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2010 Hunan satellite TV, Baidu entertainment boiling point -- An

It is said that this year entertainment boiling point Andy Lau will visit the site ,I begged Li pinlelaoming to help me to get the ticket .The last ticket to get ,he and old Guo failed to go into, well ,old Li A Lee ,www.deadidasporschedesign.com,http://www.deadidasporschedesign.com/ 7.16&quot,you must be desperate to get tickets when touched by God ,so God gave you great happiness ,you know ~ four thirty start out from home ,finally in 7 crowdedto loose 5 gym ,to the door of the red carpet has gone .
But I heard that Andy Lau didn go ,hey hey ,my mood immediately cool ~ last boiling point moment. Forget the camera ,so this morning put the camera on the car ,went through the security check immediately to the stadium took a ~ the security office and is going through security people ~ hall exterior wall color ~ 7:30 points,we found an audience to the venue after not too many venues within the top of the big screen ,specifically to wait until the next web Baidu to the middle of it took a beginning ~ He Jiong sings a song with actions on this position has enough mother ~ ~ is interviewing Nana sitting in the audience happy family ,Zhang Jie sat next to .
.. ... The ~ from the big screen on a ,like the two together ,hope can live happily together .Come on ~ opening ~ started preheating the first move is one of the best new Artiste Award ,Yu Kewei and Wei Chen winning .
That one is for all the time I think Yu Kewei was the most beautiful is the legs ,really beautiful . Of course ,Air Force One Shoes Example,singing is also very good ~ Zhang Jie ,also winning the ~ last boiling seems best mainland Newcomer Award ~ Yu Kewei and H2 boringmusical .
.. ... The following is the most awesome Network Star Award ,moral brother Sun Donglin fully deserve !China should be more people like that ,More Details!Do not know his deeds to ferry me ~ best group award .
Taiwan is Fei Lunhai ,the mainland is actually happy family ... ... All right ,Hunan satellite TV is really good fun ... ... Have to say ,Zhang Xiaoxian ,I like a female .The guests on the list to see she is really let me some unexpected ~ really ,officiating guests saw her ,was an instant thunder feeling ,this kind of entertainment ,she was stupid .
.. ... Happy family fun I spelled old order shouted: Andy Lau ~ ~ Xiao Xian Andy Lau awarded the Hong Kong and Taiwan artist Lee Da Hae awarded Andy Lau the boiling point award Andy Lau not only modest ,also very gentlemanly fans as Andy Lau prepared the gift inside fans photos ,each two pieces, a Zhang is just like Andy Lau photo ,another one is now the pictures .
What impressed me most is the two, a fan of one of the pictures just powder Andy Lau when the picture was drawn by himself ,because at that time the poor at home ,no money to take pictures.
The fans represent too much like Andy Lau Andy Lau unconditional support ,really touched me a lot, another fan of a photo is 16 or 18 yearswhen the photos ,pictures are now hold 7 year old daughterphoto .
Words can moved ,because the thought of 6 grade.Powder Andy Lau still powder Andy Lau I ,I also unconditional love and support him, to me the day I will continue. I have a child ,I will tell him ( her ) :Andy Lau is my idol ,he is an absolute value of the powder ,his the name is not only a call .
, he also represents a practical man ,hard working spirit! Let him ( her ) and I Andy Lau powder ,powder and beat him ( she ) the old man !Left Taiwan taxi drivers ,60 years old,is a fan of Andy Lau over the years has been in .
Powder Andy Lau ,and to Andy Lau careful and diligent working attitude to their own requirements ,so age is not retired ,says he wants to be with Andy Lau than, look who work long hours to the elderly ,great! Oh ,the old name is also Andy Lau ha ha ~ ~ on the right side of his face was crying Pink name to forget ,and now he husband is Andy Lau Post Bar know ,the two of them fly Andy Lau.
So into Andy Lau ,I was excited to bawler .Andy Lau and two pairs of powder during the photo shows a Andy Lau employed 30 years short ,introduced 30 years hebeat the film ,a record and so on experiences ,and fans for what he said .
When I watch the short film ,cry thinly in crash-bang ,Andy Lau also dropped the hero tears .Wipe the tears of Andy Lau last, the presence of the Chinese fans shouted to Andy Lau shouted :I love you ten thousand years ,I and I desperately the shouting hoarse ,Nike Air Force 1 Low,Andy Lau ,I am sure you have heard of my The sound ~ ~ Andy Lau singing love you ten thousand years I believe this is Andy Lau intentions for every fans singing voice.
After the show is over ,I found the ground was littered with the audience threw down the hair bag ,Nike Air Force 1 Premium Evelyn just looked at hi,I took my bag in addition also picked up a few Baidu entertainment boiling point the small card and the fluorescence stick ,back to PI ,the activities held by more and more small ,last year ,Cheap Air Force One,this year the notebook and the lottery ,how this shit ~ Oh ,yes, I also picked up 45 dollars,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,not to the police uncle, home to Meizhou consumption .
Well ,I and Wu said that must change the camera ,do not change the camera will change the lens, otherwise too sorry Andy Lau .Fortunately, the fifth day of the new year ( it was broadcast live in Hunan ?We see only program recording ) ,I still have a chance in the television to bring Andy Lau to see .

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