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The Three Kingdoms in the world who is the hero a

Chinese cultural origins a long ,in the up and down five thousand years of history ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,there are many memorable people and things .In the 5000 years,Chinese culture has three golden era of rapid development.
The first is the spring and Autumn period ;the second is the period of the Three Kingdoms ;the third is the first in late Qing period .The Three Kingdoms ,mentioned ,have to mention three characters :Liu Bei ,Cao Cao ,Sun Quan .
Liu Bei :selling straw sandals ( born ,161year m223),the word Xuande ,the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhu county (now Hebei Zhuozhou) people ,the three generation of poor peasants ,called the Zhongshan governor Liu Sheng offspring ,it is &quot ;the root is Miao Hong &quot ;,because with the Khan Xian Di pulled off a relationship ,continued over genealogical than Khan Xian Di long Beifen, so also known as &quot ;Liu Huangshu &quot ;,with today words, is the state-owned power representation .
Cao Cao ,( 155-220),adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,a character Meng De ,Geely ,small can ,Pei country Qiao County (now Anhui Province Bozhou city) people .This surname Jaap Cao Song ,because his father passed to Cao Teng called a eunuch when his son ,so ,surname Cao .
This is Xiahou family ,but due to its adopted by a eunuch ,represents the interests ,while the eunuch and the is typical foreign powers ,so ,with today Speaking, he is outside force representatives.
Sun Quan ,:(182-252) ,character Zhong Mou Wujun Fuchun ( now Zhejiang in Fuyang ) ,a descendant of Sun Wu .The birth family ,his father Sun Jian ,his brother Sun Ce was the famous characters ,Have you, I will not be lonely! Once happiness...,they basically control the Jiangdong region ,namely Jiangdong boss ,Su Shi's literati painting view of two problems,therefore ,use the today words, he is the strength of the local representative.
The three men ,all the achievements of a career ,the talent has three choices. Liu Bei ,human qualities and character on the surface of most accord with Chinese traditional political ideas and aesthetic standards.
Plus he was orthodox banner,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, and a start can indeed so ,so ,he got some talent .Cao Cao said ,&quot ;the world heroes ,Accident insurance abortion, I fell in love with husband friend,but they Shijun and and .&quot ;rough life, young Liu Bei ,his father ,since the suppression of peasants and war since, it have suffered repeated defeats ,and &quot ;five owners, four lost his wife ,&quot ;several defeated both panic and flee ,even the life is almost guaranteed .
Until the age of forty-eight Chibi war in Dangyang County defeat remains without a tiny bit of land .To Chibi after the war, occupied Jingzhou ,the east Wu ,West Sichuan ,which had three minutes of the world have one .
He start empty-handed ,young stand Although the annals ,frustrations ,but never laches ,admirable .However ,Liu Bei is not a hero .He is in love ,generous material justice ,but no man loves wood ,generous benevolence and righteousness ;he has the talent ,fair dealing sincere heart ,but no talent ,fair dealing sincere amount ,so ,to say that he was not a true hero.
The life of Liu Bei Liu Han to the world as its mission ,but when he really has the strength in the world when Liu Han ,but made himself Emperor ,this description of his life ,shouting slogans, just one of his tools ,or to do or emperor .
Why not think of ways to Han ,Xian Di came up reset ?Or stand for the new Emperor Han Xian Di father ?He lives in a deceptive ,or that he is a politician .Liu Bei established the Shu people most destitute ,the strength of the most poor, but also the first death .
Among them reason ,one because of its occupy position quite remote, personnel is less ;another is that he can know, but not with people .Some small ,and have a big loss .The battle of red cliff ,Liu Bei clearly borrowed from Sun Quan Jingzhou to settle down ,said later took Yizhou ,then return .
But he took Yizhou to Later, they go back on one ,didn also .In Shou Jingzhou candidates ,Adiads Porsche Design,the most appropriate at that time was Zhao Yun ,but he was the letter but Zhao Yun ,compared with the reserved Guan Yu .
Guan Yu valor is insufficient but wisdom ,the results fell a defeated Mai City end. Liu Bei does not trust Zhao Yun ,but very will use the means to bribe popular feeling, when Zhao Yun was seven in seven Cao ,rescued their only son of a time, he put his children to throw in the ground ,said &quot ;for the Ru Yi boy ,I will be some loss of &quot ;.
Here are obvious diving suspicion, if really fall ,ten fools also hang up ,actually ,he is to buy the heart .To him once benefactor ,Liu Bei is also devoid of gratitude ,Lv Bu ,Cao Cao to worry about Lv Bu ,say intentionally Lv Bu back ,Lv Bu was to kill Cao Cao .
Another time, Liu Bei in flight, eaten nothing for a long time ,came to a house rest ,and please householder to get some food for him to eat ,headed home really nothing to eat ,but householders see Liu Bei instrument out of the ordinary ,his wife to kill ,then do eat meat to Liu Bei ,Liu Bei knew what was coming ,was very moved, and the request of Cao Cao rewarded the speculative owner although ,Cao Cao It is about the householder for people ,but at Liu Bei ,she promised Liu Bei .
In Wu failure against Liu Bei ,soon died, did not forget his loyal men out ,Zhuge Kongming ,if Zhuge Kongming cannot resist the temptation to the words of Liu Bei ,that he may die earlier than Liu Bei.
So ,Liu Bei is not a hero ,not worthy of trust .Cao Cao ,his poems I like very much, although in the romance of the Three Kingdoms in which he is depicted as a petty ruler of the image ,in fact ,Cao Cao than a book describes great.
He dared to break the portal was born talent to choose custom ,three release press make ,carry out store fields system greatly reduces the burden of the farmer. Cao Cao controlled areas ,was the Three Kingdoms inside the biggest ,is also the strength of the most abundant ,talent is the largest, but why didn finally unified national ?Because of Cao Cao is people but can not put down his body ,is always superior to the attitude to others ,so ,some haughty scholar ,is not really help he unified the world, from his poems there can see them.
So ,if you want to dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased individual words ,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme,Or to Cao Cao here .Sun Quan ,etc. can be called a hero ,his success comes from the efforts of two generations of people ,he is not to rely on and the ability to successfully .
Although in his Zhou Yu ,Lv Meng ,Lu Su ,Lu Xun and others can go to work, he dared to put authority ,but this person with no ambition at all ,meet Jiangdong a domain ,if the general talents but also on the person is interested, but really want to dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased words ,but it is not wise to trust Sun Quan .

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