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Hundreds and thousands of times, for her I searched in chaos

When I look back, that people in the door canteen .07:54 maybe Ihave little talent and less learning ,I really can not find a suitable word to describe those people ,to express my anger .Two kids ,I do not have the heart to let him go there again a good clean those ,too small ,too poor .
/ / @EaRssay :see the interview yesterday that several find passers-by when I was furious ,his mother said didn ,Fuck you Family ,didn see is the dog / / @ Clearing Union V / / @ headliner 07:49Foshanradio :# littleyue Yue # three o ,littleyue Yue parents go to ICU the ward to see littleyue Yue Yue Yue mother one last time in deep grief ,but father Wang Chichang in staff accompanied processing littleyue Yue .
We wish littleyue Yue to day road all the way .Philippines hang in there ,never a day ,the great Chinese will condemn you, and then another two days ,will apologize and signed a cooperation agreement ,and you can even hit .
07:25 headline news: Chinese fishing vessels in the South China Sea Philippines refused to hit apology according to Oriental Morning Post, China fishing 18 daysin the South China Sea by the Philippines military vessels after impact ,Philippines spokesman said earlier that the navy has to apologize ,the Philippine Department of foreign affairs ,but long said yesterday ,Nike Air Force One,the Philippine government without this apology to China ,never apologize ,the Chinese fishing boat was in the .
Laugh ,laugh .The star 07:17 ,Star : Good morning ,everybody ,it ,let a smile ... ... Look at this picture ,agreed to assist 16:14 hornetgo ?08:29 in orderto have David do a check ,had to be so 08:28 finally knowher secret 08:27 youbright .
.. dig Atlas ( shared from @ dig atlas micro-blog ) 08:25 our country education teacher asked just turn school young Ming: if you have a pear ,I give you two, you will have a few pears ,Bob ?Answer: do not know .
Our school is used in apple . this is the fact that the 07:39Caffeymissing ,Prime Minister of Nepal ,British Prime Minister Brown ,German President Horst Koehler ,Belgian prime minister ,Kyrgyz president ,prime minister ,Bill Gates Chad succession suddenly resigned ,following the resignation of Jobs died suddenly and the secret of the funeral, the the Imperial Palace museum was weird stuff .
Paris Museum a large number of oil suddenly stolen ,we believe ,begin to get on board . Note: the distance in December 21, 2012 and 431 days 07:36I was thinking,then what kind of a scene ???Ha ha ha ha 07:31micro-blogcold joke :Daddy accompany to people in the chat ,they have something to say .
Dad met later: t show one ,you have to say .Jack said in a loud voice :my mother let me tell you ,don the dinner guests !Micro-blog Encyclopedia : the probationary period six note trial period is over, we can walk on the avenue ,so.
.. - danger ahead ,watch your step ... .. Published a reprint blog have a look overseas Chinese how to comment gleaning aunt save girls event ? 22:07watchthe news you will be feeling ,one is the news editor level ,another is the news itself ,like a little funny jokes and laugh, the job is not suitable on Dutch act ,Dutch act also explode ?Cheating is not this pit ??? share sales center :Harbin man blew himself (since #3G portal # client) 18:38expression Spring Festival -- see Ravine or feeling ,not comment .
16:58 a residential arealandscape nodes hand-drawn renderings _ free download _ district planning scheme _ landscape _ :network 11:34 share:Shaanxi pupil wearing a green scarf had been halted (since #3G portal # client) 11:14decisively.
/ / @ global fresh information :Canon without resistance ,decisive collection 11:11 globalclassical music : a history the best collection of Canon -- nine edition ,Canon control do not miss oh !Over the next 10 years, China will have 70% of the trade through the electronic commerce to complete .
11:08 Zhejiang hospitalfor the critically ill patient to legalization of operation cited concern ( shared from @ headliner ) 11:08micro-blogEncyclopedia : to the workplace of the 25 kit Zhu Geliang seminal vesicle ,lets Zhou Yu throw the helve after the hatchet ,this is career of seminal vesicle ,let us go more smoothly and steadily .
Xinhua Dictionary pricing is very important ,it is people research, 19571 yuan,1998edition of 11 yuan,12.4 yuan inthe year 2004 edition,double the price 24.9 yuan ,after the conclusion of analysis ,a Xinhua Dictionary the price is basic and same period a pound of meat prices keep uniform 07:24 #Roewe measurement # I was going to get a heavyweight medal !This is the W5 limited edition legend medal ,as long as in the Roewe W5 legend medal events ,opening the road to legend ,People call management heard the snow to save the stock market crash to save - - - - - - - xinhuanet,you can get your medal !21:14 I have the surging blood, but quit the heat .
Stick a personality label is a must, breakthrough standard is a must .Momentum press forward with indomitable will ,don it is not impulse .Say what are happy ,do what is sincere ,think what is sweet ,I ,I in weibo.
com .21:14 #upgrade step, a step # I was receiving service of China Merchants Bank credit card love upgrade micro-blog medal ,perhaps also in iPad2 awards!21:12 #really micro representative # who can live the real Hold ?I recommend the real Frank @angelababy .
To exercise your right to vote ,please live real gift win ! @angelababy said : anybody know has a strong prediction ability and wisdom of Yama nation why disappear overnight .?Are they right now people are talking about aliens ?2012 .
21:11will come back... # micro-blog desktop # 1.4beta!For you to more micro-blog featured content ,wonderful ~ chat text expression is not clear ?To send pictures ,but also and site synchronous chat Oh ~ new fans that are missing? Points to open the message box you can view the new fans news ~ also optimizes the chat function ,add three history Oh what reason to hesitate ?More new features such as you find ,Air Force One Shoes,download speed :21:08Buddha,in life, many things could not be met for ,deliberately forced not to ,and not have been expecting often unexpected .
Therefore ,to have a disengagement of the heart, all along ,naturally ,not angry ,not rash, not excessive ,do not importune ,pessimistic ,not rigid ,do not panic, not too ,not sad .
20:26 as the governmentblindly insist the development ,called money ,the Chinese nation has gradually lost his original all quality ,sad people ,the end of the day ,there will be a day ,the history will repeat itself .
/ / @ life - Wikipedia: sad !20:23 global featured include: Chinese conscience has been tortured ! village at the age of 44 farmergold Youshu road full of passengers ,see the pond, Dayton jumped into the pond, smashing windows will be flooded 19 passengersashore due to their rescue ,soaked in cold water for too long ,the water choke cause lung ,to turn to government for help no one reason ,borrowing medical treatment for several months, due to no money cure died .
He was buried ,19 wererescued without one person to arrive !@ clear alliance V are a family of eight or nine children ,only he was crawling with worms. These small things ,and his pain ,breath ,have a fever ,even the gown is ripped into the hole .
Gown harm !Brothers all light years !he didn ,faded face severe cough .Just take off ,give the sun hot ,not died ?his innocence :in the body for many years ... Have feelings ...
They won kill me ... -- this ... Silly earth ,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce I hh&quot!20:20 did not used to ,also do not fashion ,feel like a zoo . @ clear alliance V / / @Jehova :also called he wears a robe ... 20:17this sayingwas right ,you are good to me I .
Not good is not good ,good is good ,no need to hide tired myself .@ V 20:14LibraLibra black alliance - personality traits : in fact, you dare to love and hate ,you are good to me,Adidas Porsche Design, I dare you ;will you so good to me ,I dare you to the very good ;you will care about me ,I careful care ;you can look into my ,my dare not to micro ;will you care about me ,I will love you ;you would believe me ,I secret ;however, would you lie to me, I dare to expose everything ;you will catch me fish ,I will tell you a little means .
China News Weekly: EdgeWalk tower height to witness to love located in Toronto, Canada TV Tower ,http://www.deadidasporschedesign.com/ Later,356 meters high( 116 floors) ,is the world tallest buildings in the world ,Toronto has become the most extreme hot spots, many lovers lovers to experience the excitement before walking in the tallest building in the world one of the dangerous edge ,to show and to witness their love # utility # graduation: brethren ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,we shall meet again some day.
Ah ;graduation year: brothers ,after the wife will be ah ;later: brothers ,regret ah a wife ;later :brothers ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,there will be a wife ah ;final: brothers ,regret of having a wife .07:56still rememberthis game comrades please raise your hand !20:58 #passersby ignore hit girl # mother ,a herd of cattle ,inhumanity things from ruin ,curse of the beast is hit by a car .
Cabin fever .At least you put the car stopped ,if things go on like this ,the nation is in peril. Ah .17:30 Sheng Yuhong works :Guangxi Yangshuo Resort Hotel _ China Construction ten years architectural creation network selection works 17:19 GMPworks :Zhongguancun Haidian Christian Church _ China Construction ten years architecture design work network named 17:18DeshausJiading Metro Works :kindergarten _ China Construction ten years architectural creation network selection works 17:18 Ma Yansongworks :Beijing Hutong bubble 32_China Construction ten years architectural creation network selection works 17:17 Deshausworks :Xia Yu kindergarten _ China Construction ten years architectural creation network selection works 17:15 plasmastudio works :floating garden _ China Construction ten years architectural creation network selection works 17:14 Liu Jiakunworks :Hu Huishan Memorial _ China Construction ten years architecture design work network selection 17:13architecture andmemory _ architectural design _ technology topics ?:network 17:08 1chess:Chinese political symbol ,all in order to baoshuai .
2 Ma:China national symbol, chasing each other ,only for their own success .3 chess:Chinese thinking symbol ,everything is a white black .4 chess:Chinese official symbol ,official big one dead .
5 :Chinese acrobatics status symbol, messing around are in fact in order to safeguard stability .6 martial arts:Chinese military symbol, with scary, recently did not see uniforms who .
14:44 2012London Olympic venues:the _ news our goal is to do a simple green Olympic games .London Olympic venues total stylist Jerome Frost tell the Bund pictorial ( micro-blog ) :the London Olympic Games ended, was the demolition of the recycled seat ,than before the three summer Olympic Games and more .

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