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Long swim the net and T3 naojiang both sides compete for the aud

May 31st afternoon ,audition game development company of South Korea T3 today toSohu IT sent to the statement ,called &quot ;all &quot ;audition&quot ;&quot ;&quot game dance mission ;rights including copyright and trademark right to belong to the development company T3&quot ;.
This is long swim the net in May 22 claimed that the &quothas ;the strength dance regiment in China and the right to operate the right to use a trademark ,any other similar products from Korea ,not long swim the net permit and feel free to use and audition are associated with the name ,will constitute a tort ,Cheap Air Force One,long swim the net retained the pursuit of legal responsibility.
&quot ;the two statement is the result of Dance Mission 2 in China the main fight for the right trigger .Dance Mission 2 is T3 casual online games ,but the agency eventually handed over to the ninth city .
Thus ,long swim the net mastermind with painstaking effort dance video game market ,will usher in the cities competition. This nature causes Jiuyou Wang dissatisfaction ,and on May 22nd ,namely 9 citiesdeclared Dance Mission 2 agents the right to the very next day ,made the wording serious statement.
The following is South Korea T3 companytoday to Sohu IT sent a statement on May 22nd .You issued a statement, T3 views are as follows:&qu Ot ;audition&quot ;T3 development network dancing game ,8.15 long play.,started in 2004 in South Korea operations, 2004December andyou reach China operation contract ,???????4 weighing is common in our life,in 2005 Maybegan operating in China.
&quot ;audition &quot ;this name is to let Chinese game player more easily understand the &quot ;audition&quot ;in the Chinese localization of a ring when the T3 operation.From China long-tour operators know for Chinese game player for Chinese &quot ;&quot than English audition ;&quot ;audition&quot ;more easily understand the &quot ;audition &quot ;is represented in the &quot ;intense dancing group &quot ;then ,we consider the nature and &quot ;audition&quot ;image to meet ,so I decided to the use of &quot ;audition as &quot ;&quot ;audition&quot ;Chinese name and allows you to operate in China &quot ;audition&quot ;when the game using the Chinese name.
But later we learnt that you as T3 agents in Chinawithout the permission of T3 in its own name inChina to apply for the registration of &quot ;audition&quot and &quot ;dance ;&quot ;for your trademark, as partners ,we felt very surprised .
Noticing you also through his official website claimed that &quot &quot is long ;dance ;Travel brand ,T3 had to express their own opinions. T3 development &quot ;audition&quot ;network dancing game for Chinese game player love.
When referring to &quot &quot ,China ;dance ;game player will realize it refers to T3 development &quot ;audition&quot ;game . T3 in the specialclarification of &quot ;audition is the &quot ;&quot ;audition&quot ;game Chinese name and trademark .
You only is T3&quot ;audition&quot ;game in Chinese carriers ,according to the agreement when the &quot ;audition&quot ;in China 3 yearsafter the expiration of the period of operation ,Think of this time yesterday,Adiads Porsche Design,you can use any &quot ;audition&quot ;relevant content ,all related to &quot ;audition&quot ;&quot ;&quot game dance mission ;rights including copyright and trademark right to belong to the development company T3.
Finally, we would like to thank our Chinese game player ,is the joint efforts of you make &quot ;audition &quot ;a huge success in China ,is your enthusiasm to audition for game player community healthy development .
Thanks to the Chinese game player ,we are working to develop a new dance community game .We believe this game will bring new surprises ,please rub one a long .Tour in May 22nd issued a statement as follows.
In other companies and media in its press release is related to dance mission II relevant content, company spokesman and public relations department authorized by the company issued a formal statement is as follows :1,Division I to the operation of the dance mission from South Korea T3 Entertainmentoriginal company development ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,South Korea YEDANG Group officially authorized network game products ,Division I has in the Chinese mainland and Hongkong area including the operation right and the right to use the trademark ,Chinese all legitimate rights ;2from South Korea,any other similar products without the permission of the Secretary and feel free to use and dance mission have an associated name behavior the products of our company ,will constitute a tort ,and in fact misleading users and investors consequences ,we will retain the licensing Division I perennial legal adviser ( Shanghai Guohao law firm and Shanghai Kam law firm ) according to people and the relevant laws and regulations ,legal liability for infringement of rights ,3;on the large recreational network game called sequel ,from a global perspective is without precedent in the industry .
We will at the appropriate time to entrust authority on any claim to be continued For the similar product to verify ,if found violations of our existing products legal right behavior ,I will be the Secretary in accordance with the law to safeguard Chinese users ,operators and partners around the legitimate rights and interests.
Audition through our operations team and partners at home and abroad during the 2 years of operation ,from the original one a family of products to the domestic and foreign markets to achieve great success ,is a Division I by strong philharmonic orchestra ( news ,the club ) ,dance group ,nikesforce1.com,super happy person ( news ,award answer ) ,super dancer ( news ,gallery ,club ,has award question) series of products for the success of the operation ,and the introduction of independent research and development of product strategy obtains great achievements as well as many partners of the strong support are inseparable .
Our company as a domestic network game industry is one of the leading enterprises, will continue to advance through the introduction and development of the strategy of combining, and strive for domestic and foreign users and the major partners to provide high-quality interactive entertainment.
Is expected in July this year the upcoming &quot ;ChinaJoy2007&quot ;period, I Division will be publicly released in 6 kinds ofnetwork of new games ,including the introduction and self The main research and development of 5major leisureclass online game in domestic and foreign markets ,and strive to create new miracle .
Long swim the net growth and development is inseparable from the state ,the relevant government departments and the vast majority of operators ,distributors and other business partners of long-term support ,Air Force One Sale,thanks to the vast number of media since long to long swim the net love.
In the industrial chain downstream of the make concerted efforts ,long swim the net will be able to China large recreational network game to create a more brilliant tomorrow. Long swim the net

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