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Short-term courses -- master index commonly used study skills

One ,similarities and differences between smoothed moving average MACD similarities and differences between smoothed moving average ( Moving Average Convergence and Diver-gence ) similar to the moving average index ,the difference is the index smoothing processing.
MACD in the application should be calculated quickly ( 12)moving average value and slow ( 26)moving average numerically, this two numbers ,as measured both ( fast and slow line ) the diff basis.
The so-called diff ( DIF ) is 12 EMAvalue minus 26EMA value.Therefore ,the sustained rise, 12EMA at 26EMA.It is poor from the value ( +DIF ) will be bigger and bigger .And in the fall ,DIF may become negative ( -DIF ) is more and more big .
As prices begin to return ,positive or negative deviation from value should be reduced to what extent ,is the real market reversal signal ,defined as MACD reversal distance value 9 day movingaverage ( 9 EMA) .
In MACD exponential smoothing moving average algorithm ,are accentuated by a recent day weight weight .12the calculation of EMA:EMA12 = ( EMA12t11/13+ the previous day closing price t2/13 ).
26 EMAComputing :EMA26 = ( before a EMA26t25/27+ closing t2/27 ).Diff ( DIF ) :DIF calculation of =EMA12-EMA26 then according to thedifference from the values calculated its 9 daymoving average smoothing transaction distance value MACD.
MACD= MACDt8/10+ the previous day today DIFt2/10. calculated from the DIF and MACD are positive or negative ,which is formed on the 0 shaft to move up and downtwo fast and slow line ,for the convenience of judgment ,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce,also be DIF minus MACD is used to draw string diagram .
As for the calculation of mobile period ,different commodities are still different . Days in the foreign exchange market on the use of 25and50 EMAto calculate the deviation from value. Analysis techniques: 1 DIFvalue and MACD value in the X axis ,upwardly mobile, the market is bullish ,contrary to bear 2 in Xpositioned above the shaft ,when the value of DIF upward through the MACD value for a buy signal.
In the X axis under the cross is only suitable for the bears closed. 3 in Xshaft ,when the value of DIF downward through the MACD value for a sell signal. In the X axis above the cross is only suitable for the longs unwinding .
4deviation signals.When the index curve upward trend, while DIF ,MACD curve and the incompatible ,occurs the situation soon turned down signal. When the DMI of the ADX indicative quotes in the consolidation or market is too h ,avoid using MACD Trading .
two ,trend index DMI trend indicator (Directional Movement Index ) is the basic principle to explore the price at rising and falling in the process of equilibrium ,i.e. the supply demand relations by tension ,through the price change and achieve harmonious &quot ;&quot ;,and then for the price of supply and demand of mutual influence, and lead tension in the endless process of.
DMI can generate index cross trading signals ,can recognize situation is launched. The market a number of technical indicators ,it must be used with DMI .Not by subjective and intuitive to judge the buyer to the seller ,but to be scientific.
1,ask +/-DM ( trend change value ) + - item on behalf of rising and falling is not representative of the positive and negative value ,a day of trend changes, only in between takes its maximum value, and cannot take .
+DM = today - yesterday price ( take positive ,otherwise 0 )-DM = today - yesterday ( take positive, otherwise 0 )2,TR ,true amplitude ,maximum variation ( one of three ) 1 H-Lhigh minus the minimum price of 2 H-PC high - yesterday gap 3 and L-PC the lowest - yesterday Gap 3 ,line of direction (DI ) for the detection of prices rise or fall index ,expressed by +DI ascent direction line ,said -DI DI DIF = up down direction line line direction and the down direction line difference DI SUM = ascent direction line and down direction line and the trend of changes in the value of nature ,thus to fourteen days of smooth operation ,i.
e. it tends to average ( ADX ) in assessment of numerical calculation method ,it is the day of the and fourteen days ago that the sum divided by 2 DMIanalysis techniques: 1 (+DI ) when crossing ( -DI ) ,is a buy signal ,if ADX stops drop pick up ,it gains more.
If ADX rises to a certain level ,turn down ,even though the show back rise ,rise will also slow ,and the maintenance time not too long ,will be down ,until the ADX turn around turn up until 2when( .
DI ) crossing (+DI ) ,or ( +DI ) below ( DI ) ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,is a sell signal, if ADX upward ,there will be a sharp decline ,until the ADX peaked ,it confirmed that the turned up bottom, will also slow decline ,and rebound phenomenon in 3when.
Stock price peaked when ,ADX will subsequently peaked at ADX ,in 70 the left and right sides ,so ADX The function of distinguishing rise or decline in the reversal .4when( +DI ) and ( DI ) cross ,appeared trading signals ,then ADX and ADXR intersect, is the last chance to buy or sell .
5 ADXfrom 20-30climb,regardless of when the price is up or down fall ,can be identified ,will produce a significant market. 6 ADXlocated in the +DI and -DI below ,particularly in 20 following,representing the shares have been bogged down ,in a dull finishing period ,at this time, should withdraw from the market .
7 ADXonce above 50 ,suddenly turning downward folding ,at this time at that time ,regardless of the price is going up or down ,represents the market will reverse. Three ,difference from the moving average ( Divergence DMA DMA of Moving Average ) ,also called MAOSC ( MovingAverage OSCillator ) ,is a short-term into a very useful index ,the bottom up said buy ,peak decline said to sell can be reference .
The MACD index ,EXPMA index four index average average ( Exponential Moving Average ) with the stock price fast moving ,adjust the direction ,to effectively solve the signal backward problem .
Analysis techniques: 1 whenEXPMA line from below Through the EXPMA special line, will share price caused by the push force. 2when fastline EXPMA from the top down through the slow EXPMA line, will push down stock price caused by force.
3 stockup to touch EXPMA, very easy to encounter a big pressure back to the block. 4 stockfrom the top down to touch EXPMA, very easy to encounter a big bounce. 5judgmentinstant support market fluctuations ,the abandonment of the use of EXPMA index ,to CCI with ROC .
Five ,three triple exponentially smoothed moving average TRIX three triple exponentially smoothed moving average ( Triple Exponentially Smoothed MovingAverage ) ,long-term operation by adopting the index signal ,can filter out some short-term wave interference ,avoid too frequent ,resulting in no profit trading, and fees loss.
This index is a long cycle index ,long time according to the index signal transaction ,profit percentage greater than the percentage of loss ,considerable profits .Study skills :1 intendedfor long-term disc or investment, trend class index of TRIX for 2TRIXfrom the bottom to the top cross TMA, bought TRIX .
3from top to bottomcross TMA, sell. Six ,ARBR energy index ( a ) AR index also known as buy Sell momentum indicators ,to on the day of the opening price basis with the highest ,lowest price comparison, then give the statistical calculation of strength index price since opening day price began ,Cheap Air Force One,after various fluctuations ,to the closing price over, and we to the day reference ,were calculated on the day of the opening price and the highest and lowest difference between, and shall be cumulative comparison ,if the sale is higher than the opening price momentum ,can determine the current is strong ,should buy and hold .
Conversely ,if the sale momentum below the opening price ,can judge the current system for the vulnerable ,to sell or look better .Procedures: 1 thehigh minus the opening price balances classified as positive, and the lowest price minus the opening price balance is negative, the number of positive and negative balance per day were accumulated .
2 ifthe day is high or low ,the day is numerical or negative values to zero. 3on the same dayfrom opening to closing only a price or the day did not clinch a deal ,the days of negative numbers are zero .
4ex-dividendor PEG prices do not need to be modified weight ,but as usual method calculation .5according to the abovemethod ,calculates the The 26days( or N ) the cumulative number ,with positive sum for the molecular analysis techniques: 1 usually ARwith the trend of stock price is in the same direction ,namely AR down trend ,is also fell .
2in the heador bottom is formed, AR often has a leading ability. 3 ARindex ,between 80~120 relativelynormal. 4below 50mayconsider buying the stock ,more than 150 should pay attention toprice correction or falling.
5 ARincreased from 60-80-120-150 to 180or more,must always pay attention to the stock price inversion drop a fair chance .6 ARby 100-80-60-40 gradually decreased,representing the energy has been accumulated to a certain degree of maturity ( two .
) BR index also known as the intention to sell or purchase index ,to yesterday basis with today highest ,lowest ,be calculated strength index is due to changes in stock prices will stimulate investors traded ,so we had a day as the benchmark ,digital the day prices fluctuated expressed ,used as a prediction of future price trends method.
Procedures: 1 toyesterday closing price minus the today ,the balance on the negative side ,then today minus the yesterday ,the balance in Affirmative ,daily statistics .2 ifprices fell Tiaokong ,today the highest compared with yesterday is lower ,the affirmative kinetic energy were suppressed ,i.
e. the affirmative becomes negative ,the same is also listed in the affirmative board. 3 ifprices gapped up ,today than yesterday is high ,this is negative method of kinetic energy were suppressed ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,that is the negative side becomes negative ,the same shall also be the negative balance in negative side board.
4dayif only an affirmative is positive ,negative side for the same amount of negative ;on the contrary, if the transaction price than yesterday is low ,the affirmative for negative, negative side for the same amount of positive number.
5dayif not up or not ,and only one price ,then the day of affirmative and negative side are zero .The 6 daywere not sold ,the day of the positive and negative or zero ;and the next day if the transaction, it is still before the closing date closing price shall prevail.
7ex-dividendor PEG ,should put the previous day deduction to weight or dividend ,i.e. the ex-dividend or peg the declared price to calculate its positive and negative side .Analysis techniques: 1 usually BR>300,BR&lt overbought zone ;50the oversold zone.
2of its normalrange in 70~150 between,from Normal zone periphery to overbought oversold ,interval can be regarded as a warning zone .3BR is bestused with AR ,it can play the effect. 4 when AR,BR were decreased rapidly when indicated price peak has nearly ,shareholders should take profits ,BR lower than AR ,can buy the dips ,and BR rapid rise ,and the AR consolidation or a small back ,shipped temper .
5 BRin more than 300 ,easily triggered profit-taking selling pressure .6 BRby 80-60-40 decreased to a low levelposition ,and continued for a longer period ,the stock is at the bottom of the possibility of a 7BRfirst in 100 near theequilibrium condition to wander ,and then began to rise ,the equilibrium state at low point in the area, BR doubled profit selling opportunity .
8 BRby high-grade dropped by half ,then choose the stock price returns to stop buying ,the success rate can be as high as 95% in 9 when theBR of more than 300 ,400are still withoutturning down signs ,shall immediately give up the use of the BR index ,CR index to seven ,ribbon energy line .
CR CR index calculation formula and BR the same ,just put the formula in yesterday to yesterday price .CR can measure the popularity of heat, capable of measuring momentum potential; CR can display the pressure belt and the support belt ,Function ,can assist the inadequacy of BRAR program :1 will beyesterday intermediate price minus the today ,the balance on the negative side ,then today minus the yesterday price, the remaining amount in the affirmative ,daily statistics .
2 ifprices fell Tiaokong ,today highest than yesterday price low, the affirmative kinetic energy were suppressed ,i.e. the affirmative becomes negative ,the same is also listed in the affirmative board.
3 ifprices gapped up today than yesterday ,the lowest price the price is high ,the negative side of kinetic energy were suppressed ,that is the negative side becomes negative ,the same shall be the on the negative side of negative balance board.
4dayif only an affirmative is positive ,negative side for the same amount of negative ;on the contrary, if the price of the middle price is lower than yesterday is affirmative ,negative ,negative side for the same amount of positive number.
5dayif not do not fall up ,and only one price ,then the day of affirmative and negative side are zero .The 6 daywere not sold ,the day of the positive and negative or zero ;and the next day if a transaction, a transaction is still before the middle price of the subject.
7ex-dividendor PEG ,should take the day before the middle price Clasp to weight or dividend ,i.e. the ex-dividend or peg the declared price to calculate its positive and negative side .
Analysis techniques: 1 when CRfrom down to up to pass through the A ,B two line clip into the area, relatively will encounter the secondary pressure interference ;when the CR desire from the top down throughout the region .
,the stock price relative will encounter the secondary support interference .2when CRfrom down to up to pass through the C ,D two line clip into the area, price relatively will encounter strong pressure interference ;when the CR desire from the top down through the area, price relatively will encounter strong support interference .
3CR relativeprice will produce the departure from the phenomenon ,especially in the stock price .4 CRto A ,B ,C ,D four below the line ,again by low climbing for 160%,for short-term profit selling opportunity .
5 CRfell to 40 the following,the formation at the bottom of a very high chance of 6 CR higher than that of 300-400 between.When the stock price downward ,easy reversal. 7when A,B ,C ,D four lines in front of CR several day place ,almost at the same time cross at a point ,the point of time position ,is a price rise or drop point .
The signal once it appears, its relative success the probability is very high. Eight ,volume change rate of VR matrix In the volume is the price index of go ahead of the rest ,quantity and price synchronization ,similar to theory as the foundation structure of the analysis system ,in order to rendering and volume first confirm price and high price ,decided to trade opportunity .
Shares rose day turnover total +1/2 share price unchangeddays turnover total turnover ratio = shares fell on the total turnover +1/2 share price unchangeddays turnover total generally use twenty-six as the number of days at baseline .
Analysis techniques: 1 volumeratio in 100% when the stock rose transaction value and price drop transaction values are equal ,from experience, share price rises on the transaction value is down day transaction value is large ,so the distribution of VR value in 150% fornormal ,therefore beyond 450%or below 70% ,pay attention to market reversal or rebound .
2VR decreased60% to40%break line, easily bottom rebound ,and increased from 160% to 180%,turnover will enter a period of decline ,while the stock hit vertex will invert and under 3must pay attention.
,VR line in the low region with high reliability ,high prices in the region, the stock market value of uncertainty, need to reference other indicators. 4 VRwith PSY psychological line of high-grade ,high-priced zone to produce more reliable signal .
5 VRin 40 following therebound signal is suitable for the application in the index, and with the ADR OBOS index ,the use effect is very good .6VR initialslow rise fast ,but over 250 of suchforms ,often develop big market ,therefore ,in addition to the VR high-grade signal as the basis of judgment, CR should be ,TRIX ,DMI comprehensive analysis, comparison can be objective answer.
Nine ,popular line OBV principle :from the viewpoint of mechanics ,the volume as the stock price of energy ,plus a body is in motion ,static constant static inertia principle ;rise of the object will fall sooner or later the gravity principle ,otherwise only continue to supply more energy ,to maintain the original direction .
Advantages: as the price of the leading indicators ,predictable price or price coming. Disadvantages :it is a quantitative index,Click Here, with warning function ,in reference to other indicators for buying selling point.
Study skills :1.OBVline declined ,and stock prices will rise ,as a sell signal. The 2.OBV line rise ,and the stock price to drop ,to buy signal .The 3.OBV line exhibited a slow rise ,a buy signal ,and vice versa .
4.OBVlines showed a sharp upward ,that turnover increases too fast ,should be sold for .5.OBV lines from thepositive is negative ,To drop trend ,should sell the stock ,conversely ,OBV line from negative to positive ,to buy signal .
6may be formedMtou price ,if the top second ,OBV line to rise ,the turnover atrophic instead ,this time to form M head but the stock price falls ,Change the way,one of 7departure from the phenomenon.Otherwise ,may form a low-cost W at the end ,if at the end of second, OBV line leading up, volume expansion ,this time to form W bottom and the stock price rise, the phenomenon of two .
8lasta rising tide of fall ,if below the previous fall low ,can be considered as the basis of inversion .Last 9 falls in the tidethe rising tide ,if break through their previous tide raising high ,can be considered as the basis of inversion .
10when OBVappeared more than a month or more, generally close to the horizontal moving, on behalf of the market is in a long period of consolidation .The big market that may occur at any time .
Ten ,vibrating lifting index ASI ( Accumulation Swing Index vibrating lifting index ) ,is the highest ,the lowest price ,closing price ,combined into a curve ,instead of the real situation ,the best performance of the current market conditions to form the true market line .
ASI pointed out short-term price trends ,can one step ahead Determination of stock price trend. ASI formula :first calculate the highest and the previous day the absolute difference between the A ,with the price of the previous day the absolute difference between the B ,the highest and the previous day low absolute difference C ,one day before the closing price and the day before the opening price the absolute difference between the D ,A ,B ,C between the three maximum value ,if the maximum A ,R=A+1/2tB+1/4tD; if B ,R=B+1/2tA+1/4tD ;if C ,R=C+1/4tD.
E= day closing price the day before the day closing price ,F= - same day opening price ,closing price - G= the day before the day before the opening price ,X=E+1/2tF+G.K=A ,B between maximum ,L=3 ,SI=50tX/RtK/L ,ASI= cumulative daily SI value analysis techniques: 1 ASI trendand price almost synchronous ,if the lead ASI shares ,ASI early breakthroughs in the previous highs or lows, are a day after the stock price will break the previous highs or lows .
2upwardASI ,once a significant down below the N type turning point ,be regarded as a stop loss sell signal. The 3 stock pricewave and ASI wave higher than ,but not relative innovation formation of high &quot ;bovine deviates from &quot ;,should sell .
4stock pricewave than a low ,ASI without relative record New low &quot ;bear from &quot ;,should buy .5 ASImost of the timing is synchronized and stock price trend ,investors can only from the many stock ,looking for a few produce leading breakthrough the stock investors .
6according to ASIearly step to buy the shares ,share prices subsequently smooth breakthrough pressure ,once generated profits, can how much gain back ,shall immediately dispose sold for a profit .
7 ASIand OBV maintain the same &quot ;N&quot ;font fluctuations ,and also to break or below &quot ;N&quot ;high ,low, as observed in ASI main method. Eleven ,fluctuating difficulty index difficulty index ( Ease EMV fluctuation of Movement Value ) ,is a measure of the volatility of difficulty degree index.
It is the relative volume divided by the relative amplitude ,as a measure of price fluctuations in the price of the percentage of middle base ,to get the price the price relatively fluctuating range .
Analysis techniques: 1 when EMVfrom down to up through the 0shaft,2whenbuying .EMV from the top down through the 0shaft,sell. 3using EMV indexaverage across the 0 axlefor signal ,generated by the transaction results will be more satisfactory.
4when the DMI of theADX or ADXR &quot ;&quot indicators of failure ;signal, should immediately stop Use the EMV index twelve ,William WVAD William variability variability of discrete discrete quantity ( William Variable Accumulation Distribution ) is a kind of volume weighted quantity and price index.
Firstly calculates the day of opening between the closing price ,accounting for the total fluctuation percentage, and the percentage of the volume weighted ,and moving average analysis techniques: 1 when WVADbecomes positive from negative moment, as long-term buy points .
2when WVAD bypositive to negative moment ,as long-term profit .Thirteen ,the relative strength index RSI note: the general calculation method of RSI ,when 6 RSIindex was more than 85 ,or less than 20 below,is heavily overbought oversold signals ,while using the method above mentioned ,when RIS index above 90 orbelow 15, is heavily overbought and oversold signal analysis techniques: RSI now commonly available in the market ,is one of the main technical index ,its main characteristic is to calculate an within a period of time, force of the buyers and sellers ,as overbought oversold ,reference and K-line and other technical indicators ( three to five ) used together, so as to avoid premature sell and buy ,causing less earn more pay 1toloss.
Six RSI as an example ,for more than ninety of the overbought ,less than fifteen as oversold ,in the strong rise when in the vicinity of ninety into Mtou sold in steep decline ,decline in the vicinity of fifteen to W .
2 in the bottom when buying new price highs ,while RSI innovation point ,that is still strong ,if not high point to sell signal .3 innew price low, RSI innovation is low ,market outlook is still weak ,if RSI is not innovation point ,is a buy signal .
The 4 consolidation period,a bottom than a bottom ,for multiple potential ,potential may rise again after a period of time ,buy ,and vice versa a bottom than a bottom is low it is time to sell .
5 graphicsgenerally have a long ,short two different cycles of RSI. 6 short days RSI below 20 levels,from bottom to top cross long days RSI, to buy signal .The 7 short days RSI levels above 80 ,from the top down cross long days RSI, to sell signal .
8 stockwave than a low ,opposite ,but RSI wave than a wave is high ,price is very easy to reverse rising. 9 stockwave than a wave high ,conversely, RSI wave than a wave is low, easy to reverse the decline of 10 shares.
RSI more than 80 entered the overboughtarea ,price easy to form a short back Block. 11 RSIis less than 20 of the shares into the oversold zone ,easy formation of short-term rebound .12 RSIwas at 50boundaryfollowing the disadvantaged areas ,and then to reverse break 50 boundaries,representing the shares have been strengthened .
13 RSIwas at 50strong areaabove the line ,and then downward torsion below 50 division,representative stock has turned weak. 14connectedRSI continuous bottom two ,draw a from left to right above the inclined tangent ,when RSI down below the line ,Air Force One Sale Chinese much criticized,is a very good sell signal .
The 15 connection RSItwo continuous peaks, draw a downward inclined tangent from left to right ,when RSI to break up this line ,is a good buy signal .16 RSIon head-shoulder top ,bottom ,triangular shape for trading point signal.
17the bull market of theRSI: 3 >5 >10 >20 >60RSI: 3,www.deadidasporschedesign.com &quot,bear market &lt ;5 <10 <20 <60day fourteen,William W%R William index ( Williams index Overbought/Oversold WMS Index ) ,also called%R ( Percent R ) ,indicating the current with N in the highest proximity ,calculation method and KD index ( Stochastic indicator ) is very similar to ,just using the high minus charge The price of replacing calculation KD RSV molecules .
Coordinates to reverse from 1000,W%R Y axis and RSI ,KDJ Y axis is inverted principle :using swing point to measure the stock market overbought oversold phenomenon ,can measure the cycle period of high or low, we proposed an efficient investment information .
Study tips :1 W%Rrose to more than 20 levels after20,once again fell below the overbought line, to sell signal .The 2 W%R decreased tobelow 80 levels after,once again break 80 oversoldline, is a buy signal .
3 W%Rto touch the top 0%four times, fourth times to touch ,is quite a good selling point. 4W%R downwardtouch the bottom 100% four times, fourth times to touch ,is quite a good buy .5 RSIthrough the 50division,if W%R also through 50,is relatively reliable.
6W%R entered theoverbought or oversold zone, with a MACD signal for the inversion of fifteen signal .,stop loss point steering operating system SAR stop loss point steering operating system ( Stop And Reverse ) ,also known as parabola steering system ( Parabolic Time Price system ) PTP ,belongs to the price and the time of both analysis tools.
Principle :SAR is the use of parabolic manner ,adjust the stop loss point location system With the advantages of :1 simple,Hira Kura clearly .2bullor bear ,for long-term can avoid selling early after losing some profit .
Disadvantages: 1discset, the market under the wash basin, high failure rate .2Calculation and drawingof trouble. 3 in "the trend of City & quot ;,SAR appears a very high frequency ,leading to signal loss.
Analysis techniques: 1 followersof SAR is undoubtedly all indicators point of sale the most clear, the most easily with the operation strategy indexes. 2 SARcan dispense investor doubts ,signal out of action.
3 stockcurve in SAR curve ,as the bull market. 4sharesin SAR curve curve under bear market ,as .5 stockcurve from the top down below the SAR curve, as a sell signal .6 stockcurve from bottom to top, worn out when the SAR curve ,as a buy signal .
The 7 long-term use ofSAR index ,is only likely to lose big money ,never once were locked .In sixteen ,the stochastic KDJ random indicator line ( Stochastics ) was invented by Dr. George B blue grace ,is Europe and the United States futures market commonly used set of technical analysis tools ,because the goods risk fluctuation is big, need is short-term ,sensitive indicator tool ,because of The short term investment technical analysis are also suitable ,stochastic momentum concept ,comprehensive strength index and the moving average of the advantages of.
KD line random ideas ,in practice than the moving average line a lot of progress in technical analysis on the field, in fact can be divided into graphic analysis and moving average theory two a range of moving averages in habits ,are close to doing the calculation basis ,thus unable to demonstrate a real price volatility .
That is to say ,on or in recent days the highest or lowest ,not shown in the moving average data ,some experts to recognize these shortcomings ,while creating a more progressive technology theory ,the moving average line application ,to play the.
KD line is one representative masterpiece of immature random value with nine high price ,closing price changes vary. If the market is an obvious rise ,drive line ( K quick average ) and the D line (slow average) up.
Such as the rally started slowly, it will response to K value and D value ,K value below D, the short-term decline to establish a.KD line is essentially a random wave dynamic concept ,for the acquisition of short-term prices go Potential is very correct.
Therefore it is a very practical tool. Analysis techniques: 1 K value to 20level,D value from the right direction to cross the D value, for the short-term buy signal .The 2 K value to 80level,D value from the right direction to cross D value, for short sell signal .
3the departure from the phenomenon: the price is high or low, while KD no this phenomenon ,also for inversion of the important precursor .4 Kvalues form a bottom than a bottom high phenomenon ,and in 50 the followinglow level ,up to two consecutive cross D value, price increase will be greater .

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