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The man upstairs

, The man upstairs first want to beat up other people appear on a summer night .That night I own a station on the balcony of the ground in front of the window ,looking out at the street big and bright lights, my hand holding a glass of grape juice queer smell ,behind the bedroom playing soft music music ,I think of something in the floor in front of the window .
Then ,head suddenly came against ball sound. It ,as long as it is in building them ,unless you are living in the attic, or it is hard for you to not hear occasionally making noise. The noise if it is regular occasionally appears again ,to forgive ,who have little things ,neighborhood tolerance should.
But if this noise presents one kind of time ,then it must make people heart beat continued to accumulate .In the summer of night ,what time do not know from the start ,my upstairs people start to every day at home playing cards ,playing mahjong ,he and a small child ,every night will bounce the ball to play.
That The frequency is unbearable .That summer night ,I in the hands of the queer beverage are my burning throat swallow ,and head of the noise is uninterrupted sound. This noise ,mingled with the man upstairs bathroom or do something move furniture and furniture voice that voice .
To feel upset ,piercing with &quot ;&quot ;soon after ,is &quot ;squeaky &quot ;sound ,the trouble may seem to be the man upstairs .Every day in their own home hammering, or constantly move furniture for joy.
They seem to be living in my attic aliens ,do not know how to etiquette .Most people feel annoying is ,the man upstairs mistress even at home, do not wear slippers ,but wearing with boots or shoes at home and around.
That often sounded a &quot ;&quot ;voice ,really made me in the summer night fever more. In the face of these often cause noise ,I basically have no way to deal with. Sometimes I will be angry at noise rang, turn the heating on next to the notebook computer inside the metal music ,good shock upstairs .
I To one in the Internet to find a more than 30 minutes at audio ,uninterrupted toward upstairs .Actually upstairs that woman occasionally standing on the balcony and foul-mouthed call ,make people feel that this is a very tough woman.
I have a characteristic if you more than I ,is a tough ,the more I love you and Sike .Of course, business that was just my wishful thinking .Perhaps the man upstairs is simply not aware of their behavior to the downstairs I caused much distress.
I usually work out from home when ,seemingly seen a few of the people who lived upstairs .I live in is not high not low of 6 buildings, we this building has 9 floors. So my upstairs there are 3 layers of a total of 6 households .
The 6 familiesinside the female ,should not be more than 10.I saw several women in the corridor ,a I really feel that this person is me upstairs family woman. I also saw several men ,but I love judgment is not high ,so bad .
That is I think is upstairs woman woman ,always dressed in a black leather ,hair is curly ,every time I came out from home ,only to see The person ,simply do not see her face .The worst way is a very old jeans ,feet as I imagined ,dressed in a black leather boots .
The woman upstairs often holding a bag of melon seeds, walking and eating sunflower seeds ,mouth humming is hard to hear my minor .Many want to personally go to the woman behind her back ,toward the hard to remember the straight right .
This woman is usually at home at the time and I almost, I guess this woman may be the legendary housewife .I in home is not a little less than a housewife ,I is the stayed at home alone on money and some fixed column money called writer.
So I in home time may be more than the woman upstairs in a much longer. The man upstairs .I have not seen, his family man I have seen but not know .One day in the morning, I was lying in the bed ,suddenly the doorbell rang.
My door bell did not know why special big ,the doorbell rang, no matter you sleep so dead ,will immediately be it loud sound to wake up .I reluctantly opens his eyes ,from the warm bed Climb inside out ,put on his coat ,jacket pants have a drowsy look ,go to the anti-theft door through the cat ,I look outside, only to see the door of the burglarproof door.
I asked aloud :&quot ;who ?&quot ;out came the cough ,a man bald head appeared at the the cat ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,to say he is the 2 floor,the floor drain is blocked ,he just to dredge .Because while I was sleeping last night is the morning about two thirty ,and now the time was just 8 more,so my head is not very clear .
I am not awake state, suddenly gave the man opened the door. My hand in the door of the bolt at a slight push ,anti-theft door is opened .My this move obviously let the people out of the door startled ,http://www.deadidasporschedesign.com/,he instinctively stepped back a few paces .
I found a child, the old man stop .I said the sewer blocked ?Said the man is stupid .I ran to the bathroom ,rushed about toilet flushing ,in crash-bang the voice inside ,I found a sewer and without clogging.
Will suikou said sewer without blocking .To hand hold my door, said to me that he was looking for perfect through out the sewers, so ,Our upstairs every family to give him 8 dollars .
A man spoke, frank expression .His face muscles continuous solidification ,lips which teeth are very white, and he was standing in the doorway .Let me have a kind of illusion. I said nothing ,just from the pants pocket inside out my wallet ,and from the inside out 8 money,pass in front of the people .
The man some hesitation took the money in my hand ,and put the money into my pants pocket ,On August 4th, remedies, Professor Wu Shanming talks about hepatitis B treatment of gold and silver,Adiads Porsche Design,and I say goodbye .I also towards men say goodbye ,then some peevishly shut the door in .Anti theft door is closed at the moment ,I regret .
The regret comes suddenly, like regret switch on the anti-theft door ,as long as I once closed anti-theft door ,regret will be from my heart there .I suddenly found himself had a very Meipu thing ,I even without any cause or reason to give somebody a 8 dollars.
I open the heavy door called the people out of the door ,but I went to the door ,upstairs, the doorbell rang. I hasten to hold your breath ,will head affixed to the door on the edge,www.deadidasporschedesign.com, look out of outside .
In my experience to analyze ,my families upstairs it is certainly not as Like I such silly just took out 8 dollarsto .Just listen to the upstairs suddenly there came the voice was a woman ,seemed to upstairs without opening the door ,just across the gate in the sound harsh asked the man at the door .
The woman asked what to do ,the man said that he is downstairs ,we this unit sewer blocked it .Hard woman immediately say how every two or three days plugging it into your home? There are just working invoice ?Is asked when ,as the woman husband also went up to the door ,through the door ferocious said :&quot ;this neighborhood to find ,find us what! &quot ;this phrase was a great volume, on the floor which produced duration is short echo in echo ,just now .
And I want money to the man, gray went downstairs. I through the door on the cat ,saw the man back, can not help but laugh. It seems to be still not too good, the man upstairs while it is hate ,but this time they approach is indeed correct ,for money .
How can so be an easy job to be beaten ,just buy it .Buy things or to haggle .I on such thoughts ,closed silently Close the door inside the door ,go gently into the drinking water machine, give myself a cup of water .
During the night ,the money the son went upstairs for money ,is the woman upstairs with the dirty called down ,he went to my house downstairs ask for money ,the result of being a :no money, my family is poor !Give back .
The whole building is my one mouth soft .It makes me very lose face, I seem to have been the entire unit to underestimate people in general. The man upstairs often organize a group of people to their own home playing mahjong ,playing mahjong what are they playing mahjong ,never on the ground paving the way something.
My Spring Festival time relative to play mahjong ,mahjong table below in laying a layer of thick carpet, prevent mahjong mahjong table in case from falling down ,to the man downstairs causing the noise.
Every time the man upstairs in the laughter inside &quot into ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot shuffle ,drums ;the licensing out ,my innermost ring fire was very strong. I really want to become a body is armed thugs, into the upstairs family, their family family .
At this time ,I was unable to control the Jin at home to clap ,used to warn the man upstairs .Sometimes this protest will work ,but a long time ,families upstairs is sturdy ,for my beat ,applause is simply ignored.
For a while I still take mop stick at the expense of the stamp on my roof ,upstairs people door by the bell ,and then quickly return to your home .Of course ,this is in fact doorbell is revenge nature of the practical joke .
I just press a few times. This should be seen by others ,I did not do more to lose face .The doorbell is generally in the middle of the night there ,this time corridor inside the basic nobody ,I done the doorbell can immediately from the upstairs down, ran back to the house with the door open .
But is it right? Not been discovered .I was almost caught the man upstairs .I running downstairs when I ,too fast ,at the foot of a flabby ,staircase in the corner fell he ain just .
Painful. I quickly respond ,climb from the ground up ,I climbed up, behind the door has been opened ,because always subjected to be rather baffling to the door bell of harassment ,the man upstairs is also very angry at their home on the man .
To me a shadow ,I quickly jump down the stairs ,a sudden jump of more than a dozen steps ,heavy fall on the ground ,wearing slippers feet and by the earthquake is painful. I endured the pain ,upstairs downstairs man still curse without clearance ,turned into the house,Men must know dress sense, then the decisive slow shut the door ,close the door after in less than 10 seconds,the upstairs man angrily and went down ,I rushed through the door looking out, I saw the man upstairs stature is strong ,it is absolutely my several times.
He wore baggy the baggy clothes ,are the face of anger from my side of this layer shouting don ,side moves slightly slow went down. The alarm so I basically gave up upstairs by the home door practical joke ,don I not punish into families upstairs ,but let people take me to the life of the storm beat .
My days also suspected that in fact the man upstairs has seen my face ,every time when the corridor there have a look with great care ,dare to come out for a long time .Later ,I and the upstairs man played several times face to face he did not deny ,To recognize me.
I only gradually ease import .The man upstairs in my experience ,I started on the noise upstairs a moment of fear. But sometimes I think last almost catch me who rings the doorbell may not be the man of the house .
I remember I heard upstairs downstairs men occasionally voices ,and the man was significantly different. The upstairs man is a kind of very thick sound ,let a person listen to this person is certainly not good stubble .
And that hunt me man ,speak some ambiguous ,sound is very fuzzy .So I sometimes think this man is often the man upstairs player in his own home .I heard upstairs sound ,there are few male master ,only at night can occasionally hear ,most of it is the voice of a woman and the children sometimes hear the voice of an old woman .
The woman and children are generally at the same time there .May the man upstairs in the elderly often came to take care of the children. So I am not ethical speculation ,there is the woman of a wanton woman.
The woman day nothing business ,just like Playing cards ,called curses .She should also like casual and other men are having an affair .This woman now is nothing new street race ,catch a big.
So I suspect not without any reason. The wanton woman let me on the night the sound extra attention .,of course ,even if my sound insulating effect of the floor slab and groan ,the secret voice is very difficult by what I hear .
I sometimes lying in bed at night, think of the upstairs now may be doing some serious things, think the man upstairs was really nasty .This thought in my mind to stay for a long time.
Don we will leave. I wake up in the morning time is early not late ,usually nine o At this time the sun has come up ,I can directly wash, and then start the day work and study. The man upstairs energy is obviously more vigorous than I ,they the evening to play mahjong playing until the early hours of the morning ,and then at 7 ,eight o will wake, and inside the house is constantly wearing shoes walking, calling loudly to call people to their home playing mahjong .
Such students Work continued, and occasionally a few days I should have been the man upstairs noise to wake .Every day I play heavy metal music frequency is also more and more high ,at least I will wake the man upstairs ,I can unilaterally by the man upstairs harassment.
I have a lot of them. I from death metal to black metal ,the man upstairs from mahjong sound to move furniture acoustic uninterrupted overlap .If someone we can from this unit floor volley ,you can see me in the balcony and bedroom be in full swing play metal happy appearance, slightly up ,also can see the man upstairs .
&quot ;downstairs psychosis and sing &quot ;while a few people who played mahjong .Such scenes now gradually have occupied most of my life .As the saying goes ,it need not endure. I now began to exercise his body ,I hope some day in the future to knock on the door upstairs people ,and then kick upstairs family meal.
Of course ,my idea is gibberish ,but I really want to kick upstairs. Such thoughts as if it were your strong place not to use the same. I shortness of breath ,just Put a large DB music ,then start crazy doing the housework.
Housework include laundry ,sweep the floor ,clean furniture and floors. Wash the clothes I rushing scrubbing ,washing do not wring dry, and resolutely do not have washing machine ,directly dripping hanging on to the balcony .
I put each sweep the floor the angles are completely clean,[i] some people say that the attitude of this organization Yimuyuan Jicai is successful! Said one..., wipe the furniture ,I even want the kitchen oil smoke dirty greasy stove and walls were wiped as just bought ,the wall is not good wiping the place I worked repeatedly to wipe, seen as Cun general black clay from tile walls by I wipe down ,I first found out that the wall is also president of Cun .
I sometimes nerve scrubbing white wall ,white wall surface is limestone ,a clean finished. So every time I looked at the white wall with a rag to wipe hard .I can play the evil ,I constantly repeated wiping a floor tiles ,floor tiles until the clean can fall ,I will wipe the next block .
So ,every time I finished the housework ,are all hot and sweaty ,shortness of breath ,heart beating like clockwork ,I stood next to drink a glass of water drinking machine ,the mood was a lot easier.
Such Easy to maintain and not much time ,usually at night ,listening to the upstairs continuous mahjong falling on the ground ,I would again chest burning anger fire. I impulses and my self-control continuous game ,how I want to in the middle of the night into the man upstairs ,standing in these late at night in gambling man behind, with his blunt to put these guys all killed.
I often call .Upstairs playing mahjong, but fuck those incompetent cops don search .The night playing mahjong shuffling and the sound of the voice of the people of the head should be larger .
I stand in the deserted corridor in the living room ,I constantly pacing back and forth,http://www.nikesforce1.com/, do not know should how to completely eliminate the upstairs noise. It is illegal to kill ,and is a felony.
I fever rash ,and I didn hold breath could kill the upstairs family .I on the couch watch TV after the last shot himself in the thigh ,,decided to kick upstairs one family meal, for I hate in my heart .
I in school know ,know a few punk ,although some time before the links ,but I Our classmates occasionally big party, we will meet again .I would that night to gangsters one one went to the phone ,inviting them to the very next day morning to my home ,I said noon.
Please they drink. When it comes to eat and drink ,gangsters are promised a good time. The very next day morning ,I at home. While the music ,while in several punk friends coming. Everyone is very handsome ,a dress like their occupation .
We first at home will talk of the day ,one of my friends to go to a play with my laptop computer ,which he used my computer QQ play ,and when writing was great ,my keyboard is very fragile issued Kaka &quot ;&quot ;protests.
We were chatting days ,found it boring .Have a friend suggested as two tables to play mahjong .My family only a mahjong .Gangster friends say ,you always have a deck of playing cards .
I nodded ,and get the mahjong and cards. We were just going to play ,play with my computer that man stood up and said ,had 12 points,we go to eat, after coming back to play .They say have several .
Hungry .I will lead them to the downstairs .Shop to drink ,drink in the process, want to ask what I find them anything ,they are not stupid ,I know not the Lord treat .I drank two liquor ,the gangsters said my upstairs deeds ,gangsters see light suddenly and I have anger ,that must be learned .
Others .Some punks about their families upstairs experience lesson ,there is a man that once the man upstairs night wearing high heels to walk ,his family lived upstairs is a young couple .
Mix was on fire, got up from his bed ,with bare arms rushed up the stairs and break down the door ,the door open ,direct from your trousers pulled out a knife ,you can at home do not wear high-heeled shoes .
Walked upstairs people are shocked, the hostess was still in my pajamas .Man said if you do, then go out to be careful .Bully saying this time ,drink a glass of white wine ,and then a very lewd tongue licked his wine stains .
Him several punk said ,is it right? Then you upstairs woman to do ah .That .Hey smiled ,said subscription .I think punk friends proved to be a man of means ,I sometimes Even when the barber also want to consider for a long time, they are the hero ,what depend directly on the intuition to do .
We drank almost ,all wobbly dizzy returned to my home. I punk friends asked me what Cara OK ,if not ,they treat me to singing. I faint said .Gangster friends very excited ,ha ha ,you really have fun ,a person in the home also to prepare OK.
Cara gangsters in not gangsters before, are a band ,so they are very like singing ,but also like to sing some very fee throat rock songs .But I was a rock fancier ,there are many piece of rock CD.
But today do not know is it right? Everyone happy, some punks offer to sing metal .I took out metal album ,Cara put in to OK machine ,automatic machine playing the CD gangsters with intense metal rhythm ,began to dry out .
I don Cara OK volume to significant position .I sat on the sofa ,tea drink wine ,I seemed to hear upstairs sound of mahjong ,but soon, the mahjong sound is my howl and the sound of music To cover up .
My heart welled up a wonderful feeling .As if they were a happy mood in general ,constantly against my chest. &quot ;ha ha ha ,I will sing a song !&quot ;I laugh and walk in front of the TV sets ,this song is just the chariot band industry metal classic Du hast ,I love ,because I am not the Germans ,not German.
But I do howl ,I studied Haas Du Haas stem howl ,gangsters are excited and I scream ,I soon turned into a scream club .We about to sing four or five songs ,it someone rang the bell of my house .
I give the Mike to gangsters ,let them continue to sing .Downstairs in the house during the day usually nobody ,I estimate the door should be my upstairs that damn damn woman or man .
I opened the door ,and then his eye to the anti-theft door of the cat ,see at the door .The door stands a woman ,is my last in the corridor, occasionally see the figure of a sick woman ,her lips are red scary.
Seems to put a whole lipstick on it ,greasy .I want to friends of all joined together ,a few Punk would have gone over. I and they have few words, then all his clothes off quickly ,open the door.
Open the door of the moment, we are ha ha laugh ,and said to the woman ,a woman came, we can play the woman !That stood in the doorway of a woman may come the intention is to allow us to be quiet ,or quarrel with me .
But now we see several people look as naked as when one was born ,she subconsciously want to cover your mouth screaming. A punk friends eye, put this woman dragged into the room .The woman so unconscious struggle ,by wearing the shoes evil heels kicking foot everywhere .
We laughed ,a punk friends hand gave the woman a few big mouth. The woman immediately soft down ,sitting in my land with tears in her eyes .I said :&quot ;hero never love sensuality ,Grandpa let you go !But remember ,later live upstairs must give me my honesty.
&quot ;a woman crying to nod ,I was in a woman stomach kick ,a kick it out of my room .I shut the door ,and a group of friends continue to defy laws human and divine .Singing vent hold I have long anger.
I later became throat hurts ,several punk friends also do not adhere to lie on the ground or on the sofa bed was sleeping. I turn off the television ,then lying on the carpet to sleep for a while.
I side to sleep, while feeling to several Punk mobile phone rang ,they had one after another from my left ,there are several people and I said ,I have no energy and they spoke, too sleepy .
I in my sleep and even fear the man upstairs this time taking advantage of my home I was alone ,thereby to open my door to my fist. I in such continuous panic inside still deeper .
Wake up ,the living room is a mess .Beer ,liquor bottles are everywhere on the ground ,there are several beaches on the coffee table wine ,fruit and snacks are also very messy. I sits up from the ground ,looked round at the bedroom ,bedroom there shit .
I quickly got up and went to the bathroom ,toilet ground is not yet dry vomit. I feel very satisfied, but these gangs not to vomit vomit to my TV and a fridge. I rubbed his hands to his temple .
Inside the head of the " buzz &quot ;Sound a little relieved ,I want to wash my face ,I was just about to open the taps ,guess what ,I immediately appears a few shrill voice and furniture .
Two Leatherface I have seen ,I have not seen as upstairs so two Leatherface ,yesterday I did threat and warning you, you or even refuse to realize one ,it did not mean is to die ?I suddenly crank ,sitting on the toilet on sulking.
I was measured with the end should not be killed the man upstairs ,while trying to kill them ,I should escape to where ,how to escape .My bathroom ceiling cover a layer of plastic ,is waterproof .
I have a look the ceiling ,shook her head .I looked at the toilet wall vents, is a rectangular grid wire cover outside the cavity .My satisfaction nodded his head, then turn around and suddenly found myself in the notebook computer can be placed in the bathroom sink ,computer is still open ,and the power line plug in my usual plug socket where the hair dryer .
Computer display screen is ready to play a metal without vocal accompaniment .I put the computer metal accompaniment open ,upstairs people don is it right? Because Who is lost in playing mahjong ,ha ha laugh.
They now number more than my house ,so I dare not go upstairs and beat them .I as the metal was accompanied by the sound of the vents ,barbed wire was pulled down ,the barbed wire red rust out of my hand .
I use hand to hold the vent side of white tiles, the lip portion extends into the vent .Then ,I loudly with a hoarse voice hoarse :&quot ;&quot ;XXXXXXXXX !I cried for an hour ,when I stop ,the man upstairs mahjong shuffling sounds make me feel ,I should live in my upstairs 2008-2-28upstairs.

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