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Chinese medicine health culture is characterized by nature ,harmonizing Yin and Yang ,advocate and .Chinese medicine is to grasp the appropriate degree of neutralization ,Huang Di Nei Jing yin meridians of the same .
&quot ;ill result by &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;use ;that is &quot ;&quot ;or ,too not all can cause human disease ,which is also the basic concept of pathogenesis of Chinese medicine and one of the outstanding characteristics .
Four seasons with the MM spring wind Yang Yi sweet little acid on six day .said &quot Zangxiang theory ;and it is not ,too ,Air Formposite One,&quot ;&quot ;to not to ,this means less than &quot ;.
Normal climate is people ,whereas wind cold wet dryness-heat six excessive gas, becomes pathogenic factors. TCM four seasons health advocates to shun the .Windy spring ,internal to the liver, when wind Yang ,the diet is to eat more warming yang food ,such as onions ,garlic ,leeks ,eat cold food ,such as cucumber ,wild rice stem ;two are advised to eat dessert foods ,Kobe bryant olympic shoes,such as jujube ,less acidic food.
Furthermore the living to sleep and wake up early morning jogging ,walking ,strengthening exercise ,relieve physical ,emotional accessibility to stretch. Summer is hot ,easy wetness evil ,The closing jerks breakthrough can be sustained,internal to the heart when wet ,ring And health ,to sleep ,diet should be light ,with low fat ,easy to digest food ,eat more vegetables ,whole grains ,eat less animal offal and fat ,eat less salty foods such as salted fish ,salted vegetables .
Autumn cool dryness ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,internal to the lung ,when Yin Runfei ,diet should be based ,nourishing Runzao thirst ,meditation and food ,such as honey ,such as lily ,fall to close not scattered lung ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,so it can be more fresh fruits and vegetables sour ,A kind of atmosphere, as the mood,try to eat onions ,garlic and other pungent taste .
The living had been on the spot to get up early ,Nike Air Foamposite Pro,early to rise makes Qi to stretch ,preventing convergence too .The winter cold condensate gas reservoir ,its close ,internal to the kidney, the diet should dialectical tonic, chills, Yang Yin Fire constitution ,constitution ,not blindly diet health tonic.
&quot ;three &quot ;mm five taste Festival hunger satiety Festival fever diet with final may cause stomach injury ,phlegm heat inside ,blood block ,resulting in fat body ,forming gastrointestinal disease ,diabetes and other diseases .
Diet regimen to achieve &quot ;three &quot ;section five :taste ,hunger and eat ,chills and fever .Partial eosinophilic spicy ,prone to constipation ,hemorrhoids and other disease induced by oral or ;eat sweet greasy often cause abdominal distension ,pantothenic acid in binge eating lead to gastrointestinal function ;offset ;blind The pursuit of high energy ,high protein diet ,easy to cause endocrine diseases ,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases ;eating cold is easy to hurt a stomach Yang ,overheating is easy to hurt the stomach ,especially eating hot food is considered to be the main cause of malignant tumor of digestive system .
The principle of &quot diet temperature ;heat without burning lips ,cold without ice tooth &quot ;liver spleen lung and kidney .Day emotion Xunyiwenyao network nephropathy ( ) had news ,channel Beijing health survey found ,Beijing patients with nephropathy or have renal health threats to the population has reached 1/9 ,that is to say ,every nine people have a renal sub-health ,エアジョーダン5 at any time!The seven emotions and six sensory pleasures is human mental normality ,emotional overreaction ,and not Festival ,no desire ,is the emotional stress .
Huang Di Nei Jing cloud &quot ;liver injury anger ,&quot ;&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;happy sad ;thinking injuring the spleen &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;sad lungs ,Adidas Wings,fear of renal injury ;&quot ;&quot ;this ,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011,in modern medicine studies also have shown that :excessive joy sympathetic arousal ,adrenal secretion increases ,In December 13, 2007,breathing and heartbeat to accelerate ,make the oxygen consumption increased ,hypoxia ,cardiac arrhythmias occur ,such as angina pectoris after anger ;the sympathetic arousal ,vasoconstriction ,the large amount of blood into the liver ,liver Increased pressure inside a lot of bile ,is extruded into the gallbladder ,cause biliary colic ,cholecystitis ;excessive anxiety can cause cerebral dysfunction ,vagus nerve stimulation ,gastric enzyme increased, gastric mucosa ulcer occurring ;sad ,excessive fear can cause autonomic nervous system dysfunction ,resulting in visceral ,vascular ,エアジョーダン4,skin damage, dysfunction ,such as saliva ,gastric secretion decreased ,bowel movements slow down ,Nike Air Foamposite One Recently,make the digestive function .
Therefore ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,in the material ,the greater the pressure rising life in modern society ,such use is to should be caused take seriously .Therefore ,health need &quot &quot ;health ;not numb ,or even the mechanization of the health ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,health as negative tired .
Now we often hear some people to be healthy ,mandatory kick some very interested in food ,and even have to put this thing completely out of their lives trend ,can need not ,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/ chaos ensues,because health should have a degree .

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