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Wednesday, 16-May-2012 02:21 Email | Share | Bookmark
Hou Yaowen covered the flag question what people can override fl

What people dead can override flag Song Da, I want to say, do you hear not. Hou Yaowen is a famous cross-talk, is a cultural troupe head. But as far as I know: after death to cover on top of the flag is not much.
I think he has the qualification according to the position. He and I are the same, the division level and above, the small level. If everyone dead, with a flag to cover the top. It's not serious. One flag, while the disciples and followers in the knees.
It is not, like like. If you have the guts to give my opinion on Internet have the guts to say.???? Publisher happy every day (2007-07-09 23: 42 who can override flag after the death of Mr. Hudson died, in the country caused not minor sensation, even a channel CCTV female presenters, is also a happy shouting, the column is to Mr.
Hudson's life as the beginning of the start bit memory. "Said Hou, the cause of crosstalk contribution, single that a host such a brother called, very uncomfortable, you live well, but he is not the people live? Mr.
Hudson's sudden death, is a sighPity, but television is not your home ah,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, see (listen to) the show intermediate commentary, really not feeling well? Although I am not waiting fans, but has also been concerned about Mr.
Hudson last mileage, suddenly discovered that he is still covered the flag, felt strange, in the my memory should be leaders or martyrs and others after the death can cover, did not know that Mr. Ma Ji does it cover? Asked several people,Air Formposite One will cause gelastic, say, is the Party member can cover? No definite answer.
I very strange,Happy relaxed leisure time, teach you to do heart method., doesn't limit level? Check on the Internet, reply as follows, do not know whether accurate. Hou do not cover the flag is not right,Adidas Wings, I just wonder. Members died, whether in the body or the urn cover flag?? Jian we send Ya answer: according to relevant provisions of Party Organization Department, after the death of his own party, the approval of the organization in the remains or ashes box on the cover body covers the flag.
Generally use 3 or 4 party flag, cinerary casket cover general with 5 flags,deadidasporschedesign.com, but not with the flag of cremation or with the urn buried. Cover with the flag can be used repeatedly, can also give families for cinerary casket interior storage cover, 5 U0.
?005 u0016 v? That way,エアジョーダン4 Hu Shi ., if the above said is true. "... admire Mr. Hudson's man, in the reports on the crash at Beijing at that time, I felt that he really good, no poser, actually there is no oppressed people, well there the traffic police to handle, it is commendable.
If changed to &quot,Nike Air Force 1 Mid, &quot estimated earlier; mug; urgent, ha ha, is also hypothesized. Author: zero space > log according to you,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, when I am dead can also have a flag cap???? - I have put my age to true.

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