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[to] a college student struggle for 5 years from 3500 to 7000000

In 11 ,frustrated frustrated I tell the Yun ,tell her when I hear a beautiful bubble in her heart broken voice. She appears to not say anything ,but I knew she was very disappointed .
We have no words, I can only from her here be a ray of warmth and comfort .She said ,don ,never mind ,we start all over again .But ,my love ,you know ,this fight and let me look back to their own ,doubt yourself :I like a northerner ,is it right? In Shanghai for the fight ?Although very lost and disappointed ,but I can the girl to me disappointed.
The very next day I manage to get on a Yun says I have to start again .I consider all night ,because I have no money ,can rent the house ,I have to find a house to live, every month can save 7~800 yuan or so.
But it cannot and Yun as before that are close . I said I can ,there is not much time. Cried and hugged me and said ,I will come to see her ,she would miss me, I was having financial difficulties must be looking for her.
I smiled and said ,you have economic difficulties have to come to me. Friends ,although time has passed so long ,can be Today is my memory of it remains more than tears .That time I was at a low point ,survival is also a problem, but I still like to recall that thing.
I can think of ,the fate of old man will make later I and she have so big change? 12,I moved to a newly awakened residence is a house ,is houses built by the peasants themselves ,summer is hot and winter is cold inside the house ,and only 10 cottagesize.
I have been very satisfied here every month ,the rent is 200 yuan ,than before I have saved 800 dollars.Come later ,I have a very long time not knowing do well. I think this is across the fall of the common people ,believed to have had a similar experience friends will have the same feeling .
But don do things I felt very anxious . The contradictory feeling really made my day was very hard .It will be a month later, in the month I basically is the bread is pickles ,stomach oil is lacked badly.
I decided to buy some meat snack .I the houses around several new into the plot ,as farther from the urban areas ,basically is some inner-city households moved to here ,really buy here the man of the house Have no money ,but such people in Shanghai ,the area sentiment or good.
Here unlike Gaojiefang ,Gaojiefang is opened for a long time not to see several people .The area between a street ,lots of people but mostly old children around .Cooked meat shop business as if is not very good, I have some meat and bought a bottle of beer ,beside the shop simple table and sat down to eat .
Years later I recall the moment ,or that it is God in a desperate my one chance . Just then, suddenly someone to talk to the boss and deli ,said the boss ,your business ah! Yes ,the boss says ,I am busy next week ,ready to go home ,not to do .
Said the man ,you the shop do? The boss said ,turn back ,in the first half of this year did not earn any money ,might as well do something else. I suddenly have a regained feeling ,I looked everywhere to find money ,but ambitious, ignore this opportunity around them ,don you seen? I stand up ,let the boss give me some beef ,and pay no heed to ask he transfer store .
But ten minutes, I knew :this shop has about 10 square, month rent rent he pay 1200,two Month. The transfer fee he required is not high ,even on the line, with a little bit of simple facilities ,20000bucks.
I said I wanted to take ,but the price is too high ,he dropped to 10000 8I 100005I mustgo back ,he and his wife discussed below, agreed. I went back to the room with my only 3000 dollarsas a deposit to pay him ,then the set of transfer ,and of course he agree with me in 7 days .
13tobalance paid ,I find previous company boss ,asked him to lend me money . I also took me to do the planning books, said I to the company . The boss is also much heard me ,he detailed understanding of the situation, without saying a word to me 10000 5000dollars.
Ismiled and said :&quot ;the boss ,I take charge card here ?&quot ;also ,the boss smiled and said :your &quot ;shall I ID ,100005 Ibet on you there? &quot ;in fact, until now I have always admired my boss.
His career now has also done well, family owned about 30000000 .Can I store business has changed ?First, I recalled the previous shop Jiyu ,think Shanghai people love to eat chicken ,chicken and duck ,in particular ,determine operating varieties appropriate changes ;in addition ,the catering industry is the most important Is health ( hygiene license a year to do ,already has) ,I decided to clean the store one day, the store back opening logo ,also bought a second-hand disinfection cabinet ,specially placed on the table so that customers see disinfection facilities process ;then ,I am looking for a Shanghai teachers to guide the production process ( retired retired ,very cheap ) ,to find 2diligentSichuan younger sister for help ,their promised performance 5% percentage, but no I substitution ;etc.
there are probably 20 more steps ,I was filled with a 2 page,everything has been nearly 10 days.Finally, I bought some firecrackers ,pitter-patter put, popularity immediately drawn to me .
Hehe ,the busy until 11 at night,an inventory turnover was 500 !14,dawn had done the business friends all know ,opened on the day of business or not necessarily deal always be good. Since the beginning of the customer is curious ,try ,if no special attraction ,they will forget you.
And you want to attract their attention is much more difficult .I understand this truth ,so the very next day beginning in the front of the shop does not stop holding chat ,ask how it tastes ,and then From division to send them some food .
Shanghai people both inside and outside of the well ,they never white to others, most of them pay little money ,they won give others . Of course I know ,business is the key to my goods to customers taste.
Slowly I shop popularity there .I also asked people in several areas where posted our advertising ,please also deliberately picked our duck in several areas where there are too many people around, between with loud, clever to attract attention .
Through many of these methods ,a month after my shop daily turnover can reach 800 yuan,and still rising .Hehe ,I had knowledge of planning all over it .I so busy everyday work from dawn to night ,probably 14,5hours,completely out of his mind flutter in the storefronts .
For the first month after my business ,inventory of what ,I have to earn 9000 yuan ;for second months I earn 12000owedis away, I have no money .But I feel ,my life long dawn has come.
To tell the truth ,this feeling is really very wonderful .I do business for their own store ,and over time the 3~4 months.I am busy every day to sleep only 5 ,6 hours,a lie in it. And I of the phone several times ,she is also busy, because she was promoted to be a senior business .
We met a few times ,she let me have a good rest ,I smiled and said ,marry you back later. She said you rely on the frontispiece to earn the money ?I smiled ,decided a few months later to give her a surprise .
After 4 months, I have saved 50000 dollars,but also toward the end of the year .Calculate my time only a little over 13 months .If according to this mode the development continues, I finish marked the 150000 possibility issteady .
Every month I just keep it, then a year later I should use 18~20 million.Money is enough, can also do a decent wedding ,but buying a house is temporarily do not want . Hehe ,see here ,don again how many friends are laughing at me? Your infantilism made again! Yeah ,if not the landlord rent event ,I think I that dream again.
The landlord to collect several month later, will be the end of the day the landlord suddenly said to sign the contract next year ,but your price doubled .Gas I almost turn ,this is clearly see my Business get jealous !But I know people in the house ,not down .
I now but some problems can not . He and I talked ,and gave him some food ,the landlord and me 1000 dollars. It made me aware of the crisis have already appeared .To do business well ,the first landlord rent will rise ,can not decline ,costs will rise ;in second ,soon after the emergence of competitors will appear ,and my shop is the same size ,is bound to shunt of customers.
So the money is not long lasting . If I didn act ,the final result I want to draw :shop after just a few months back to subsistence level. So what can I do ?I didn ,thinking countermeasures.
The very next day early in the morning, I am determined, decided to throw the helve after the hatchet ,taking a big risk !16,adventure my plan is this :in the first step ,near the area to open a few delicatessens.
Lot as long as I now store Lot went almost ,but not too close ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo broad worker,and then use the same decoration ,the same name ,same planning means ,establish area residents brand image ,so that the purchase price Will be much cheaper ,but also forced later improve investment.
This plan as soon as possible .The second step ,I think the shop prices is not high ,more than 2000 rentnot buy it. Shanghai friends all know ,at the end of 2000, Shanghai suburban house price only 2000, shops only 3000.
This stepmust carry out steadily ,one by one. But I like is must put in all 50000 yuan,if it fails, our time ,money can let my goal completely impossible .But I think again, I don do ,places the hope in others to grab business ,I do, I hope in my own body .
Compared to ,I am willing to put their hopes in him. But I think for me ,a surprise plan can only delay .I says to myself ,for her, take out all your Jin !It is very hard for a month.
I not only want to take care of a store business ,but also for the Shop No. two ,No. three ,shop location selection, buy facilities ,shop layout and so on. Later I raised a number of shop percentage ,raised him to the store manager ,told him 1 months afterthe store business Amount if a drop of more than 5% ,immediately change manager .
So I put my heart into the opening of new stores .1 months later,my shop No. two ,No. three stores opened ,I was not idle, began before planning campaign, and began to shop No. four preparations.
The latter months ,I shop the profitability or good ,reached 12000 yuan ,5000 yuan of storeNo. two ,No. 3 best shop,there are actually 10000 !Want to know this is the first month ,personnel also unfamiliar !I found the reason is a girl clerk has excellent business talents ,[quote] Yang Hengjun, Mubarak!,would cause Lai customers ,Li Hanchen notes 5,without another word I give her salary doubled ,directly promoted to manager .
The end of the year as scheduled arrival ,I and j only spent half a day, had to be busy with their own store .To go home ,I can ,targets have not completed the how do I see her family ?But I and her mother .
A telephone call ,her mother said with a smile :&quot ;D ,we know you are a good boy ,we are looking forward to your home by early to marry !&quot ;I know this word meaning ,also smiled and said :&quot ;I will, thank aunt and uncle trust.
&quot ;at the end of year 2 months,because have the Spring Festival ,the festival also , my business is good in a complete mess .Four store opened in time before the Spring Festival .This two months each store an average of January can make 15000,2 months afterme cash reached 120000 .
Before New Year and another thing ,the boss called me and said ,he also has an into account quota ,asked if I would ,I say .He said I did not, to give him the information on the line. In order to thank him, have the Spring Festival when I went to his home to his children send a 5000 piece of red packets.
Years shortly after my account run down .I began to gradually and various East real talk to buy pavement ,if they don ,I landlord on ,is that many of the houses are property ,better take .
At that time and the prices are low, and I find a house before it hit the foreshadowing ,in addition I price to slightly higher ,in front of 3 homeon the well ,the unit price in about 3700 of asquare ,a total of 130000 ,all my cash is home to fourth to 50000total.
( business good, landlord threatened me ) ,I have no money, but the pledge in front of a shop as a 30000 firstsigned a letter of intent ,until a months later ,the money ,the money together to store down .
At this time is the 3 At the end of the month ,I got 8 months. The business as if at a steady pace, the target seems more and more close. But I didn ,one is enough to destroy my hit is also getting more and more near .
Till today, I remember this impresses me time ,still feel eyes tears wet. 17,hit time after 3 and a half months,immediately to the July 10th ,I remember this day ,because this is Yun I decided on this day mustering up before 150000,and send this message as a birthday present for her.
She get the present time happy ,my heart not Titus is excited .A few months stores also good ,each shop can reach more than 10000 of theprofits ,it is because I shop ,purchase cost low, but also do not have to pay the rent ,still one of the main reason is that I used a very good manager? Small .
Small fast promotion is in front of me as the manager of the girl .The girl is from Zhejiang, only 19 years old ,one long handsome beautiful ( because of the need to attract customers ,this is one of the more important factors ,measures the time I have paid special attention to find look uncomfortable girl ) .
Because the general migrant girls are not Zhejiang Here, so I pay special attention to her. Don think of the girl in the business really talented ,she is always happy, never seen she tired of living ,will speak, very sweet ,very good customer margin .
And she ,opened a few days all the regulars the names of familiar ( I suppose she asked around the shopkeeper and customer ) ,and suggested that I ,in hot weather, shop with vegetables ,beer ,buy some summary tables and chairs ,night let customers eating while cooling.
She also placed around a few telephone got ,the hotel business is pulled in. Then we Deli Business Hotel purchase was occupied 30% !But she is a bit bad, if the body is too thin ,strength to work soon tired face pale ,sweating .
The shop when business is good ,it also very influential. I thought for a few days ,decided to raise its long ,avoid its are short ,in the shop has got a be robust and strong guy call her ,tell her just to attract customers ,management of accounts.
One of my friends call me. He did not know where that I opened several stores ,do ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,and while he was doing real estate sales ,agent of a villa Plate ,I want to have a look . Shanghai friends all know ,in 2001 when the Shanghai property is not hot ,real estate sales especially Gaojiefang sales difficult.
He represented the villa has 180 many square ,surrounding facilities is not perfect ,and total to 800000 dynasties,I don ,you didn so much money. He said ,check it out ,see the love ,and the money matter is easy, the loan will do.
I said it will Shoufu ,I pay no .He said never mind ,he can contract to do something ,let me zero Shoufu ,all loans .I had no choice but to go to have a look ,did not think of looking after a special love under the villa garden ,because I remember ,once told me ,her dream is to live in the garden above ,every morning to open the window you can smell the fragrance of flowers .
Friends I have meaning ,desperately encourage me ,bought the house of this offer, the free of charge, as long as the monthly pay 6000 more than it.I was a bit hesitant ,saying I don go to the bank every month .
He said ,I help you do, monthly automatic transfer money, you don .I have nothing to pick up ,consider the set a .But later know ,this guy is Hit in the ambush ,some exaggerate :windows is no he said to the bilayer, parking spaces are not free ,hehe.
July 9th, I took the 150000 yuanpassbook card ,excitedly holding a bunch of flowers ,a bottle of red wine ( carrying the cake tomorrow is sent to the residence. ) before, I have to give her mother a call ,to her parents .
At the same time, tell them ,I have 5 months ahead of schedule to achievethe promise ,will soon marry her daughter. I decided to design a surprise ,then tonight live there. I have cast in her work before to prepare ,appear suddenly ,frightens her happy cry .
But let me unexpected things, Yun off is not a person ,but a boy together. They were hand in hand ,as if very intimate .I look silly, not knowing what to do, they go into the village, my stupid to follow behind.
In light shade ,the man also holds in the arms of kiss .I blow your head up ,can I cried ,name ,rushed forward to grabbed Yun ,and then make the man .a scare ,desperately hold me, say to the man go ,you go first ,I Explain to him .
He ,Yun was pulled on me ,I call explain what? Explain what? Side tears down quickly .Look at me ,very cool ,calm as if we don .She said sorry to me ,I should have told me. But today I was too calm ,she wants me to calm down, now the atmosphere we couldn talk.
I couldn calm ,say no ,today you must give me a reason .She was my entangled in no way ,said to me ,D ,has been ,I think your quality is very high, this will let you today I am very disappointed.
I stopped ,looked at her, the tears streaming down slowly ,finally said to her ,OK ,I go ,tomorrow to talk out of the area ,found the flowers and wine was still in your hands ,put them into the garbage.
That night I was sleepless, staring at the outside in a daze ,I don how things would come to this .The very next day morning I Yun waiting downstairs .stop and say we find a place .
We went to a cafe ,I just sat down ,Adiads Porsche Design,waiting for her to explain . The day she says a lot ,I can .She said in fact ,since I move we rarely together. She knows me very hard ,very hard, but the experience So many twists and turns ,I wonder is it right? I can achieve a 150000 word.
She began to fear ,but no chance and I said. I and the pressure of the discord she shared. In Shanghai for so long time ,she and I did do very hard also have no sense of belonging ,feeling very tired.
At this time .Her boss ,the boy appeared at her side ,boys are from Shanghai ,4 years older than her,in the company of good ,home or talk with him together .,she will feel very comfortable ,very stable, very safe ,unlike me, although once very warm feelings ,but always do not know our future there.
She says sorry ,really sorry .My body shook ,speechless .Finally calmed down a little ,I said to her ,now I have 150000, you still love me ?She said ,sorry ,I feel very well ,I can sorry for him ,we will not be together, I hope your future happiness .
Go out when I found the boy ,he was a stabbing pain around here, they must be discussed results. With high performance to three &quot ;ten &quot ;18,it is the question !A great irony .
All along ,I am to Her motivation to work hard ,but I struggle to target him ,but found the target disappeared suddenly .I remember when ,I begin insomnia ,hope to get to sleep ,and dream of .
But I never once dreamed of her ,but when I am sober moment did not stop thinking about her I often feel pain ,scalp . All along ,I then with great care to put her in my heart is one of the most warm ,the softest place ,did not think of the most painful blow is produced here .
A friend once you asked me ,how to get the love don you girl ,I didn Not that I am unwilling to answer ,but I don .I am not really an expert in this field, I have been very painful, wish I could change my love to the girl.
But I have nothing ,only he quietly returned ,alone licking their wounds that time on my own past the doings of doubt, I do so what ?If I still work for the company ,and every day the time ,won it.
If I don move ,it is not so. If I don sell, will have time to accompany her ,Also not. Is open, if I do not open a branch, also have time to visit her ,should also be able to stop her heart .
Every day I thought so at sixes and sevens fills my mind ,let me on business is uninterested .Store employees see all of them with great care ,not to provoke me .Several manager is a very competent ,for fear that the store things makes me be furious .
Especially small ,she took the initiative to find me that she walked in a store inventory ,let my mind my own business . I am very grateful to her ,that her ability ,tell a few stores later by her to check store I know myself this state if hard to let me go ,www.deadidasporschedesign.com,not an accident cannot .
Small into the very means ,also have the ability to do more ,check the shop every day for 2 hours ,she quickly let other people docile and obedient .Fortunately, there are small and their help ,my business without any effect.
But I know ,I direction. I do not know how to find the direction. The clerk clever use of &quot ;city of &quot ;19,lost someone says when tired of work ,family pressure when very hard, but I do not think so.
I think a person lost direction when the most pain Bitter ,because you don what I should do this every day ,every hour and moment not profoundly to remind you is but a with a dead-alive person .
That time I lost .I like a to be pumped to a wind-up clock pendulum ,every day but is composed of an inertia drive me in the swing .I do not know when it will shut down. Maybe in my heart still secretly hope that stop time.
Mom gave me a phone call ,received a phone call to know her ,I really do not know what taste .Her mother said to me, children ,aunt know you You young people of thing somehow .But my aunt told you ,you are a good boy.
Your future is still very great . you can she never know .Well ,we all wish you listened to this word ,my tears have stayed before .To think she is so stubborn and forces ,today how to feel her words so warm.
I was finally able to really stand to a parental perspective of betrothal gifts it ,yeah ,that is to throw his daughter future happy life as much as possible to catch you . Here I want to thank my a schoolmate at college maple If not ,he came to Shanghai ,I want to accompany you ,I don how long it will take.
I this state maple to play in Shanghai, designated I accompany ,and said with well immediately to all friends call to say Shanghai was not me. I swipe spirit ,maple maple or something.
I said how to lose weight ,your kid is so apparent, no, we can photography class beauty ,or see photos ,I a little thought was lost. He is such ,that several days make me happy .
Go ,Feng said ,tell me ,how I know this ,he had seen something ,so always makes me happy. From Yun change since, I have someone to talk to .Maple heard ,long time no talk . Later, an opening is one: &quot ;good !This is a good thing !&quot ;I hear her Maple went on to explain that .
Now ,I and ,start good. Because now is not separated, sooner or later we must separate . Because we are not in the same way .The heart that people could not afford to remain in one ,turbulence ,separate time as I wave depends on the intensity ;and I was kind of restless and keep people ,the more unfavorable ,the more difficult ,the more excited I can Force I appropriate for variables in order to survive, and development.
And I don material ,so the feeling is very pure ,most girls to marry the critical moment, the reality of life and foster offspring instincts make them have substance .This cannot be said right.
This is why Yun himself do not oppose the nuptial reasons. He said ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,people like me ,only the material life to a level ,with girls will have safe feeling. Not yet .But I should thank Yun ,she inspired me ,she gave me is my lucky ,otherwise we together ,of a certain will be my shackles .
And he said ,your fighting power is she ?That your family ,friends ?We ?Your boss ?Your employees ?We always think you can into the atmosphere ,for we trust ,you should not give up .
But ,to tell the truth ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,you this house is very small, one not careful ,soon defeated. He also told me to watch the little ,the little girl is so clever. I on female too dull to planted somersault .
Never let her alone palm financial power ,I must control her. Finally, he slapped me ,brother Brother ,wake up ,the world outside is very cruel ,but also very exciting, but definitely not for the way you are prepared.
Maple ,today you also see this post ?If so ,I want to say to you :friends ,thank you !20,because the field .Straight talk express opinions and maple exquisite comfort ,I finally slowly started to get rid of the lovelorn shadow .
I have called home to his younger brother ,also called, but also friends and fellow students have contact ,went to visit the old boss ,they are for me in Shanghai state and the struggle happy.
I chose to do it this way to remind myself ,my world is still ,my life is ,I will take the initiative to let they pulled me back to my world. They love for me will be my motivation ,which is more remain unbroken ,more durable power .
At the same time I heard Maple suggestion ,reclaim the store management authority and financial authority. And I took the little and another one store changed positions ,and then carefully query of recent accounts ,also quietly and privately and other people talk ,side asked of their small into view ,everybody said nothing valuable, in addition to a shop The owner, his oldest .
One owner said little too bossy ,so don what they are ,not my boss ,not to mention the other people .Every financial account ,cash is full of her ,don let others to intervene ,also do not know what she thought .
For I do not find anything to handle ,so only comfort him ,nor do the action. This shop No. 4 smallXu ( he is me for a small way .) I find, asked to change places, he wants with small into a shop ,or quit .
I was very strange ,later see light suddenly ,see small Xu mind :the original small Xu has like little .I agreed with Hsu at the same time more vigilant ,because the company has a pair of words ,easy to form a small group ,and their easy job hopping ,become our new competitors .

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