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The shuttle bus Rinpoche about tsunami words

All in the tsunami drowned many fishermen ,all depend on fishing for their livelihood .If you kill a fish ,because industry will grow, you every kill a fish ,and the fish will be born in same position ,five hundred world even more who were killed.
The life in the sea, rely on fishing for their livelihood ,you can imagine the evil industry how ?Simply unimaginable .Because they regarded fishing for good, so does not have law thoughts of repentance ,perhaps also because of tourists from all over the world and rejoice :&quot ;Oh ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,we really good luck, lived here and fishing how lucky! &quot ;of course ,if they ever encounter the Dharma ,these evil may be a net addition to ,but that didn happen.
A Geshe in discovery about released interest ,he said ,the killing of a love, we be killed five hundred world .It also depends on the killing is heavy because of the karma will increase, and may even be killed one thousand the world.
Therefore ,kill a fish than died in the floods worse. For the people, not to make a killing worse .Of course there is a hell exist ,but these people ,according to the order of the story ,perhaps will be born in the same place ,in their fishing the same waters .
the order of using many examples reveal metempsychosis nothing is certain, as the enemy and friends : the story of a regular in the house pond fishing father ,died after birth as a fish in pool .
Mother ,his wife ,because of greed that family ,so born as son of the family dog ,son enemy because it is his son wife ,so dead after birth as their children ,when in came to the families of a mendicant ,he saw his son with a baby in her arms ,Click Here,is also his enemies ,eating fish ,is also his father ,the dog chewing fish bones ,while the son with clubs at the dog.
Sariputta said: &quot father son ;eat meat ,battered mothers, put the enemy on his lap, ridiculous transmigration scene .&quot ;based on this and other stories ,those people will repeatedly was born in the same waters or river many world .
In their lifetime ,caught many fish every day hard to imagine. So if you think killed every a fish karma ,this happens to everyone to do nothing .Due to make a world of evil and suffering for thousands more intolerable .
May also have many people born as non-human .I when in Tibet ,with one from the SA Long Ma Zhuo Rinpoche temple the The Kagyu Lama talk. He heavy-hearted ,because in the XXXXXXX tortured and destroyed monasteries ,many Tibetans died of despite and born as nonhuman ,enable nonhuman gross increases.
The Lama suggestions please have Wade Lama from India to the offering puja to clean a nonhuman .I think he means adjustable V them, so that they no longer continue to do damage other bad karma, and free them from suffering .
He also expressed strong concern ,if older people still alive when, XXXX is not achieved, the younger generation may miss the opportunity ,make it delay ;things will change. The Dalai Lama sent me the Tooth Relic during that time .
Different is that these people are angry ,and killed in the tsunami disaster of people with extreme fear of death. In spite of this, many people still due to industry because of birth as a nonhuman .
If infectious disease began to spread ,that is the worst thing, bury the dead ,land is likely to be pollution ,many people get sick ,and spread to the city .Your stars, butcher or prostitute ,or other related to heavy karma .
People ,especially the sick ,to the cremation and burial ,otherwise there will be dangerous .I think the order for practice may help ,because there are many bardo beings yet Immediately incarnated .
Tibetans usually go to the dead side repair method .For Buddhists ,the Heart Sutra or converted to text ,can recite .It seems simple ,but rely upon the Buddha is thereafter all practice basis.
If the survivor ,family or donors are not for the dead do something ,that is very regrettable. Believe Tibet Buddhist people ,even if they are other what do not understand, or can read &quot ;om Ma it back Hong &quot ;.
This was in the past ,now and in the future, all the Buddhas cherished ,the most precious Monlam mantra chanting OM .&quot ;and then back Hong &quot ;and in the body of blowing ,can purify or reduce the bad karma, helps to obtain higher reincarnated ,so it also has unbelievable interests.
Wholeheartedly rely on to a Buddism godness Guanyin pray ,then for all deceased recite OM and &quot ;it back Hong &quot ;have unbelievable interests. In the way mentioned ,only to see &quot ;OM and do back Hong &quot ;the words,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com avoid hardStimulus. 6, can net except five continue to sin ,not to mention the ten industry .
So those beside the body of people ,family and so on ,do not know this, very sad .Even strongly depends on a Buddism godness Guanyin and try to recite more string &quot ;om Ma it back hum ,&quot ;each string read blew in water , and then the water in the body, is unbelievable net industry ,reduce their evil .
You can also do a meditation ,a Buddism godness Guanyin holding method: visualizing a Buddism godness Guanyin in the water, the nectar from a Buddism godness Guanyin heart mantra outflow ,enter the water .
Finally strongly to a Buddism godness Guanyin pray ,then a Buddism godness Guanyin into the water. When you put it on them by ,can be very powerful net addition to all evil ,and they make empirical a Buddism godness Guanyin merit of Dagon .
But Geshe in Taiwan ,Singapore and Hongkong, as long as the blessing the public law ,there will be many people to attend ,so Gussie will bless Aquarius in the water ,and then through the seat ,with branches to watering .
Then we heard some people disease was cured .No matter how complex method and method ,such as Tantra moved to general law ,phowa ,its foundation is to rely on Buddhist monks ,this is most important ,.
All others practice is essential. If ,as a Buddhist ,you don ,just know that convert to Buddhism monk petition ,count on the Buddha ,and recite to the net industry and save the living or dead from mischief ,which they have unbelievable powers and interests .
As the Buddha of all kinds wisdom ,know everything , the Buddha can see your prayers ,know your heart and your needs ,to meet all suffering ,and knows that sentient beings method. Moreover ,the Buddha has a strong ,can be the basis of every sentient root device ,heart level and karma ,that is required for the method.
Furthermore the Buddha to every situation ,there is no difference in compassion ,regardless of whether they believe in Buddhism or not. If the code is referred to, if someone support ointment to the Buddha hand ,another person from his left hand cut of meat ,the Buddha on both compassion is the same.
If the person has full confidence ,the Buddha of course, no doubt will give guidance .If you look at &quot ;a free &quot ;the conversion of goods in accordance with ,will find many on the strength of reliance story.
A story is told of a boat to the ocean sailing business people ,they encounter a giant monster. When the monster opens his mouth, all the water inlet .When their boat quickly by the suction of the passengers ,http://deadidasporschedesign.com,the chanting of conversion Buddhism monk vow ,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme,because the song very loudly ,the monster immediately shut up ,they would be saved.
The monster in that moment death .They convert to have two kinds of interests .It saved their lives ,secondly ,because the monster is I hear prayer before death ,so the cast was born in heaven .
Another story is the Luo Hankang wave to some relatives and some businessmen in the same boat ,nikesforce1.com,was caused by the dragon is too big ,so their boat is threatening to rupture .Those people so strongly to the Luo Hankang wave ,and be saved .
The DL Lama his youngest brother ,Lee Rinpoche told me ,when he was in the India army in military training ,he first parachute jump ,really very scared ,so he converted to the DL Lama jump.
Nothing dangerous ,but Rinpoche said ,&quot ;from then on ,I have to respect all confidence. &quot ;some time ago ,a Argentina student Jiang Qiu Bahmer in Argentina, it is a very dangerous place ,Upgrade your Flash player to see how see,full of violence ,theft and murder .
I suggest she wears Diamond Sutra, Prajnaparamita Professor ,she also do so .When she walked down the road, a car stopped down ,two people attempted to rob her .When they were about to attack her, in a moment ,she thought :&quot ;not what happened ,I have the Diamond Sutra .
&quot ;and they walk away .There ,It climbed to the top of the mountain,,she recently there was very fear ,ask again, what I have I give protection method .She Tibetan Buddhist ,she took Jin Guangming by the English translation of the Septuagint.
She was there for nearly a month ,in the park ,the mountains and along the way, she said ,no one can see her. She collected nine suitcases of herbs ,very worried about her with so much ,but often her through the airport, fundamental no one to check the luggage.
She also took a machine ,security personnel had to scan ,but she told some reason to ask them not to scan ,and they just let her off, very easy. It ,especially after nine one one security levels .
This shows the power of faith ,she to those classic ,St. method ,based on good rely upon the heart .A long time ago, a complete absence of any knowledge of the Tibetan Buddhism in Kham region of Hou Apu ,came to Lhasa ,and visit Lhasa Zhuo Oh Sakyamuni statue ,that is the Buddha himself blessed Buddha .
He was afraid his shoes on the outside be stolen, so he put the shoes in front of the statue, and asking him to &quot ;when I walk around ,please look at my shoes .&quot ;&quot ;&quot :Buddha answered ;later ,the administrator .
See shoes ,want removed them, but the Buddha told his shoes there. This story in the whole in all parts of Lhasa, the Often known. It shows confidence in Hou Apu :Although he didn knowledge ,when he spoke to the Buddha ,completely believe Buddha as a living people in general .

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