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The camera records soldier assault starring four off-screen foot

"Soldier assault" on fire, Xu Sanduo, the history of this success, Yuan Lang, the four protagonists of the play also made the national media and fans crazy chase focal point character. On screen, Xu Sanduo, the history of this, talent, Yuan Lang these four roles are fascinating, so on the screen, in life playing these characters, actors and is what kind of? A few days ago,The eighty-fourth chapter - the eighty-seventh chapter, this print journalist exclusive about Baoqiang Wang,Click Here, Zhang Yi, Chen Sicheng, Duan Yihong and four of the star,Jeremy Scott Adidas, used the camera to record them in the screen outside the wonderful fragment.
Last week, this print ever with the great length of the article concentrates reported "soldier assault", four starring saw this magazine are very happy, and in interviews,Sophisticated new products, four people gladly for "Beijing TV" weekly inscription to this print reader, and send the most sincere greetings.
" Xu Sanduo " three days not to eat lunch because every day from across the country to accept a reporter interview,Cao Yushu on the macro economy some hot issues on , Xu Sanduo actor Baoqiang Wang is busy these days, already three days did not eat lunch.
This print journalist to interview Baoqiang Wang, his day of breakfast and lunch are left uneaten. Although a little hungry, but Baoqiang Wang's mood is very high,http://deadidasporschedesign.com, can beTo say is hungry and happy " " " &quot! This history; being chased by fans as "soldier assault" the actor is Baoqiang Wang, but in sina.
com.cn held in investigation, monitor the history of this actor Zhang Yi had the highest popularity. Nowadays, in "soldier assault" many starring, Zhang Yi has fans amount is the largest, where he went, where FANS up.
In an interview with reporters of his time, and FANS follow like a shadow with Zhang Yi. "&quot " talent; he felt a little unjust acting on,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, talent's actor Chen Sicheng in the drama performance may encircle can, but on his popularity, the No.
two male are many supporting had left behind. The reason is very simple, is to become the role than Xu Sanduo, Yuan Lang, the history of this city, high, Wu 61 of these roles to please. This, Chen Sicheng felt a little wrong, because he has become part of the " victim ".
" Yuan Lang " let the female fans crazy from the beginning of his hated, finally to make a person infatuate, " A" captain Yuan Lang this role is full of the charm of personality, of course, the role of the success and actor Duan Yihong's highly personalized performanceInseparable.
In this print journalist to take pictures of Duan Yihong, can be said to have female fans harassed " ", because the fans are always seize every opportunity to take pictures with them,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com, get the reporter's job to once again break.

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