultry weather hiking is not easy ,but we still In half an hour later to find the old man live in hilltop .
Although the elderly is a person to live, but live beside the son and daughter-in-law .See us in such hot weather also went to the mountains to visit them ,my family were very happy. The family has a child going to school on the first day ,later, tuition fees in 400 yuan ,plus 40 yuanschool fee and a $5 medical fee.
But family, is affordable ,it was a big relief. The old man is strong ,and we chat very happy. After sunset ,we find in the sunset a girl called Zhou Pei home. In the village ,an aunt that we find Zhou Pei ,without demur will take us over.
Zhou Pei to see us ,surprised ,to get us into the room .However ,no word, tears streaming down. Grandma wife a few years ago because hepatocellular carcinoma died. She had three sons ,the eldest son working in Shenzhen ,recently had a operation ,economy is very short of money ;the two son and three son working in Guangzhou ,however, Zhou Pei ,is also the grandmother of two daughter-in-law ,suffering from hepatitis B ,recently got uterine fibroids ,Still need money to treatment.
There are 5 people in the house of the land ,but the family has no other labor ,all rely on nearly Liu Xun a grandmother cooking ,although occasionally can call someone to help ,but let her suffer unspeakably .
Grandma says ,they do not understand, why this family so poor the poor themselves ?A lifetime of suffering, but why it is so miserable ?Grandma gratified is ,their sons and daughters are very obedient ,but they also understand them in and abroad by all kinds of hardships ,not care home.
Grandma is the Zhou Pei junior high school and the third grade Hu Rui are very sensible, performance is also very good. Teach sister Liu Lei SJ and small king also said that he is very like the two children ,two of these children is really a very serious study .
Respect says ,she arranged after the draw an animal ,inspection found that the class did not do, only Hu Rui turned in a painting of the lizard ,let her life .Home are the most visible wall ,full of Zhou Pei various awards.
Grandma side of his happy expression, while said to us ,Zhou Pei is very sensible, know the home economy Difficult ,so unwell, did not she said. Every week 7 moneypocket money ,the weekend can also have two or three ,she knew it was grandma sells rapeseed ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,tried various ways to get out .
She said to Zhou Pei ,in any case should also be available for her to finish junior high school, a high school grandma ,also not move ,go out and pick up litter, to continue for the Zhou Pei school.
After Zhou Pei listens ,say ,grandma ,I will not go to school, I will go out every day playing it, don you go out to pick up litter HH HH here ,grandma tears and flow out .Our calculation, the family of the tin estate food can barely meet the woman and two children food rations.
Other life expenditure must rely on working outside of the children to maintain ,even so ,the family is in 2000 yuan of the following .Remove the tuition is 1200 yuan at least,the remaining money to pay 144 a yearyuan closed-circuit television fees, per month 20 degrees 0.
8 yuan / degreeof computerization ,need every year to 192 yuan.So, there are less than 464.464 yuan,to make the home for a year ,and in our city ,may also use a day .In grandmother tears ,I feel sorry for them ,since the People feel ashamed .
Last night Yuchi took we expect long already a classic documentary dragon .This 1994 documentary,tells the story of a called Longji Guangxi village ,two children of the second half of life experience .
A short 50 minute documentary ,the two children on road to the village .I than Luo Xiang even poorer ,at that time a child primary school tuition is $15 per year ,but even so ,there are half of children out of school .
We see children with a tender voice and singing folk songs ,singing their hope for life. Two children in cattle ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,to recite the text .To Beijing ,to Hainan Island ,they have done very carefully ,but it may never get out of this mountain ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,never know Beijing and Hainan Island is like.
The film is in the little Didi ,use sunlight to turn every audience heart painted a very heavy. This morning is fair ,according to we and the villagers agreed ,we also played a free clinic booth .
People still many ,the villagers still very deeply ,I still can the villagers a blood pressure measurement request ,Liu sister has long been dragged his exhausted body to Every villager puts forward detailed suggestions.
In two days before we go to the countryside ,there are many who recognized me and sister Liu Lei ,there are many villagers heard that we are the medical college, all of us a very enthusiastic.
Although these two days have been running road survey, but we can not violate we and the villagers agreed ,still held out .Maybe this is what we can do for the farmer is a few things .
At the end of May ,two days before the suffering from heart disease in children and elder sister ,lady together .These days we have been concerned about the family ,Yuchi every day they go home, for his documentary material, hoping to make a similar dragon documentary ,the mother-in-law life ,the two children to tell more people ,attract more attention.
We ran for mother-in-law mother-in-law sit down ,to make us feel was examined .Fortunately ,her mother-in-law despite every day very hard on the farm, but the current physical condition is good.
I and my little respect beside the clothing store for little sister bought a white dress ,bought him a set of more or less ,to the siblings In two children ,although still too shy to talk ,but can still feel their joy.
However ,perhaps even more happy is our lady saw .They put on new clothes ,see we buy them a lot to eat ,very happy .Then I found in the streets ,and devoted to my thanked her .She said ,to whom we care too much, so she really didn .
I think I don is I ,what else can I do ?When we left, the family would like to see her happy ?Look ,I a little uneasy and sadness .This a few days each volunteer is working hard ,here a minute in the shock of our ,touching us, we know their limited capacity ,only dedicated to more or less work to make up their inner pain .
Ronaldo brings me too much .,too much thought ,as expected ,maybe we can ,but everything here has changed us. July 25, 2005 Monday ten fourteen 0 secondsthe rain under a full night ,retreat a lot of heat.
The rain from we live in the roof leaking in ,Drop up Yuchi and Qin Bo .Yesterday dinner, listen to Yuchi and Qin Bo again . The five guaranteed to hell, I can eat rice .A person out of the cafeteria ,and the yellow dog playing for a while ,I thought, maybe this puppy situation than the woman hurried up .
A call to an old friend, told her that a few days of repressed feelings .I know that if I don get a say ,would have to be crazy .It seems my mood also infected her ,more or less touched her.
I hope to be able to find some of these days a lot of old friends, let them know that I always feel, let them gradually to the country, to China to have a more real understanding. If we do not know a real China rural ,cannot know the real China .
Any sermon appear pale and false .Even I deeply hope around every friend can personally to a rural walk have a look ,otherwise ,may still have no way to China situation came into mind.
Called home ,Mother offers another train of thought :perhaps from our point of view of a lot of farmers is very poor, life It is very difficult ;but from their point of view ,maybe they are for their simple life of serenity and happiness ,they may be in the daily toil after feeling deeply satisfied.
Come to think of it ,maybe for their heavy a little relief. I want not to come to the wifes family to have a look I really cannot bear ,the miserable life turned a blind eye, I know my ability is limited ,but perhaps can give her to do a little something.
But I and her cruel situation some frightened ,I don see her can keep a clear mind ,to continue his unfinished here work ,but also to the flea and the mosquito fear, because his body has been unbearable they bite .
We are still in the throes of strong smile ,in a time of shock in an attempt to keep calm and rational. We are too young ,we are too young, we are young, we also have no illusions .In the cruel reality under the pressure ,we try to use their optimistic maintenance only faith, with the help of emotion to protect the fragile ideal .
Rain ,without pause ,dripping from the eaves ,splash .Early in the morning, I braved the rain to school, found that there are no children. This is not surprising .There are a lot of children need to walk at least half an hour ,more than an hour to get to school ,which way we a few days before the countryside came ,and the road is hard to walk if it rains at the same time ,there is a risk of landslide ,so it is generally the school closed .
However when the first lesson is nearly a half of the time ,the class two children have reached 10 people,Liu sister is very glad, bring it went into the classroom ,when class ,class the children are put forward to want her plan was finished, let us all very happy.
Third lesson is my geography class. Because the child is not too much, I will put some domestic city promotional film to them, the children see very seriously, but also very happy. I hope I can have some more or less on their enlightenment ,create some hope and ideal .
The children heard very seriously ,whether I can remind ,many children are seriously record notes. After class, I saw in the library classes ,many students come to the library just finishing just notes.
There is a little girl in the I walked out of school after caught up, to ask if I just tell the Longhai line starting point where. Even if not moved, also on the performance of these children feel happy .
Afternoon had planned to have a look that wife ,Lu Meng ,and Yuchi together for her to do the cleaning .But originally a million in the afternoon the weather turned .Nap ,we were a great thunder ,then hear the wind off the top tiles a crackling sound ,rain began to drop in.
I and Yuchi immediately climb up ,he picked up the DV ,I took DC ,began to record this a rare to see the rain in the aisle .I is not ideal ,we two take an umbrella to protect the machine ,he rushed out.
At this time, the waters have been on the road had accumulated ,not over the instep ,everywhere can see the inclusion of loess mud water from the mountains came down from time to time across the sky .
The flash of lightning ,then hear shock heart and the buckle .The two of us could not have been soaked body ,took a lot of useful things ,for the subsequent data provides a lot of useful material, Yuchi is more for his documentary film to suitable pigment Material and excited.
In fact ,under such a big rain ,we are more concerned about the living in the mountains of the two woman .The lone woman is likely at this time has been soaked in water, and the pull of two child ,their dilapidated housing can once again carry so the bad weather ?Rain I have a completely transparent ,however I felt his face have salty thing through .
I looked up, watching crazy poured rain ,feel very lost and desperate. I really want to have a look at this time go up to the two woman ,all is well. They see ,see their house is complete, however ,I can .
Mountain has because of the heavy rain have absolutely no way to walk up the hill ,is very dangerous .I felt life in such a storm before actually small and helpless, felt I was here anxious but not action ,or lost ,or despair .
We two crazy action .Local residents ,they stand on its own entrance terrified at two has all soaked college in the village run ,shoot ,despite already in flooded streets .The teammate also very worried about ,will catch out ,To bring our umbrellas ,also fear that we in this bad weather ,accidents.
Of course ,we are not stupid to this level, but also for the friend care deeply. Our team is now a family, every day we support each other ,help each other ,in low we can find a person about their most true feelings ,in the time of difficulty someone will take the initiative to put out a strong hand.
Our common experience in a us eternal life indelible memory ,together with emotion and thinking to build a month history. I will remember everyone here ,because we have the same hope ,shoulder the same trust, witnessed the same light .
We laugh together ,cry together ,together with joy ,worry ,it is rare to find such a team .On Tuesday July 26, 2005 at eight nineteen in the afternoonand millet just after the call, tell her here some of the knowledge ,feelings and thoughts ,she freaked out to say the least ,as I first saw it all the time .
The morning after ,rest ,it seems that God hears our prayers ,no rain .Lu Meng ,Yuchi and I finally over the hill to help the orphans and widows To the woman to do the cleaning. After nearly an hour of road ,we got to her home .
Lu Meng and Yuchi a few days ago already came ,and I was the first time ,but to her miserable circumstances had heard, ready ,while ignoring the sultry weather wear a long-sleeved and trousers ,systemic injection with mosquito liquid to prevent mosquito bites ,and took up his pants and sleeves ,to dare to grandma .
Lu Meng took a flashlight ,I followed ,though is a strong musty odour ,see is a small house ,there was at sixes and sevens .Straw ,bamboo and other debris to her mother-in-law .Not here, I turned to the back room to look, see that I can never forget the scene mm mm small kitchen ,a jumble of straw ,to mother-in-law curled up in the pile of straw .
From the roof and occasional leakage under the light ,pale projection in the lady HH I can only use &quot &quot ;terror ;to describe. Lu Meng didn ,went to the back room, shouted to the woman said ,her mother-in-law ,we again see you .
She grunted .Seem to recognize Lu Meng ,the first sentence ,you ah ,I have no right to you cook .The sound is very weak. I also take not much ,hurried up, for she said, her mother-in-law ,we again see you ,you leave us as guests .
Then they see clearly to the woman :she curled up ,sleeping in a pile of dirty straw ,dirty faces ,gray hair and messy, wear a shabby and dirty clothes, a foot sleeve with a tattered shoes, the other foot light .
She feels weak all over ,and when we speak remained crouching posture, head can lift ,rigidly affixed to the ground before .I know the woman suffering from senile dementia .She ask you again and again I where to live ,live too far away .
I over and over to tell her that we live in the village, live close by ,the future can always come to see her .She again said to us you are good ,can live for two hundred or three hundred years, over and over I said to her ,lady you are longevity ,in fact ,I don to think she can live long .
She again said to me ,I don give you cook and eat, I said to her ,woman ,you don consider us as guests .She again said to me ,you are so good to me ah ,never seen me over and over again ,at this time I cry ,Times times said to her ,you don think so ,we see you ah ,hello lucky ah ,we see our hearts glad mother-in-law ,lady glad we are happy that Hh does not know such a dialogue is repeated many times, I finally bawler ,darted out of the house next door .
The lady came to comfort me ,let I don .I said to her ,woman really is too poor, later also trouble you ,just as I trouble you, take good care of her. Her life is not much, we let her clean, happily go well.
The lady nodded to her mother-in-law .Rice every day is this lady to end ,but even she ,dare not easily went to her mother-in-law not to mention the touching her ,because there really is too dirty .
Yuchi and Lu Menghua made great efforts to enter the room clean ,I and her mother, Yuchi carried out ,in the room in this evening .She can in the clean room to sleep .Tomorrow we are going to buy some cotton to the mother-in-law lay a simple bed .
She said, has been a long time without passing through the new clothes .The neighbor said ,the government has bought her ,we see ,wall hung a blue plastic Material bag ,which is a life jacket .
Lu Meng could not bear ,the mother-in-law said ,mother-in-law ,tomorrow we dress. She said, then you buy long or short ?I asked the lady ,you want the long or short ?And she said ,I want the long ,green HH finally ,we said ,her mother-in-law ,we .
suddenly shut my eyes ,and then burst into tears .She repeatedly asked us ,you also will be able to come tomorrow ?Here tonight live down ?Lu Meng finally gone, cried, saying ,mother-in-law ,our tomorrow will come to see you ,to buy you new cotton ,buy new clothes HH if not personally see ,Kurt Cobain,I never imagined ,there is such a man ,only a set of new clothes is a life can only wear a shroud ;there is such a man ,every day to the same curled up in a tomb a dilapidated house ,waiting for the end of life ;there are the elderly ,childless ,with loneliness and solitude,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, make up with the passage of time .
I am want to her mother-in-law ,now what ?Maybe continue to curl up in that we receive good room, alone at the front of the wall ,do nothing ,The only hope is that when the sun rises tomorrow ,can I meet today to see that several children ,perhaps waiting for us, maybe ,waiting for death.
The first time I saw a drowning man ,a lonely man .July 27, 2005 Wednesday afternoon at five eighteenthis morning wake up ,the road for me there is little support ,so ,the afternoon is supposed to once again to her home to help her with the batt and a change of clothes ,the results of small Lv Dai this morning I went to .
The achievements ,also paid very much physical strength. I and Liu Lei she visited six in last year by year preparatory fund list and list children. These home are not rich ,and several families still live in very remote .
We had walked a long road to find a girl called Zhao Yueqin ,she is the third grade ,there is a grandma ,Grandpa and Grandma had once ,uncle, and several of her own brothers and sisters .
Mother of a small brother died, and his father because he is serving his crime .And my living mainly by a few elderly people remain .When talking about difficult life ,grandma and grandma couldn but cry.
And As we prepare to leave, she held on to my hand had not let us go ,that the hot weather let ,and then began to cry again ,Liu Lei sister comforting her ,crying myself .I know ,this is because they rarely get the care of the outside world ,as these days we visited many farmers .
We farmers need exactly ?These days I see too many tears ,too many misfortunes ,are peasants see we have such a flock of people to their home, Zai Zai sits down carefully listen to them talk ,listen to their own thinking, what one sees and hears ,his coming to see all the passions .
Because usually they accumulated too much dissatisfaction ,grievance and complaint, but no place to tell .We just listen to them and tell them to get great satisfaction and moved, and if we really do something for them ?We are in the market today.
As to her mother-in-law picked cotton and clothing ,also bought her a pair of shoes a little thick .The boss said we want these things to a lonely old man ,he said to her ,you are really too good ,she will be very happy .
Lu Meng said , she is not clear, do not remember us .Yes ,we do it all for her ,to her mother-in-law probably won remember ,remember we are good to her ,but we still have been paid for her ,we merely for the sake of conscience well.
See such a sad old man ,if we have to do something for her ,so we can see her ?Perhaps ,so clean, flat ANN ,daily in our heart care to leave this world, as in her life the last moment can have a little happiness to exist.
But to see her happy ,I is really happy from the bottom of their hearts .She saw me yesterday Liu bud shoot video and photos ,cry .I said to her ,you still don go to her home for her now ,so be more excitement.
Facing the cruel reality, a lot of the time we would rather choose to avoid dinner ,go to grandma .Few people back .They said to the woman ,now paved the batt ,to change her shoes on .
But not to her body ,there is no way to get that dirty clothes from him off ,also can not put on her new clothes .And when they entered ,lady and from the Outhouse climbed into the kitchen ,sleeping to that messy in the straw .
Maybe ,she will be in the mess in the straw ,wearing his coat off dirty clothes, leaving this world .I shudder to think .July 29, 2005 Friday afternoon at three twenty-sixthe two day almost raining all the time ,this to us activities have a great influence on children because of the heavy rain .
No way from the mountains to the class ,and we have no way to go to the mountains research. Then ,yesterday in the rest of the day, people are really tired ,a lot of people ,including me ,down on the bed like insensible .
Five thirty in the morning, I and Yuchi ,Lu Meng from the start ,spent one hour ,go to mother-in-law home. We are pleased ,she didn just crawling around ,when we arrived ,she be firm and secure lying in the outhouse ,sleep in that bed new blankets.
In order to give room for more a thorough cleaning ,we first put her onto the outdoor ,into the door. Lu Meng once again to the mother-in-law to clean face hand ,Granny seems much better.
We asked the lady ,you remember us ?And she said ,remember ,remember ,you are so nice .Perhaps originally thought that the woman can remember We ,but that is not the case ,so we are all very excited .
Clean after ,we took two days ago to buy shoes for her sleeve. The mother-in-law saw ,ask us, this is for my new shoes ?We say ,yeah .She said ,this needs a lot of money ,I have no money to give you.
We again and again ,her mother-in-law ,we honor you ah ,where will your money. When the shoe cover woman naked long feet ,she laughed ,saying with a loud voice, good ,good ,it ,I am .
I asked again. Good heart ,Granny ?Mother said happily ,mother-in-law mother-in-law good heart good ,you or HH I feel so satisfied .We all laugh .To mother-in-law settled,Philosophy of subjective problem how to get high marks, we went downhill .
Days have been occasional rains ,while it is not we must hurry back. The rain has brought strong fog ,the whole valley is a white fog ,wiping out a beautiful landscape .Lu Meng looked at the scenery ,said to me ,this mountain is really beautiful ,if we take the cruise of the mentality of words ,each angle is a postcard .
However ,here and hide too many brutal reality ,let her feel the mountain is hypocritical .She put the poverty Compared to a large flea ,hidden deep in the mountains ,bites the skin, allowing people to both itch and pain ,however we can clearly see it ,even ,can catch him.
I dons the two day we all be flea bites the big inspired her inspiration ,but I must admit that this metaphor is very appropriate .Millet last night a message saying ,really admire those in extreme poverty environment still full of money outside of the hope of the people ,she didn .
Leave home support ,can how in the long term from the comfortable surroundings remain optimistic. I back to her said ,perhaps everyone is poor ,will be more positive. In fact ,I do not know how to return to this message, we to poor knowledge is too shallow too shallow .
Millet said ,why would you rich ?I know how to back up :This is not willing to ,is not possible poverty is not a short duration of time .It ,which is a few days have seen poverty ,so I seldom thought about how they get rid of poverty ,it is too difficult .
A lot of them ,are destined to lifetime is spent in poverty .Their life ,is to enjoy life though hard up .On the countryside ,I rest for a while ,then they rush to give the children to school.
Although today is raining ,but to some students ,thought they had a long way to school, I could not reject their enthusiasm. Or according to the original plan to give them a lesson .
The class I told them map recognition basis ,let them try to draw a map in the town ,this lesson ,I saw the girls take the map done ,draw very cute ,very delicate. Once again I feel very gratified.
Today is about the overview of Beijing .I give them briefly .Beijing ,history ,culture and so on ,they also play a promotional and North Trailer. The children look very devoted ,I hope I can from these aspects bring them some harvest ,a few edificatory ,some hope .
Then went to Kai peak music lesson, when the class final ,Kai Feng took the children sing color China this song, I was deeply moved. I thought of dragon ,which is the same as in the brain of children described in our country all over the country .
But perhaps ,the children here can real Now my hope ,can walk out of the mountains, to see the song plain and desert, the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. Maybe this song could be their childhood is one of the most simple imagination ,guiding them to find the mountain dream.
Maybe one day when they are actually inside the city of Beijing ,and the Yangtze River the Yellow River edge ,remember when there was a crowd of people ,tells of his eyes ,and therefore long aftertaste words ,so I have satisfied .
At four forty-two on a Saturday afternoon in July 30, 2005 justafter the geography the interest group lesson ,not many students ,and give them a set of two Archaeology in China .I know ,they also may not fully understand the film ,but at least give them a perceptual awareness.
Perhaps in the future one day ,or in the textbook, or on television, see they have seen things ,such a feeling is what I want .This morning and went on ,the object of investigation is not too far away ,are dispersed in the backyard.
The furthest to the town next to the top of a mountain, take a very clear Luo Xiang panorama. Visit the children still live in a humble house ,we still carry those I To every household must ask the question ,visited the children still have bright eyes, with simple but stubborn hope ,we still feel the villagers are simple and warm .

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