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Monday, 14-May-2012 08:53 Email | Share | Bookmark
Boring days

The days are super boring, almost to the point of going crazy, Chang Xin's wife came to Zhengzhou, I went back to the dormitory, the dormitory are basically no one, small iron do not know where her boss, and learning, flow small vagrant to fitness, I am boring.
.. And small home, the only one who can accompany me is not in, feel unprecedented lonely, had to go to Internet cafes,Sky water [chapter eighteenth - Chapter nineteenth] BY MMIT,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com, the small Cary money has almost finished... Saturday with silly Miao played together overnight, taught her that didn't collapse pressure dart I dead, okay now learned, nice! I also exercise a lot of patience! Today is May 20th, the legend in the thirteen fourteen love send a message,2011 three exam Chinese manufacturing and economic globalization, 5201314 this effect, previously all of these sensations can be an idiot, but I do not know how to engage today with mobile phone send the previously most familiar on the number, although that number is not people use is down, but I'm a pious.
It is because of you not I will send... Afternoon compact back, someone to accompany,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings! Do not know how, I told her what I can tell,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, is complex, a lot of people are wrong about our relationship, sometimes I thought so once, but she isImpossible, just between friends, I guess.
.. As long as I have access to the Internet, we have been Fetion chat, I use the computer with her mobile phone,Adidas Wings, have been endless something boring words. Every evening we would send a message to me, I these days are waiting for her text messages when asleep, feeling really magical, while she is asleep, waiting for me to go to sleep.
I return messages quickly, generally not more than a minute, she said that if I 5 minutes not returning her message is asleep,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, she also slept... Yesterday afternoon after going back to take a nap in the dormitory network time, she and I sent word to let my heart have a kind of feeling can not say, as I prepare for it, she said: " night to remember send message to me, otherwise I won't habits.
" see this sentence, heart feeling... This morning I asked her, why I will give this sentence, she said is a dependent, every day throughout the text determines the time I fell asleep and then go to bed, my message will not habits.
I ask is dependent on me or instant messaging, her answer is SMS... I think so, because she said she could not love me... Afternoon Chang Xin and wife go out, I'm back washBath,Adidas Wings the foot wrap fold, didn't take a shower body

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