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Song is not a song, not a tune tune

Song song ,adjustable tuneless Author : 2004-07-2122:49hairpin inthe past few days, computer failure ,can not get on the Internet. Slow down ,but also read a few books. Last night, light reading of Yu Guangzhong .
,called the rivers and lakes city who guest ,wrote the University times ,as well as to lecture in memory ,simple language ,their nostalgia ,as well as the sentimental memories of the years ,Weiweidaolai .
Read Yu Guangzhong text ,also feel that they have little talent and less learning ,to learn the beautiful style of writing. So ,probably not a ,twenty years can be reached. Reading ,suddenly remembered some things start to miss some people ,some people said ,was immersed memories are aging .
Anyway ,still want to put them into words. When I was young, very envious of teachers ,so naturally ,college entrance examination for University .Remember the first day ,the dormitory wardens of chaos ,teacher ,teacher ,parent ,the new arrangement ,in the dormitory.
My own reports ,in the corridor, suddenly heard someone call my name. Enter 317bedroom,Adiads Porsche Design,I arrived last ,leaving only the upper door ,threw down the baggage ,began to stare at people. A house eight people ,are the memories of this Beijing .
,I don Find ,my university life ,even there is nothing important .Remember ,just remember ,drunken trifles. A bedroom with eight individuals ,although from different districts and counties of Beijing ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,appearance ,personality is also very different ,which have a common hobby ,a drink.
Then ,the girl student collective drink, it is very rare, and are secret ,if the warden of the teacher found ,is not a check can be settled .Up to now ,be that secretly do wrong stimulation ,so that we would defy the law .
Sunday night, Zhao them ,the Qing Royal descendants ,the Qing Imperial includes three Jueluo name - - - - - - Aixinjueluo Xi Linjue ,Ilgenjo Lo and Luo. 4aredescendants of Ilgenjo Lo ,right Manchuria is yellow ,juniors of high-ranking officials .
From home to bring a bottle of wine. The wine we drink ,by a few doggerel .Remember most clearly is Zhao Laoba ,when she was drunk ,&quot ;love ,let me sing you a song ,Northern Shaanxi culture - gmp110d's blog - the focus of Blog,you listen to your face :View on article ,little blood infeasible ,advised no to flower station ,fear of bees that room.
How ?&quot ;it is laughing at me ,face just long youth pox . Eleven, lights out .The seven girls had become unconscious ,only me Himself in a daze. After midnight sleep .The very next day wake up ,the earliest Cui boss.
She is shallow ,don .It was nearly ten, eight comrades that our collective late. At last night class ,called our drunken eight immortals .Zhao them more simply in the sleep room door ,put a piece of paper ,write : drunk Xianju.
Two ,truancy can then ,in 1997, two .That winter ,remember an old man telling Marxism political theory ,very boring. Then proposed by them ,the collective skipping .Can not remember the number one ,that means snow in the dormitory ,we wake up ,is already dusk .
Didn ,go to Tiananmen square square bright lights ,the snow drifting profusely and disorderly ,is very beautiful. The history museum ,also feel receive Hongkong regression to pour timing card .
We have a snowball fight ,chat ,very late .Later I heard ,the very next day is still Marxism-Leninism ,change course. So ,the very next day we went to Xiangshan early ,I climb the Fragrant Hills !Floundered ,we really are the climb to the top of the mountain ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,looking at the mountains of snow, don be a flavor .
Come back ,we who is laughing ,fled to too many people ,were found .Marxism Leninism the old man asked us to write a check ,also threatened ,http://deadidasporschedesign.com,don make Us eight this section all hang up .
This arduous task ,ultimately to me. With old words, only I examination ( high school, for boys ,I have written articles ,the condition is for me to join in their basketball team .) to check the time, the old man said no more, I remember most clearly is ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,&quot ;you will be a model for others ,know this sentence :the body is,I was not good enough or you are not good......, do not order line .
Go, later you will see .&quot ;then ,we honestly ,not wishful thinking for many years has been playing truant .After ,my students ,in Internet cafes playing legend ,not three days go home.
And I and the parents almost searched around the Internet bar .When I think of the teacher ,it is the retribution. Three ,psycho about old things ,think that go to visit Xiling . Qing Xiling ,in Hebei, Yixian County ,at that time only the Guangxu emperor of Palace of the Earth is open .
We bypass the crescent moon wall ,on the city, on the mound ,old suddenly said :&quot ;here to have Wu Zixu play cadaveric whip was .&quot ;later conversation ,make our bedroom classic joke.
Boss :&quot ;playing cadaveric whip ,why ?&quot ;&quot ;old :Emperor to whip corpse !&quot ;&quot ;second :why ?&quot :&quot ;them ;if he Wu Xu reform success ,now ,maybe I still princess !Also had the kind of lazy day :&quot ;.
&quot ;four great mansion on the point of collapse ,the chips are down ,can not blame him! &quot ;&quot ;Du three :EMI and finally soil ,not you hate too hastily! & quot ;&quot ;princess, let them :I serve you ,Palace of the Earth ,no corpse ,staring eyes or old :&quot ;.
&quot ;that is to say, well ,drive! &quot ;into the depths of Palace of the Earth ,all of a sudden, a dark. Then a wail like ghosts and howl like wolves ,someone turned off the light. It is Zhao Laoba .
Drain into large ,in school and Xiling management office after the consultation ,wrote a check ,To encounter,fine silver number. Then she said ,I don what is moving ,black .Three ,we moved to the new school of Chinese.
At that time, college is not yet completed ,on the site of the great confusion. Then mixed rumours the campus is haunted ,said the girl goes missing, then came back to catch ghost go.
Only we know ,is old .Later she and her parents went to the United States ,before said to ask me to eat Brazil roast meat .Then ,listen to that her parents were in a car accident left her ,.
Since then no news .Thought ,four years Will be very slow ,can be a blink of an eye ,graduated five years .Don Earth side of the old ,remember ,owe me a Brazil roast meat has not yet.

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