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Chen Xiaoxu 5500000 yuan to buy mall built the temple

Reconstruction of the Diamond Temple .Chen Xiaoxu on many things are clearly seen .( photo) in March 1st, Beijing world Bang advertising company issued a statement :&quot ;because of personal beliefs ,martley company chairman Chen Xiaoxu and general manager Hao Tong has left the world state companies ,but the state overall structure can not occur change of company business operation ,all the normal hh&quot ;a short statement ,but seems to have put the Chen Xiaoxu couple and the heavy traffic is still the stream never stops flowing.
The mortal world drew a boundary .Chen Xiaoxu will be back ?Why faith brought her so much power? The reporter recently went to the teacher of Chen Xiaoxu - Master Lujiang ,found Chen Xiaoxu had in fact monk before this year ,will have to carry forward Buddhism did many amazing things HH Millennium Temple ,she built a Buddhist buildings located in the Anhui province Lujiang rural of the Millennium Temple the actual temple ,is a rather unique temple .
Here is in accordance with the Dharma teachings and the establishment of the specificity of Buddha Dojo, from early to late ,24 hourschanting sound broadcast constantly ,from across the country hundreds of monks ,nuns and Buddhism are here to hang Stay in a city full of antiquity .
New four Buddhist church where they stand, it is reported a few days later can be put into use ,mages in projector ,audio equipment and other teaching the Dharma ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,all equipment are almost all Chen Xiaoxu couples to build or donation .
Over the years ,Chen Xiaoxu and her husband often come to this temple ,and monk the public and the householders affinity, but also for the Venerable Master hometown Buddhist education to make contributions.
The temple abbot Man Cheng old master on the morning of March 4th just led a large number of monks rushed to Shenzhen ,and master Man Cheng will serve as Chen Xiaoxu husband Hao Tong tonsure mage.
According to the temple monks and lay people are disclosed ,in 2001, Chen Xiaoxu first came here ,was giving $150000. &quot ;she has no shelf ,on Buddhism is very religious ,http://www.nikesforce1.com/,dress is simple ,is very easy ,very kind.
We never give her as a celebrity ,but as with friends ,like ordinary people reception .&quot ;a wizard recalls Chen Xiaoxu actual monastery ,sometimes .Is a large group of people ,sometimes accompanied by Hao Tong ,Chen Xiaoxu ,aunt Chen Xiaoxu and company employees will sometimes come to the Buddha ,Chen Xiaoxu sometimes take the film and television industry to some of the directors ,A friend to the Buddha.
In the county of Lujiang, almost every people know Chen Xiaoxu the local Buddhist is admired to call her Buddhist dharma . 2004 summer,Chen Xiaoxu also invited well-known master here hosted a large law ,then to worship the nearby Mount Jiuhua, was very pious .
In 2005, in order to facilitate the Dharma to this as well as other monks ,Chen Xiaoxu also gave the temple car .The temple of the living how ?Reporter in the actual Temple found that experience, the practice is the Pure Land Buddhism, chanting Amitabha Buddha to uninterrupted as the main form of practice ,attracted to the monks here ,the householder one night accommodation and meals a day money ,as long as 5 yuan ,and the monastery of volunteers do not directly deal with the money ,all comers at left perceived input into wooden crates.
But this practice must obey the arrangement of the bed ,not picky eaters and waste, is a simple and delicious,Trends in theory - the Dow Theory Dow Theory , but each time to eat the last ,kitchen volunteers will be a bottle of boiling water ,boiling water to the rice bowl of original must use the residue bubble open eat clean,Sympathy and Punishment -- experimental work diary 6 , or sin.
We have to get up at three thirty in the morning ,sophisticated Buddha ,chanting ,and listen to the ,to Until late into the night ,12to11.This simple ,strict ,quiet and away from the world of work ,has also become a Chen Xiaoxu ,now it really master .
To spend 5500000 yuan to alterations of shopping for a dojo in Lujiang County, Chen Xiaoxu a good and happy to talk about all the world knows. ,in the county of the city .The center, built in 898 ad, King Kong Temple before liberation was destroyed ;after the liberation ,Jingang Temple part successively for the Lujiang county a few units ,finally to the supply and marketing cooperatives in Lujiang county all become Diamond Temple ,shopping malls ,but the business has been bad .
Last year, Lujiang County Federation of supply and marketing cooperative changes when making ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,to sell Diamond Temple bazaar ,a celebrity after hearing the news, after several contacts ,namely in 2006 to spend 5500000 yuan,Adidas Jeremy Scott,the Diamond Temple shopping malls to buy down ,and to throw 500000 yuan renovation .
July 22, 2006 ,Lujiang county city house deed tax service hall also received a surprising 220000 yuan inproperty taxes ,the taxpayer name they are Chen Xiaoxu, originally this huge amount of taxes ,which she acquired the Diamond Temple shopping center ,according to the newly issued real estate transfer taxes and delivery requirements .
The reporters rushed to the Diamond Temple ,the temple of the second part in that Still exists ,and the nuns abbot ,but the front on the street two hall has been previously occupied by Chen Xiaoxu mall ,buy after all ,was renovated into a temple style double Buddha Institute ,window ,red pillars ,a hidden, covers an area of about two thousand square meters .
Now besides the door still have &quot ;Diamond Temple shopping center &quot ;words ,other place all has been decorated ,the near future will be put into use .Kong temple near the county have met Chen Xiaoxu ,they recalled that when she was a head of long hair ,dress is very beautiful very temperament ,very easy ,no star shelf ,buy a house ,the decoration around with you ,also often talk about Buddhism.
a dream of Red Mansions in Miaoyu has also repeatedly to accompany Chen Xiaoxu to Lujiang. This new repair Kong temple ,will be donated to the venerable master do Dojo ,it could really master the future ,can also stay single ,although only once she bought it ,but do not account for the penniless monk will only guests here .
The original diamond temple has been restored ,here is the prefectural important cultural relics protection units ,Lujiang County Finance Bureau said :&quot ;Chen Xiaoxu bought this solution Will the supply and marketing cooperatives in Lujiang County in the restructuring of major problem ,Jingang Temple restoration ,also for Lujiang county to add a lot of historical and cultural atmosphere ,can tell Chen Xiaoxu is for Lujiang to do a good deed .
&quot ;although the Lujiang county government on the often large investment celebrity very grateful ,but every time Chen Xiaoxu comes or very low profile ,are generally not only local government Association ,and several Buddhist of friends meet .
And although she had left the advertising company ,but the company and the government of Lujiang County in the Buddhist education cooperation is not terminated. Buddhism let her in the house in the taste of wisdom from Chen Xiaoxu in Lujiang .
It seems she was buried ,monk billionaire .Why give money ,48 bottles, test your personality,social status and the happy love ,follow Buddhism ?Reporters in recent days interview has been to see Chen Xiaoxu monk and householders asked this question ,their answers are basically consistent ,that is it is changing people a selection .
According to the introduction, the good nature of the Chen Xiaoxu to the Buddhism has generated strong interest, in the years of vegetarian ,learning process, she felt more and more Chinese traditional culture Profound ,world outlook also produced the change of essential sex ,even Chen Xiaoxu advertising company to do some advertising words ,is also filled with Buddhist thought and wisdom :such as &quot ;willing ,willing, to taste the wisdom of life &quot ;&quot ;the outer without luxury ,Hui the length &quot ;and so on.
She Buddhism not only shoot TV play four principles of Liao-Fan ,and several other Buddhist sutra cartoon together contributed production to the Tripitaka and Amitabha Sutra ,Amitabha Sutra animated cartoon first half of this year has been completed ,it will be available ,and in the Chen Xiaoxu monk before his departure, she also made a special trip to inform the animation company ,she and the company would continue to support the animation production .
For Mrs Chen Xiaoxu monk ,a Shenzhen female Buddhist thought :Zhao Xing &quot ;this is very rare, the love between two people into the community ,to the general public charity ,such state of mind very let a person admire .
When Hong Yi master monk ,his wife had to leave him back to Japan ,and asked him :Master Hong Yi ,you got to love ?Master Hong Yi replied: I have compassion. Modern people mental state are often quite tight, and then if they To the Chinese long traditional culture to absorb nutrients, will find that our ancestors had left to future generations by individual steering I ,to the spirit of free prescription.
&quot ;during the interview ,the reporter also learned ,Chen Xiaoxu monk ,and not leave people who knew her .She in Australia Amitabha college and other places of hard work to learn ,but after three years, will travel far and wide, growth experience,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, help the world to friends ,until ten years after she and her husband will expound the texts of Buddhism as Buddhism talents ,put his practice spiritual experience to the public.

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