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Amityville ancestral graves and offspring development

The burial of the dead ,I will and cavern gas combined to form the angry ,through Yin and Yang exchange way ,in the darkness ,in effect about family migration .Two Qi of yin and Yang ,breathe out will become wind ,rise as clouds ,rain fall became popular in the underground ,becomes angry angry .
In the underground pop ,hair can raise things. One is the father mother blood crystals ,so also is the Yin and Yang of the two gas crystals. Every man alive has Yin Yang and the two gas ,after the death of the physical body disappear ,the Yin and Yang of the two gas has not disappeared .
Live ,gas condensation in bone ,dead bone destroyed ,so people dead .So buried alive ,to find an angry halls ,so angry and immortal two Qi of yin and Yang combined to protect living relatives.
The Scripture says: people die with gas ,gas sensor ,influence of living .This induction is based on facts .The production of copper mountain landslide ,East bronze bell tolls would not hit ,this is the induction .
For instance ,spring ,blossom trees leaf ,put in the home of the seeds are also automatically germination .Gas in underground operation ,it runs along with the terrain ,walking ,it gather, but also with the terrain .
A stone Bone Hill ,flat raised soil ridge ,there are Gas during the running of the marker. After said :gas wind is lost ,in upper water stop. Ancient people gathered gas so that it is not lost by bound water is limited ,it is no longer running ,so it is called Feng Shui Feng Shui principles, best ,can hide the wind is the second requirement .
Why do you say that ?Because even the grand gas operation and its residual gas fails ,although scattered but deep gas are gathering place. The Scripture says: water flow in the soil ,called an outer transverse become circles .
Water ,soil angry naturally end poly ,say is this meaning .The Scripture says :deep by itself ,Feng Shui .For angry mother, soil is gas .Gas is water a gas is water. So hidden in the dry hot parts of the gas to be shallow ,hidden in the flat strip gas should be deep.
Feng Shui Ming mountain in guidelines: in too deep .A dragon in the hall ,the ground is often shallow. The Scripture says: gas in underground ,material lives on flat terrain .
Original vein ,mountainous terrain with primary bone ,either from the east to the west ,and from north to south ,loop back and forth to run ,like to move forward and back ,as if to stop yet .
When the pulse gas check together ,a balance of yin and Yang ,soil thickness ,water very deep forest ,grass luxuriant ,this Your place ,such as big ,rich daughter. Scripture says: shape check gas storage ,chemical and biological things .
This is superior to the flat ground .The land is expensive, with underground has a dragon for your dragon .A starting place ,angry with a dragon started running .A long stop place ,angry with branch Dragon stop and gathered into a dragon auspicious .
Observation method ,in a word ,the ground was raised strip is a dragon. The Scripture says: have auspicious gas ,soil with dragon .To stop gas ,water with stops .Potential with the movable piece ,reply .
Method buried therein, Yongji no fierce. Heavy mountain Diego ridge ,now the veins meta ,should put special shaped long out . Some dragon shape is very small, some dragons shape is particularly large, these particular deformity of the dragon ,cannot be used as a burial place .
He said :ridge dragon requirements on the ground rises ,a dragon in the underlying line .Whether ridge Dragon or a dragon ,poly check should be as flat as the outstretched hand .So the Scripture says: a dragon because deep down, so to be on the top of it buried.
Ridge dragon because of Gao Lu ,so in the foothills and buried. Select branch dragon to dragon ,dragon to select ridge dragon foot .Select shape and the potential is not legitimate ,angry will like be driven away .
As ridge dragon says it ,a dragon that its tender and tender ,old and ,And then suddenly become old Feng Shui architecture and landscape :Feng Shui site the most important Feng Shui considerations ,the dragon ,sand ,water ,point ,hall ,near ,far in the case are arranged in a pattern and stress, including geological ,hydrological ,towards the base ,soil requirements, especially with the natural landscape to reach all blend into one harmonious whole.
,extremely magnificent perfect state. In order to achieve the harmony between man and nature in harmony and contract. So in Feng Shui practice requirements of Feng Shui architecture ,with its surrounding environment ,landscape should be together, reach the mountain as hole realm.
So good feng shui can from the Feng Shui practice on that hill ,hill ,Asayama heights in the distance, the green dragon, white tiger mountain encirclement status ,water along the inverse situation ,conversely ,a point of Feng Shui site must be selected ,according to the main mountain height ,case ,Asayama and hill ,green dragon ,white tiger mountain encirclement status ,water along the inverse situation ,to decoration ,building Feng Shui architecture.
Such as the main mountain ,with a tall tombstone ,if the dragon ,white tiger hill has a defect ,must be hand ,against the current ,case mountain pressing ,offering the bed should be thick and high, hand should be straight ,external expansion ;if you go Water ,then offering the bed should be low ,hand should encircle, arch ,and to build the road to alleviate the pool ,and so on.
Of course all buildings must meet the relevant dimensions ,ability makes geomantic architecture and landscape situation in matching ,and the nature of com. ,to harmony between man and nature .
To see the grave and the environment of the highest realm! Feng Shui weal and woe :burial place would be to bring people good ,bad or good ,the risk can be seen easily in the burial place .
It often have insurance ,burial grounds to study to the beginning and the end ,in which angry blooming local optional buried . The so-called auxiliary ,refers to the clamp support wrapped from fear ,dragon lonely ,so the main dragon around to clamp retaining dragon.
To avoid its harm ,superficial veins along by it ,deep vein is buried deep in order to get angry. Excavation to communicating veins with soil gas ,in order to consolidate DragonVenture .
Take the gold Xiangshui ,soil Yinmu ,external hide winds ,the adduction live five .Deck skylight ,then Germany ,make a balance of yin and Yang ,five elements ready. So gentleman had sought to change the nature ,to change destiny.
He said :the artful, power of all to avoid missing .Chemotaxis ,increase benefits ,subtle in Chi. Comprehend by analogy ,Yuan Yin and Yang. This is finest buried hill. To V and even ,its root in the sky.
Long like a wave ,like a running horse ,It came like Benz ,be a trend which cannot be halted .It stops when the elephant as a corpse still. As with Wan and Yan breath, like most million meals and clean studio ,like sac drum, which is metaphorically inhale scene.
As artifacts contain things ,analogy is the gas accumulation and leave the scene .As long as Luan .To hover ,like bird elephant beast squat ,elephant emperor as dignity ,analogy is the hall opening scene.
As towards the sea ,like the stars Gongchen ,said rivers million river sea stars all over the sky together ,to the arch ,the water used for cave metaphor ,and the mountains toward the arch the dragon .
The dragon tiger dragon tiger who is said to have ,hold the hill and mountain ,long love of each main hill and mountain dragon ,white tiger ,meet ,Suzaku ,basaltic four potential correct clear ,not nearly buried thing five and hill ,not nearly empty, the bury the dead than a slightly a burial place .
Feng Shui situation :from the view of good and bad experiences ,thousands of feet of landscape that potential ,100 feetlandscape is shaped .Potential and shape along on the Kyrgyz ,potential and the shape of inverse is fierce.
Potential fierce shape Ji ,the original 100Fuonly a blessing may stay. If far potential Ji and shape a few days after the murder, was buried there will be a catastrophe .Thousands of feet of potential ,appoint Wan meal information ,gas into nodes ,and can inside the gas, gas in the ground .
Scripture :angry .Said rambling without storage poly cave chamber ,is a can make skeleton internal decay and cannot bless born fierce points. Shh breath can loose angry ,so only need a dragon tiger to protect cave chamber in the middle of the angry ,if the high places ,left Tsing Lung ,right no a white tiger ,and empty ,then ,this high hill will be blown drift away .
The Scripture says: the missing point ,so that the coffin is decaying .Gas ( water ) is used to stop the gas, water is used to block long . Far potential and shape ,before welcoming landscape Pro after the depends on ,this is Feng Shui auspicious .
Feng Shui division of good and bad experiences :after relying on round hill ,this is divided ,www.deadidasporschedesign.com What How to do,in front of Jianshan to greet them, this is ,after going to have, before .He said :ground cave-divided Hill itself and the front ,left ,right four potential .
Gas from the eight party coming to ground ,so as to the left lung ,left for the white tiger ,front to back .Ask Suzaku ,basaltic basaltic head ,Suzaku Xiang dance ,dragon winds ,white tiger tamer house.
If on the contrary, when broken die. So called white tiger squatting with cadaveric ,Tsing Lung Kei house called a master ,basaltic not nutation call to cadaveric ,Zhu finch not dancing called proton .
In conclusion adverse .Determination of azimuth Tugui burial ground ,Jade scale distance .To support for the dragon tiger ,dragon and tiger to stop ,in the Highlands ,claims to like the elbow by using water as the burial place .
As Suzaku ,its decline and flourish and water form .Avoid fast-flowing, rustling the water seemed to cry ,as a burial place is fierce .Zhu Finch water from angry source ,from small to big ,from less to more ,from big to small ,from less changeable .
Stop in Jiexue ,then excretion excretion injection flow away. When bending back into the fold ,as is the attachment was buried hill. Scripture says: mountain water back into your life ,Fung Choi .
Hill prison flow ,killing time. S king buried mountain soil to fine and hard, no water seepage. Wet and stone is fierce .Feng Shui three Ji six fierce :Scripture says :feng shui point three Ji ,ground of six fierce Tibetan God plastic ,welcome ghost from God ,is auspicious .
Yin and Yang Chong and soil preparation ,five four ,two Ji . Sight coincidentally, power available, hasten full to avoid missing ,increase benefits ,is three Kyrgyz .A strange combination of circumstances ,each other is not harmonious ,What is not,is a fierce ;when the funeral is not fierce ,two ;force diagram ,three fierce ;this relies on the power ,four fierce ;illegal press ,five fierce ;allergic person ,is the six book that auspicious acupuncture point :cruel fierce was buried ,as far from bones ,low and high potential ,in front of a valley behind a hill, is the first Hiding place.
The dragon ,dragon of dragon was buried in the amount of Ji ,and was buried in Longjiao Lombok is fierce, and was buried in long ear down, buried in the long lip big fierce .Buried in pulse gas accumulation in the abdominal long down .
If artificial cut through ,and the dragon ,The makeup that feeling] winter dry skin care,it not only itself was buried hill students a mountain ,and cannot be cavity field. Otherwise retribution appears instantly .Buried mountain method ,as in the valley of shouting ,echo delay outgoing .
It is said was buried and fierce causing blessing and curse very rapidly. Feng Shui Theory: book of changes rigid said: days of Yin and Yang ..Shaw said: site of rigid and flexible ,as passed away.
So geography should, not too hard and soft .Rigid and flexible ,is defined by its constitution .At the beginning of heaven and earth ,although such as ripples sand potential, no mountains at all,Nike Air Force 1 High, however ,since there is wind ,gas water soil interaction ,mutual friction ,oscillation ,so just survive ,soft were eliminated ,so only the shape of the mountain mountains just with soft ,so tall and setting ;water supple with just ,so humble way.
Another just is soft ,soft in just Shiyi .Shao water as too soft ,fire too rigid ,soil is less flexible ,less rigid stone ,this is the quad .Water as the person it is too soft ;fire for personal gas, it is just ;soil as meat ,so less Soft rock ;as of bone ,the less rigid .
Water ,fire ,soil ,rock and ground, such as gas ,blood ,bone ,flesh of man ,with nearly taken from the body ,far from is similarly .If fine push ,wind up dry .All just ,Yi Tan is flexible .
However ,dry dry has razed razed Tan ,Tan has become dry, it is just in a soft ,supple in just .Where strong urgent both rigid ,slow the weak are flexible ,but strong sharp has slow and feeble ,weak and strong corrosion is urgent.
Since the past ,try pushing the infinite ,in view of that ,half passed away. Feng Shui movement theory: Feng Shui news, news ,is its flexibility .All over the world ,are ready for static ,static in order to static ,static is static ,Cheap Air Force One,dynamic and more dynamic .
Archaism cloud :water the move, to the static ;Yamamoto static ,for its move. This is the rationale of the mountain !To static constant ,is called without moving ,moving Jackie Chan ;water to move often ,is called static ,static is node was also .
So Jackie Chan hill ,a certain positive Xiang dance ,nodes of water ,must be Bay ring .If it is a hard side Le ,impulse lead shot ,then move away from the static dynamic ,static ,landscape will not melt nodes .
But quiet a move ,each cycle ,Hill also has dynamic and static ,the water was still very moving, do not hold a part, is melted .Feng Shui Agglomeration-Spread :Feng Shui parting ,parting ,made its situation .
Calendar view ancient burial tombs ,most strange. Not like strange also ,because the landscape is so strange ,strange caves .It is in poly ,or due to the shape of cave but not buried .
So it is a condition of life, a point of separation .The situation and see that far ,cave in and see almost ,two is must be the way I .Feng Shui Theory: Feng Shui support, support ,words and .
Geographic and personnel not far, man and is not the same ,but to the dorsal truth is very clear to me ,there will be circulated and meaning, the back of my ,there will be rejected regardless of shape ,although can temporarily affected, but its true nature is impossible to hide .
The concept of police to see its situation I don see .To ,where the relative such as emperor ,treat each other with the flesh ,be deeply attached to each other like brothers ,all to love is back is not difficult ,where each other as enemies ,which left just like a passer-by ,agree with those found inverse Kou ,these are the back of love is to observe morphology .
True or false ,examine its disposition to its true sense ,I understand ,weal and woe is obviously .So it has been known to Science should, but is back and has landscape .Feng Shui Feng Shui :male and female on male and female ,male and female ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,words with .
The so-called solitary Yin ,Yang not only ,the world of matter ,stress is paired with male and female .Geographers compare to ,treat each other with the truth. What to say ?Shan Yin ,water is Yang ,the landscape is relatively hermaphrodite ,and hill and water and the male and female .
Yang Yin Yin hole dragon ,dragon Quyang cave ,which is between the male and female dragon ;Yang and Yin Yin and yang to ,for ,this is between a subject and also if the integration node ,then male and female coalesces ,Dragon sand water around each other necessarily subjective couple ,Waka O single female ,not made up ,although the knot ,must not really was .
The said: sex and love ,world transport .Again :male and female regardless of no work .The ancients as a wonderful, but also the nature of heaven and earth science .Feng Shui Feng Shui Theory :the strength of strong ,weak ,said its intrinsic gas .
Husband world science ,and has passed away. So just is folded ,so soft to economic ;too soft is weak ,so just to economic cliffide flower ,then ;mean much .On geography ,must examine its intrinsic intrinsic gas ,gas tends to soft ,the slow ,intrinsic gas tends to just ,the impatient .
Intrinsic just impatience, optional Hole for slow ,if the complex cavity in strong anxious place, there must be great in misfortune .Intrinsic flexible corrosion ,optional point is suitable for emergency department ,if the optional point to weak corrosion place, there must be cold back from strong to strong .
Under then hurt dragon ,weak to weak under the removal of veins ,the set point of the law, presumably to action in exactly the truth ,not to rely on the one-sided ,if partial ,produce disease .
But not weigh with ,also not easy language .Feng Shui Feng Shui :clockwise and counter-clockwise on the reverse ,reverse ,it goes to the to .How? The water issued by the Department ,the land of the mountain to the trend how? Water ,mountain too.
Knowledge and know the reverse has passed away ,do not know to go and know the clockwise and counter-clockwise clockwise and counter-clockwise .Husband ,no two road ,such as blind as deaf ,from non there Zhuoran ,fresh not to inverse clockwise ,to Shun is inverse .
To know Shun Hill downstream ,also called Shun ,to will be also inverse hill against the current ,reverse ,who is also called place to .Point of the law, to shun in the inversion ,inverse of Shun ,this one truth ,cannot be easily changed .
If give extended application ,pulsating with clockwise and counter-clockwise ,Long Youshun inverse . Shun Dragon Cave junction have inverse ,inverse Dragon Cave junction will shun ,this is the natural mountains and rivers situation.
Generally on smooth ,want to know the trend of mountains and rivers ,Mo is scheduled for a few miles ,then push the clockwise and counter-clockwise in the near light Room ,or distort truth ,with inverse to shun ,to shun as inverse .
Feng Shui of living and dying :Feng Shui ,life and death ,made its choice .Husband miles long ,but only a space for one person ,if not the difference between life and death ,is what the choice !Life is not a single side, when there is a gas for a living ,no gas is dead ;pulse activities for students ,coarse motionless dead ;Dragon potential push left left for a living ,right to die ;Dragon potential push right right ,http://www.deadidasporschedesign.com/,left for dead ;and thin in the meat ,is thin .
While the meat is death ;full of hunger ,hunger and satiety is located shall be executed ,such a variety of, small push .Students are desirable ,death is discarded ,or bright point determination ,point legal after .
If death and cramped ,accept or reject undeserved ,it is fate .Feng Shui Feng Shui Theory :micro with micro ,micro author ,said the nadis .Husband gas element shape also ,belong to the Yang ,veins visible also belong to Yin ,Yang ,Qing Yin turbidity ,so gas micro and veins .
Natural gas not self ,will stand in veins ,veins don ,will be the cause of gas and into, cover having veins without gas has passed away ,not without veins and also gas .The said: gas wind dispersion ,pulse water .
No veins without air ,water and a pulse ,without gas ,wind, is also good .View of energy , to examine the intangible tangible ;poor viewer ,with intangible tangible intangible word ,cover only in visible ,but the real reason to see ,shallow and subtle ,the fool can see faint, so in the desolate and vague and not well.
four water exchange is a vein ,winds do not move with gas this ,and the see ,the interested persons were known ,and to the beginning of operation ,but is also international qigong division on iqing.
net Feng Shui :geomantic division ,division ,it found .Veins are veins ,and not in vain ,suddenly and .Its will have its natural ,have to have water to guide ,it will have no ending ,then there must be water sector .
Guo cloud :a Kat gas ,with soil and case, a stop gas ,with water rather than by :a .Again ,gas with began, a gas which ,along with the bell . source of gas .Gas with soil and therefore ,pulse line will have ridges ;gas with water rather than ,so the water will send veins .
Gas in branch began ,so Xie Zheng and blesses the posthumous title trouble too lamp paradox grazing and dilute S and Tai Zheng the title from bed emblem GUI leech was Xi mountain right disease S crab rule patens and other magic leech that total from sole rule without boring the certificates disease S crab bell or his brother stems from diarrhea and Xin Xin tiger the harmonic catfish to be chosen in Tuan Sangshen plaque disease 5 Hold one of great toe and right bank toe dilute U Xian Di Na censure mantle or his fishy rank dilute Q ?became possiblering toe and snipe ,a toe condyle and down Liao suppression calabash mantle toe string disease P was for Mie Xianzhi Zhu Xiao ,Xiao que ,too ,and so ,for they rose too it is not for pay ,and rose as Suo .
But I was bad at Huan ,?Br /&gt ;Feng Shui Feng Shui and theory: floating ,floating ,it the table .Husband Mai Yin and Yang ,the ups and downs .Yin meridians are common in the table ,namely the floating also ,Yang veins often at ,sink namely .
A geographer pulse taking ,and the doctor feel the pulse ,the good doctor feel the pulse of the Yin and Yang and medication ,Gao Feng Shui police dragon floating stand points. Husband three Yin from born ,with its roots in the Yin Yang ,yin meridians must be on small and large ,its exports must also pointed.
Sanyang from to ,with its roots in the Yin Yang ,yang meridians have big and small ,its exports will circle. So on veins available :Port tip is negative ,the floating pulse in table ,export circle is Yang ,the sunken pulse in .
Give extended application ,the convex or concave floating pulse ,pulse fine person who sank ,floating pulse, a pulse counter ,the high one low floating pulse, the low a high pulse Shen .
Using this rule yin-yang theory be too deep .Feng Shui Feng Shui Theory :the superficial and deep ,Superficial and deep ,it accurate .If deep is appropriate ,since the feng shui ,predict to will be in deep subject .
To the shallow and deep buried ,on and off gas from deep to shallow buried ;appropriate ,gas from the lower ,so can get was without effect ,this is why. A first police veins of yin and Yang, see four mountain from served .
If veins into the first strong ,as the recess ,export circle ,this is the floating pulse and the acupoints Yang ,is shallow. Coming into the first weak ,as the cave convex ,export tip ,the sunken pulse and the acupoints of Yin ,should be deep .
It is superficial and deep ride ,Feng Shui from said. Deep law is changeable, but it is just so so. Cut into the first identification of yin and Yang shrimp to be bound and understand ,when deep and shallow, when the shallow and deep ,difference in the distance between the counter for Kat ,fierce .
The said: Studies on buried fierce, and dumped the body ,is the husband also .Feng Shui Rao reduction theory: Feng Shui Rao ,Rao salty ,it change .The dragon and tiger around each Rao Rao reduction, but reduction of dragon and tiger what ?This variation and meaning also Rao reduction .
In the method ,a on a first come ,first to Ryo Yama ,then reduce the dragon and tiger the acupoint Rao ,have left, Koyama first ,then reduce the tiger and Rao dragon, the acupoint will right .
A landscape lock ,must pay the gas to solid ,Anasa Noritorisaama head ,water must be right the palace is lock off ,is the wind Yin Yang water lock ;cave right from the right mountain is close ,must be left the water palace lock off ,i.
e. as Feng Shui Yin Yang lock closed .But also towards the water ,along mountain ,close Shunsuo may ,if the water palace ,then inverse closed inverse lock side good. So is a poor ,its fate is not same.
Feng Shui aversion Theory: Feng Shui aversion ,averse ,word choice .The world of good and evil ,good or bad luck often accompanied ,not auspicious ,intermediate with fierce local ;can good and evil ,there is place.
So when will not complete, since the so ,to pursue good fortune and avoid disaster ,to evil from the good geographical ( Feng Shui ) so the clock cannot mountains and rivers are wide, pure gas can not be without complex, is not without its complex ,is ugly ,and its appropriate ears.
But the mountains and rivers form, a short transfer immediately ,or low vision and ugly ,high and good ;or left as Yan ,right as one ;or delicate poly and high not; or affection right and left to wane .
Feng Shui Feng Shui Theory :cut cut ,cut into ,it personnel .In her day ,days without the person into its own universe, i.e. ,there are mountains ,not increased ,with not less ,will naturally then, is the nature world is limited .
So the mountains melt structure During the day ,and the mountains and rivers cut in .If too ,then cut it ,if not ,increases the time, make the best of ,change ,loss and high benefits ,Nike Air Force 1 Low,no one has of course .
Its beginning but eyesight Qiao ,power with ,finally wins the magic, change the destiny ,while people with the same .The good use of natural ,does not destroy the natural ;be mud nature ,he knows not what course .
In truth ,lies a person .Feng Shui induction theory :Feng Shui induction ,induction ,it heaven .Heaven is not made and induction ,Fushanhuoyin ,are all things. Saying goes: shade is better than a good heart, this kind words induction of also .
So ,seeking people must be good for this, if the Deguo thick ,day will be in its status was ,their children also ,good will to conform to also if the consequences of surplus days ,will be fierce retribution ,or its descendants also cover the heart gas main ,air de charms ,day is not often interested in people ,and people with one stretch ,induction self-consistent .
Guo cloud :divination induction ,spirits and ancestors of the bones .Can not choose ground burial ,but if repair of the end ,but is not involved ,fathers will be less ,and would bless the children.

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