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Please take out university bearing and demeanor

The following is a good set of photos ,even exposure are not normal. But I still want to use the 8 photos ,for one thing. It began on September 2nd afternoon ,Hangzhou Normal University College (a fast road campus ,raw Hangzhou Teachers College ) ,broke the news ,&quot ;total body temperature over 38 DEG C influenza-like illness 39 people,7 of them have beendiagnosed with influenza a H1N1 case&quot ;.
Get the message at the same time ,we also understand that ,attack group ,Department of ongoing military students. This is public health event ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,H1N1 is nowadays to heat up the topic ,the infected population ,and is a student .
The media began to Hangzhou Normal University College of aggregation. In front of me repeatedly emphasized ,the place is in Hangzhou Normal University College ,in order to avoid misunderstanding ,from its website to check ,&quot ;Hangzhou Normal University College was founded in 1999 ,Air Force One Shoes,is the Hangzhou Normal University by the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of a comprehensive full-time undergraduate college.
&quot ;witness the conflict I is four pm at college .College entrance, there is no warning line isolation ,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce,in addition to two security will face &quot ;&quot ;conduct interrogations ,School The students have free access to the campus.
Get off, chanced upon a Zhejiang television news reporter in the screen shot .Actually, did the media know ,like organs ,units ,campus ,appear this kind of things ,generally do not like the media into the interview ,so we also only waiting at the door .
Quite coincidentally, then just have an ambulance ,with flashing lights ,from Normal University College of the gate open .Zhejiang station reporter ,natural camera at the scene. At this time, wearing a white shirt ,bespectacled middle-aged man ran up ,block in front of the camera ,Constitutional protection of the rights of civil servants administrative legal relationship -- a com,and the reporter had a quarrel ,because I and they separated by far, did not hear all of the conversation .
The university entrance guard blocked reporters middle-aged man said meaning, is to make the television reporter don the gate. And television reporter said :&quot ;we have in front of the school took ,what do you want? &quot ;see the ambulance will be opened to front, both words are heated up .
Then ,a middle-aged man arm ,deadidasporschedesign.com,a young security guard greeted .Security ,blog is the first picture on the The security .Then ,the palm cover in front of the camera lens ,and a female reporter has pull.
Conflict ended, a female reporter of the wrist, has left a bruise .I to Normal University College opinions conflict process ,at least two Hangzhou media reporter witnessed ( including me ) ,four .
A Normal University College staff ( I don teachers or ordinary workers ) ,walked to the front of me. One thin ,with glasses young man asked me :&quot ;you are the media which ?I answer :&quot ;&quot ;I am the media in Hangzhou ,I would like to you give me your opinion .
I said :&quot ;&quot ;your public relations crisis do too bad, the school gate ,blocking a reporter to interview ,and even physical conflict occurred ,as a university, such behavior is a disgrace.
&quot ;Behold ,another one out of four ,could fire up. I started &quot ;how old are you? !&quot ;the man was silent ,I carried comments later ,yell at me .Then I newspaper drivers in ten meters away ,he also clearly heard these words .
I said :&quot ;who are you? How old I and interview it doesn .&quot ;the man after a hands Cross on his chest ,repeatedly said :&quot ;how old are you? !I said :&quot ;&quot ;it is not a university out of people ,should say.
You give me shut up .&quot ;but the man back to me: &quot ;your mother XX !&quot ;at this point, I has been close to him, his voice is abnormally high. He finished this sentence ,I came up and gave him a push .
Ask :&quot ;do you want to do ?&quot ;words I remember clearly, I after college entrance,3007 Ran Yunfei micro-blog has three quotations, when a student ,people face ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,Take me up I will quality,with loud voice ,shot people shout words. &quot ;I blame you, you don stand in the normal university door.
You say these words ,swearing ,pranks ,and even dirty .Your school population health event ,while you are standing in the doorway provocative media .People like you should be all condemn .
&quot ;and the other replies ,in addition to dirty ,added :&quot ;I normal university people. &quot ;later, he being pulled into the campus .A end. I thinking of University ,as the university teacher name ,but in the face of the crisis, made such attitude.
I was reluctant to believe ,this is normal university high-level mental intent expression ,in this way , to face the public media .However ,greeted the security beatings from middle-aged man began to export foul ,young people now, I see, is a lost demeanor and the bearing of the University .

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