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Valentine is a wall flower - Green Lake - the focus of Blog

I was trying to make this article called &quot unreliable ;&quot ;long after ,actually thought than that of known &quot ;Valentine is a wall flower &quot ;more appropriate, or called &quot ;the lover is someone outside the wall flowers &quot ;.
The flower may make you crazy or mad about you ,,but her roots is not long here. &lt ;&gt ;allow me to quote harvest magazine in such a story .&lt ;&gt ;Du Jian and Joe flash is half a year ago on a bus to know.
Du Jian is a provincial public security department under the anti-riot brigade vice captain ,is surprisingly good ,well to do too many cases ,his wife is a gentle and virtuous but a loss of fertility and sexual ability of woman ;Joe flash is a insurance company is the backbone of business ,belonging to a sexy ,beautiful woman who makes a man heartbeat ,whose husband is a successful ,a wealthy person success.
Two people in many business contacts ,soon became a skin with a lover. &lt ;&gt ;the story has repeatedly appeared in the two people descriptions of scenes ,in Joe flash car ,home ,in Du Jians room window ,hotel and so on ;there during the day ,night ;pursuit of stimulation the burden of a stuffy ,etc.
,http://www.deadidasporschedesign.com/, very To two people in a close room has established a profound feelings, even deep love. At this time, Du Jian is stepping up to participate in the national public security system in shooting competition training ,performance has been in the 8-10 ring between leadership ,popular favor.
There is a national day to house arrest a drug dealer by the dark forces ,holding gun worked resisting arrest ,Du Jian had excellent marksmanship and the psychological quality of the gunman .
Meanwhile ,he also Ceng Shen a gun, but because the body armour just cracked a rib .&lt ;&gt ;thereafter ,Du Jiancheng the hero in the city for many times ,accept media special report ,Joe flash ,his wife on the very care.
After the injury ,Joe flash is physically gave him great satisfaction. Suddenly one day ,happy Du Jianzhen after Joe flashing on the situation, earnestly to her: &quot ;marry me ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,Joe flash ,I .
&quot ;Joe flash was silent for a long time, answer :&quot ;it can ,I have my own husband ,More Details!&quot ;at the same time ,http://www.nikesforce1.com/ I walked in front of me,Du Jian in the sexual life after sneaking to Joe flash took American production of super sleeping pills, instant methyl three filing chlorine stable anesthesia .
Joe flash momentary unconsciousness ,wake up and warned him :not to be taken as a precedent ,otherwise I will come to you and the confiscation of rape .For the remainder of his pills .&lt ;&gt ;is this the United States strong sleeping pills in Joe dodge on the test ,to Du Jian after meritorious service opportunities.
Du Jian was sent in to deal with the city kidnapping -- a type L corner ,a beautiful young girl ,is a juvenile kidnap ,project group many times with the juvenile negotiation without success.
After two ,the juvenile thirst to water request. Are water ,Du Jian quickly will the needle tube dissolved American Super sleeping pills containing agent injection in children .After drinking water ,immediately faints .
It not only successfully rescued a little girl ,more save the young offenders ... ... &lt ;&gt ;Du Jian was a hero ,Joe flash appears to be more to his deep love and ,although he has also repeatedly asking her to marry him, but was rejected,Air Force One Shoes wind sent Yunnan TV lift ., the reason is that she has a husband !It suddenly occurred to turn ,or the L type turning ,Cheap Air Force One &quot,Joe flash husband kidnapped rescue personnel .
Still the same ,but this time Du Jian failed -- in the long held down, project group command Du Jian shooting ,but the gun will not kidnappers killed ,second guns ,the guns opened ring, Joe flash husband has never stopped breathing ,in the flash memory is Joe :open the door big sunshine is dazzling ,blood !&lt ;&gt ;later, Joe flash has long suspected Du Jian deliberately not retain &quot ;&quot ;her husband ,she repeatedly and in love ,put forward to want to sue him ,though Du Jian has repeatedly stated that he had make all-out efforts ,another person or else he is also so make all-out efforts .
She repeatedly consulted a lawyer ,but have been unable to get what you want .&lt ;&gt ;time travel again. One day Joe flash to call Du Jian, she said she felt lonely ,let him come with her, she is in the old place -- a friend of Du Jian idle room window he Du .
Kennedy arrived, it ,he feels very tired ,chat to end up his glass ,and Joe was touched, and took a swig. Then he went to bed ,shoe had time off down in it. Then Joe flash went to the gas burner, pull out the alarm device open the gas pipeline ,valves ,and went back to bed and Du Jian hug together .
Loss of consciousness before her towards the door ,look, shutter doors underneath secretly tell her true light ,the advent of the night ... ... &lt ;&gt ;after reading this story ,I can lover is a lover ,you love people, is the family outside person,Adidas Porsche Design, not love ,also not a wife ,also called his wife .
In major issues issues of right and wrong or difficult before, he ( she ) is not your choice ,but he ( she ) give up you are absolutely .&lt ;&gt ;in each story ,a person ,or you or I or they ,different level met &quot ;lover &quot ;,also have varying degrees of felt each other promise and betrayal ,have varying degrees of benefit or harm.
In a word short, as long as not walk together ,there will always be betrayed ,betrayed because he ( she ) do not belong to you ,the wall of flowers always with root extension and long ;betrayal always makes you wish to collapse, beautiful falls,Nike Air Force 1 Premium, built by &lt ;&gt ;no !Do a sane survivor ,tube Great Wall branches ,open good wall flowers.

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