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More and more terror

Saturday 2 pm,I a person while 70 road toSichuan Road .Should I fought my wife phone when found someone took my shoulder .Soft start I think meet conscious people fight me call .First side view is more than 40 years old man,Click Here I,I don mind.
I think this is the possible people to push the seat when not alert to hit me .Did not care. Good call .I look around ,the invention of surrounded by empty ,why did the man have the seat does not stand ,but so far away from me.
I start to alert .After a while the man with me start dismantling .Said: old girl Ni is taught to die ?I don understand TA .After a while the female said :big girl you head and neck face has hair .
I want to hit the metamorphosis .I say :what hair ,close you what thing ?Said as he subconsciously put the clothes leading push-pull .Quiet a the man from that complex Xi University Professor ,the most in the study of human hair.
My hair is black .I want to exchange .Said everyone card without. Give me a phone number. I said :I .Then the man is not iron core .Said Can hair gave him have a look .I just want to say what are you looking at the man hand .
Once in my head because a few seconds .It limbs and tongue are brought ma .Eyes without see goods is very vague .I Gao Zijue was wrong ,to drink a lot of fire ( previously seen with email ,and similar events.
To fire for light of salty ) .My first reaction is far from the man near the point .I left while stumbling semi-reclined seat. Come to the door .And a little girl that I don know that man.
But before he touched my head. I now feel very uncomfortable. The little girl listened also very easy .Let me lie down. And next to a 30right leftthe man said the situation .This time I feel myself fast faint .
I stood up and walked to the front of the man and the man say if I fainted I sent to the pol.ice Bureau ,I and in front of that men don .I also tell the man my home phone number. Let him help me to call my husband .
The white man to help me to dial the telephone at home ,put the phone up in my ear. But I what sound The sound is inaudible. It when the phone has passed .My husband has hear me when I say .
But I not hear .It thanks to the starting station .Good man to help me get on the bus .This time I used to feel worse .However may be too easily .Cause ,brothers or cold. The tail slightly dizzy.
This man to chase away .The car an aunt said: I for saved ,or I come over ,the man took me away ,they do not feel strange ,because everybody thinks I and the good guy is consciousness .
Dear brothers and sister ,you must be careful about current is a liar now .What methods are please treat this serious martial word !So ridiculous !Watch it !!!If you are good friends ,please read after it as much as possible to turn back ,let more people see ,let more enemies suffer, let more friends from Ann razed nearly from the damage.
The land building soap from experience in Shanghai -- everybody careful reveals that go beyond the beware ah ~ ~ to turn back to ~ to the people you care about 1 laststation car ,station Xie door ,a man suddenly blocked the door said the mobile phone is lost, not let high car .
The crowd was in .Then someone said to the man mobile phone ,look at who was who is ringing thief. This man to the edge of a group is the mobile phone to dial my number close to the door ,suddenly a person inserting leg got cars ran ,the man did not yet other mobile phone just shouted after them all ,just do not see .
So ,this artifact was lost mobile phone ... .a friend accidentally .2mobile phonestolen .After two weeks ,Ta in the local traveling, to shallow ditch a mobile phone from lack of interest towards :&quot ;please note :we will last six hours all day to call your phone ,please kindly prepare information table .
You can choose to close machine ,thank !&quot ;in the support to this information first ,then there is a shallow ditch the old access to don call back ,kang one answer ,the other says: &quot ;Wo who will be six hours non-stop to inland add dial your phone ,Ni can choose shutdown &quot ;Kang answer each other .
What do the other replies ,saying that the test ;and then hang up. Then ,Kang probably every general bell received a call by the click to call, Kang cross each listening ,to the circle is called He has been shutdown .
Wrong to call ,Kang Mo ,patience ,only worse off. Half before Xie Ji ,he defeated all families calling said no ,I call home ,said Kang incidents in the save ,please remit money to a certain account immediately ,and declared that ,if the many young time not to save money will end .
3on the wayto meet someone, ask a more partial Road ,then said to get the car out ,will you look at the goods by car ,he went up to unload. If you permit ,you ready to be deceived .
Because ,you attack the goods, there will be a car driving, said to be the man to come to them ,the car left, the man and a big help people find your past trouble ,if not you show them the money ,you can not go out 4 a girl justfrom the train stand out the box in the IC phone ,first call ,when she stands behind a man holding a card ,seems in line call .
When she just evil gave my number to dial ,suddenly in front of the people shrink when &quot ;&quot ;the sound of the telephone set pressure spring press up ,call girl .Then turned angry at the man ,the man immediately him face heap caw ,repeatedly Say sorry !That didn .
Then tell the girl ,you press the sink multicast key can be !!!This trick like a net is now open !!!The girl with doubtful turned ,by sinking multicast key. This didn hang up ,however ,is through !The other a strange voice .
She asked :&quot ;some in ?&quot ;&quot ;the voice :sorry ,he is urgent in soft ,even the mobile phone could have won ,he let me pick you .&quot ;she asked &quot ;he didn let me play to TT mansion ?&quot :&quot ;;the sound is like this, we have a car ,now we go to the station to meet you ,you go to the station next to the TT !&quot ;this is always stand in the girl behind the men talk :&quot TT ;I know this place ,near here .
Just don kindly read ,in order to show sorry I send you where to go! !&quot ;then took up the girl luggage ,which is already hanging over the phone !The poor girl is stupid to trust that person, as the woman walking ,also continue to give the man thanks! !!Should go to source flower when the man next to the station ,as when an acquaintance ,a summons .
That person smile happily say: &quot ;Yes. You ,so good to lose !&quot ;the girl immediately board face ,called a sentence .Then the little apprentice sister suddenly seems to be aware of what, after ten seconds to think ,immediately clear from be in grave situation.
On this occasion ,a security principal heard ran back .Note: the IC call is made hand !!!Said the Wuchang ,Chengdu east station ,water crisis has such events. Don talk to strangers or not and ,temporarily after you may be rendered in a ravine .
4)met yesterday for it action ,small home care preparedness ~ ~ tomorrow will work in the home, there is a ring at the door ,open the door to look ,is a 50 yearold woman ,carrying 2 Packwrath of sugar ,I also think that neighborhood to anger sugar ,The soul searching,outcome of a talk ,to hear out not standing ,what she said the 2 packets of sugarto us, a rage ,want to change some money to her ,behind also said that a lot of do not know what ,I don feel is wrong, was immediately closed ,halo !This year,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, so his trick.
510 at night,At the third Asian habitat international summit starting ceremony,a pedestrian not many road, a girl walking alone .Then past a dumping staff to their delivery to transmit complex or declared Yang materials ;but its holding it for a few minutes later .
Even ,suddenly felt dizzy up the head ,then feel the pain before ,when she felt not fare well ,hurry while stumbling hesitate to at the intersection, stopped a taxi for running adjacent to the Fei Guomin hospital.
The hospital diagnosis, when the girl is due to contact or call into a coma caused by drugs ( Name :Dyclonine ,the doctor said if the amount of easily lead to death !!!!) and cause these symptoms .
It is a planned robbery succeed event ,pass pair sprayed drug .6builda fellow to greet :yesterday passed a the door of the building ,the door without a cash machine .A tender ,always look I walked along beside him, he called to me .
He said he can ,take a piece of my ATM card to help him in the house in front of the active ATM won money .I reply to wo can help you shed, called the guard to help you .Results ,he would reply I said no, continue to find the rest of the road has helped him to waste money .
Friends remember --- and the machine is the camera .If TA says I grab rob or steal his ATM cards ,and even his card is stolen ,to help him the money will stay in the ATM video ,relative to make Ni beyond dispute !I will Warning !Is due to not work with deceived, currently still haunt people division .
It is clearly a lie group looking for free !Please push came ~ ~ ~ scam pseudo non layer not depleted ,incautiously will fall into the trap ,it is impossible to guard against me !7Shaoyaojuindustry guests ,home suddenly power off ,see the window outside the home electric appliance table view ,go out from the box ,opened the door was a knife base -- the knife into the chamber to rob offends somebody home suddenly power off ,don open the door with a cat view ,observe a door, static and dynamic ,not through the door of a cat are beautiful period of time ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,there is no abnormal sound static and then open the door .
8all femalecompatriots attention !This is the reason a fellow male allogeneic cell father please note please call from friends attention so out of the situation ,son of a friend should pay special attention to it :a on the way home from work to see miss a child always smiling ,very poor ,and then once asked the small enemies .
Children like the lady said :&quot ;I lost ,can you please take me home ?&quot ;and then took a piece of paper to her, said that his home address .Then she clever fool the children go to .
Normal people have different feeling heart , and then to the current children home ,she rang the bell ,the bell like electricity ,go to perception .The next morning he was wearing a light in a room ,Nike Air Force 1 Mid,you have nothing, she even the young like didn .
So ,now assault is the use of empathy mouth ah ,if encounter similar to this ,don take him ,take him to the police station to Lai ,go up the police couldn children is wrong, please tell me all the maternal ,to large ladies insurance ,waking up every 9people.
Forwards :attention !Into the ATM when the money must be more careful !!!!!Last night in the gold sea bank ATM to withdraw money ,back to the old woman ,asked me if I could take the money ,also say what ATM having keys may be broken ,what next when a little girl ,a want to me is ,I did not care, child mischievous ,but it is she handles morning a banknote outlet pressure, for my money ,I was wrong, immediately took her aside ,waiting to put money in .
Then I thought for a moment ,they give me a set of :old woman wins Responsibility and I reboot ,attracted my attention ,a little girl when I don pay attention when robbed me of my money !If I don prevent it, money are robbed, so, I went to set a I sit to go after the little girl ,to get back to me money ,but who would trust a little girl could grab me a little money ?But terror is standing in front of me I will discard my card all the money ,because my card still ATM surface ;two I don go after the little girl ,get card up ,then the little girl would be flung to the four winds ,money is not ah ( they really &quot ;intelligent &quot ;,is shameful !!!) 10 recentlysomeone told me, his friends in the morning to hear the baby laughing ,but later it was very late ,but she thinks it was odd ,so she called pol.
ice.pol.ice told her: in any case ,never a door . lady performance that sound sounds like baby climbs up to the window adjacent to cry ,she worries about the baby would crawl to the street ,car Nianguo .
Pol.ice told her: we have sent returns in any case ,do not open the door. Police believe it was a continuous and man ,and with a baby crying Tape ,induces females to believe someone inside the abandoned baby ,they go out for observation.
Although there have really matter ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,but the police have received many calls by women ,they from home alone at night ,hear the door crying baby ,please send the news to the others ,not because the crying baby while opening the door.
11 beforethe morning of the two day fight, Lord Luohu to disaster field spent twenty dollars ,I gave a one hundred block to the driver ,he feel around for a long time, not the money ,I rounded the money to him .
I ask &quot big confusion ;you wet day how one hundred block could not start &quot ;whole .But I still got enough money to him, he put the one hundred back to me .Come home late implicit is counterfeit ,the boy said Wu was secretly replaced .
12acollective money back home ,I want a piece of money, wo demur did not say to him ,later also tell where he is sleeping ,the station the number road .At first he has good strength ,not to the station ,also return before the walk, I and his evil bad way ,make stop to see TA again to strangers for money ,some people borrow before he finished twisted tail away I just know ,cheated .
I am too lenient or I was too stupid ,oh ... 13 should beyour main silver Words with money in it ,or to the post office to save it, there will be two collude with beautiful woman, a camouflage to a bunch of money lying on the floor ,back straight, after little liar deliberately in front of you will pick up the money ,and then pull you aside ,to pick up the stack of money home to you.
And behind collect money cheat returns ,ask behind fraud is found money ,and behind the fraud frisk. In front of the cheat said no ,then pull you aside ,that found Qian Ze ,hidden in the money in your body, I had to he searched ,I am afraid you in my left strip-search flee helter-skelter ,so you put on your body all the money on my table .
If you really put your own local money to them, you people .You turn it up a pile of money ,find ,the name is a national currency ,it is full of soap paper .Case 1:a married male handbag was stolen ,outside a mobile phone ,bank cards ,wallet .
20 minutes later,she bribed the wife calls, the notice from the stolen thing .Husband surprised sucks: &quot ;ah ,I have to you the lack of doubt ,ask our bank card code ,I ride the horse back !&quot ;they arrived at the bank, to be told where all the money has been Carry away .
By thieves using stolen mobile phone short hair welcome letter to &quot ;beloved husband &quot ;and gave clear ,then in less 20 minutesmoney fled .Reveal :not in mobile phone communication West exposed everyone get approached my closed solution, avoid using &quot ;electric field &quot ,&quot ;tender ;private &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;parents ;name .
Names are used, the word more insurance .Case 2:three self-driving tour friends accidentally people and cars fell rises one hundred and fifty meters deep valleys ,stranded four nights three days later, was saved .
Meanwhile ,they often want to mobile phone to save a Chennai for .A broken, a battery ,a team of bad signal .They also frequently move position to seek better send signals ,but did not win.
If the three are ordinary knew Bo 112 line,pressing time can also know how to use the message bad mobile phone dial 112 lanes,believe they can soon rescued. Tip: Qi Bang used around 112lines,in the mobile phone open even after not receiving a signal ,and even electric pole for construction ,any brand of mobile phone is not dialed in from He Tian .
Dial 112first,the horse will back into speech to elucidate if stop :the non cell phone 112Urgent to save the line ,if you want to report ,please dial 0, wo will provide you to the pol.
ice board ;if you need help ,please dial 9, we will transfer your call to the fire station. The Seibu after saying before the English ,to sink again. This time only to dial 0 or 9,will not have to answer .
In which three people situation ,or climbing lost or suffered other trouble ,dial 9,will be timely rescue help .Case 3:a study in it to eat fast food cup noodles, later ,the overseas ripe for unwell go to a hospital, doctors found that his stomach is attached with a layer of wax !Originally, cup noodles container comprising an edible wax !You the next time you eat a cup at a time when the touch the wall of the cup is it right? Feel today ,that is .
Eliminating the time consumption of cup noodles ,will make our liver but this synthetic edible wax .Initially, this study is not the pursuit of death operation treatment to remove the wax ,poor died.
Tips to eat instant noodles when, as often as possible to take out ,the other with a bowl foam food ,do not use the bowl ,cup noodles attached container indirect red fire eating .Even travel ,but also to bring instant noodles with a large chagang .
In order to from this figure, don good ah !4:one case It is a horrible thing :one day ,a 21 year old boy picking away glasses to join a barbecue house party !Just before he started with wooden ice fire after a few minutes ,he suddenly shouted ,and then hard to jump ,roll on the ground in HH everyone at after all ,nobody knows what happened ?We quickly send him to the hospital, the doctor examined regret to say ,his eyes bright lost !Tips :Join barbecue or any possible exposure to water it, please don himself glasses !Because current lenses are made of plastic die too cold ,warm melts our eyes on the current glasses !Case 5:susila fell ,Sherry see Sue East Falls immediately asked Susie &quot ;three &quot ;see Susie .
She cannot answer these three questions ,immediately call 120 for help.Although after su East blood pressure deformity ,it did not look like a stroke .But because of sherry &quot ;three &quot ;cognitive knowledge ,maintain the susila taken to hospital save chaos ,susila soon recovered without sequelae.
Reveal : sometimes the symptoms of a stroke is very easy to identify ,often due to external wind patients next to someone not timely invention chaos ,delayed rescue The patients with brain damage award .
We want to answer three questions of the patient :for patients show smile ;request patient two hands are put to ;request patient says no one simple word .If the patient can do these three points ,the people around you should immediately hit 120 ambulancetelephone ,and inform the lorry ambulance staff it is the sign.
If we can generally transfer and by using the methods of interrogation ,the test of stroke warning signs ,can quick diagnose and treat stroke patients ,patients with minimal brain damage prevention by day .
Case 6:Reporting :my parents are retired at home yesterday morning .A strange ,middle-aged man ,said his motorcycle oil did not stand too close ,add oil ,motorcycles and heavy drawn ,so would like to ask my father to a bottle of cola to purchase gasoline ,99reading,just say that it does not work out 2 ,3 yuan to buya empty bottle Lai .
My mother took a empty bottles to him ,say he also fake pocket money to ,but is a few hundred dollar bills ,but also for my parents for money. My mother Dunsheng alert ,said to calculate ,but it is an empty bottle .
He is to take 100 yuanpurchase money break down, but still the Zhang Baiyuan bill. Good in my mother not aging, not That love is like a small cheap .Case 7:a woman on a honeymoon to Paris .
In Paris,Adidas Porsche Design, his wife in a fashion costume shop to try clothes ,as the husband in the dressing room to wait. But waiting but not his wife go out ,easing the request of her husband was working outside the view ,found the room empty.
Husband wife to open a joke that interest me, to him .Then return to the hotel and wait till she came back .After a few hours but not his wife ,just know things great. Husband and alarm ,and to all of Paris costume shops and hospitals interrogation wife landing .
Three weeks before ,his wife like from the evaporation ,without any news ,sad husband only finishing drag back home .Because of the inability to enliven from disappointment ,her husband without work ,a right career ,decided to take his exile ,living to the premises.
A few years later ,he suddenly have a brain wave to Bali Island ,in a new house visits a freak show ( freak show ) .He saw a dirty rusty cages ,a woman without limbs ,body ,including the face, like a rag as dilapidated ,full of scars.
Her in the ground torsion straight ,and issued as a beast like XXXXX sound. Suddenly a man in horror .A bald cry .He from that kind of woman who not see his face, he is familiar ,is he married his wife reported missing face white fetal forget.
Another edition principle generation in Shanghai. Many years ago a child tell the public insurance experts TA cousin in Sea city for shopping for no reason when lost ,but the times for not, till five years before a friend touch to see this cousin in Thailand Bangkok street stop on for .
XXXXX TA is somehow not a single hand single foot ,the body is chained to the lamppost .( 9)this is one of a couple to Hong Kong when playing the story. A pair of husband and wife do not know ;it entered the Qi Hongkong crisis the worst areas a boutique store ?Wife to store clothes are very loving ,then into the fitting room fitting .
However, ripening in there and waited ,but not see his wife .Because it was too long ,so the students open the door came looking for her ,but later has utter lack of substance in the fitting room .
He surprised to the interrogation wife where to go ,but the staff were all like collude with beautiful ,that did not see ,and to maintain basic did not like his wife such people back to the shop.
He only depends on the pol.ice help me Search the boutique ,but fruitful. At first he was a person looking for a period of time ,until his visa expired. Initially yet has he was unable to find his wife case back .
After a year of his company H to please a young false ,once again back in Hongkong to find his wife left .He took his wife photos through Hongkong Lane Avenue ,but this was no clue at the end of the holiday .
To stop the mental and physical fatigue ,he begin to consider to return home, having a centerless through a rare cabin cabin board writing .A :&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot Dharma ;( tumbler ) although he to jane my things are not interested ,but because the night .
All he wants me to change my mind ,add the billboard reads &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot Dharma ;Wu word also caused his initial interest .He decided to retire and see. However he improper entry !Because rare outside the hut he got a miserable display can not bear to see the East h house stage had a hand is cut in the * * * * father foreclosure defeated vase shake there! The man tongue is inserted away ,has been a strange groans.
See so disgusting Pseudo order goods he was itching inserted legs and ran ,but somehow he heart feel a strange atmosphere ,so he was from the new perspective that people look to h right !This man is evil is he a year ago lost his wife .
After he went ,to the Ukrainian Syria a large ransom for the rest of the body with his wife wet .But all too soon, his poor wife late already mad .She also lived in the state of a hospital ,continuously retracted weird moan H ( 10)recently told me ,his enemies in the morning to hear the door baby in tears ,but later it was very late ,but she thought it was odd ,so she called pol.
ice.pol.ice told her: &quot ;in any case ,never open. &quot ;the son of performance that voice sounds like a baby to climb up the windows adjacent to cry ,she is worried that babies will climb up the street ,get run over .
Pol.ice : we have been sent back to tell her ,how can have on a door .The police think this is a sustained and prisoners ,application of baby cry recorder ,induce a father that someone on the inside to abandon babies ,they go out for observation.
Although there have really matter ,but the police have received a lot of women Telephone ,at night they trail at home, ugg snow boots ,hear the door has the baby cry ,please send the news to others ,not because the baby while opening the door.
Previously said living scene disappeared ,was later sold to a circus ,was sold for the people of what, just for is the day the day tan .See into fruit produced in the false true in the KB story .
Work group leading event is email . TA friend ,i.e. A ,last week and the two boys ,i.e. the small B and C ,to tour Luohu trading town. Luohu trade Shenzhen township is a powder poly ,snake confusion ,pine on Shenzhen railway station and the Hong Kong Luohu heart ,human source matter extremely large .
Small C can say ,go under the guardian division ,the old A and small B in the restroom inside .So long long time ,don see little C in, two individuals have point of singularity . go to rush her.
Who know come out to look ,figure nothing .Two collective inverted vertical heat, hit the mobile phone also nobody is received. A quick ,so Yi Xu just living but no one died or dead lost ?So quickly alert .
Pol.ice go ,Kitty things through current ,said one person matchless shiver all over though not cold words ,&quot ;you have not seen the other Those who believe in ?&quot ,two ;and back ,not.
Because it is not possible to take a life and death more than 100 catties of people out, and they do not notice .This small A suddenly think back ,there is a net of turbidity dress people pulling a clean car back to ,and then hhpol.
ice told them ,this kind of thing had not produced for the first time ,when Shenzhen police initial suspicion a crime gangs ,organized in the governance of fluffy high-end commercial city ,use the people ,especially maternal wrong clean agricultural unguarded consciousness and ,in organized kidnapping ,stall the pin body for civil law.
Don ,Luohu trade Township from Hong Kong and shallow Shenzhen train station as Xu Diyuan .Now without a few to come, the poor little girl C ,or do not live to see the life do not see corpse .
I things said ,A ,I work with a friend still ,such a small C news .However it is likely, probably as a result of lucky, small live C was thrown in one corner ,just go to her kidney ,however ,more likely, perhaps after a few days or a few months ,years ,large C caudal cranial with the body ,the limbs will in Shenzhen City Union Department of LJ pile is invented .
If you see this .Born in side live cooked Division KB event ,please tell me the son of sparse friend ,must vigilant guard voiced net agricultural figures ,for Ta / she is likely to take advantage of you inadvertently put Ni stunned ,into clean wheeled away ,pick up waiting for you is there than the KB the total living corpse .

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